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Syrian Army Reinforces Its Defense Lines in Aleppo Ahead of Terrorists’ Offensive

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A large convoy of reinforcement for Syrian troops has arrived the area of Aleppo city in order to strengthen government’s defense lines ahead of impending offensive of terrorists. 

Syrian Army Reinforces Its Defense Lines in Aleppo Ahead of Terrorists' Offensive

On Friday, a large convoy of reinforcement for the Syrian army arrived the area of Aleppo city before a massive offensive by the joint forces of terrorist groups (al-Nusra, Ahrar ash-Sham and others), which is expected to be launched in the coming days.

According to Aleppo’s activists of social networks, the convoy was represented by two divisions: the 4th Mechanized and the 1st Armored divisions of the Syrian Army. A need for Syrian military personnel, growing in light of the impending offensive of terrorists in Aleppo, has required this mobilization. Yesterday, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that over 12,000 terrorists were readying to attack the government forces in the city.

Reportedly, more Syrian soldiers will arrive in Aleppo in the coming days in order to strengthen defense lines of the Syrian Army around the southern corridor of the city.

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No, that article only mentions 1200, not 12000. Shouldn’t be difficult to fend off.

Robert Guttierez

I believe it said an additional 1200 had been deployed to Aleppo. This article is saying a TOTAL of 12000 will be attacking. Both articles are correct.


That article states, more than once, that there are 1200, like I said, easy peasy, piece o’ cake, home in time for tea.

Robert Guttierez

You are correct. I thought 1200 was re-enforcements and 12000 was the total force. But it does say only 1200. Hopefully it’s a quick SAA victory.


I hope that they’re prepared for the attack by the Turkish troops to the north. If the Info Wars poll is correct (I know, it’s not a scientific poll), then at least half of all Americans believe (like the neocons) that there is 0% chance of a nuclear war with Russia. Putin has been careful to find a diplomatic solution to every attempt by the US to attack Syria. Turkey shot down a Russian jet over Syria and there was still no military response. The neocons probably think that Putin is just posturing and shall refuse to respond militarily again. I think that they’re wrong but that won’t keep them being stupid and launching an all out aerial attack on Syria.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I wish you luck this time Russia. Apart from a complete failure, as always the only thing that was achieved with your humanitarian pause and unilateral truce is the strengthening and resupling of terrorists by its sponsors. Hopefully you have a good plan both military and diplomatic to succeed rid of what’s coming. God bless Russia.

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