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Syrian Army Relaunches Push Against Militants In Damascus Desert (Videos)

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On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies launched a new offensive against the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Syrian desert east of Damascus.

The SAA began advancing in the Al-Dakwa area and Beer Kasab in order to reach the Zuluf reserve area in northern Suweida and to push the FSA out from the entire region. FSA units operating there remain a direct threat to the Syrian capital.

On Wednesday, the FSA failed to make agains against the SAA in the vicinity of the Zaza triangle. The previous FSA attack on SAA positions in the Zulf reserve was also a major failure.

It seems that US-backed FSA militants is incapable to defeat government forces in the area due to the lack of experience of its fighters and their small numbers as well. The FSA mainly relies on Grad rockets, anti-tank guided missiles and Switchblade suicide drones avoiding a direct confrontation.

In eastern Homs, the SAA was unable to capture any point in Al-Abbasiya and Al-Sukari, southeast of Palmyra, where ISIS fighters repelled the government attack and forced the army to retreat.

Russian warplanes and helicopters continued bombing ISIS groups in Al-Sukari, Al-Abbasiya, east of the Arak field, and in Sokhna.

ISIS has been trying to prevent the SAA from advancing towards Sokhna, which is one of its last strongholds in the Syrian desert, and the beginning of the way towards Deir Ezzour city.

An additional video:

An alleged ISIS suicide drone was downed in Deir Ezzor:

Syrian Army Relaunches Push Against Militants In Damascus Desert (Videos) Syrian Army Relaunches Push Against Militants In Damascus Desert (Videos)

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Surprised Iran has not been more active on the drone front .


Because most of their drones are propaganda props(fake) and in order to be fully effective with the type of drones they have, they have to have access to a international communication network and military grade GPS. That means satellites that they don’t have.


You may be right , although that’s not to say a drone can not be equipped with common cell phone GPS . I certainly make no claim to being a tech master .
My big concern , is that T3 has not been brought into play . Reduced helicopter flight time translates into greater ability to hunt and destroy .

Real Anti-Racist Action

Iran really should have made Syria the #1 nation in active combat drone use.
Here was Iran’s chance to turn over to Syria 200 strike drones, and 300 surveillance drones.
While I know Iran has given Syria over 50 surveillance drones, Syria should be launching 50 drone strikes a day on ISIS and FSA and SDF forces.
Also, Iran should be trialing a drone striking forces ran from inside of Iran flying to the Iraqi/Syrian border and targeting ISIS then flying back to Iran.
These will need this experience when the time comes next year to liberate the Golan Heights from the Zionist-supremacist-occupiers.

Free man

200 strike plastic drones, and 300 surveillance cardboard drones.

Tom Enz

I Like your point of view!


I hope SAA kills as many of those radical fuckers as Allah’s kingdom will accept.

Wahid Algiers

Allah’s kingdom accept them all.

Gary Sellars

Allah’s Kingdom? Thats the kebab shop around the corner from my place…

Samuel Boas

Those terrorists ain’t going to heaven, rather to hell.

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