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Syrian Army Recovers Several Positions In Deir Ezzor

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Syrian Army Recovers Several Positions In Deir Ezzor

On Friday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies repel an attack launched by ISIS on the panorama area south of Deir Ezzor on Friday.

The SAA regained control of all positions in the vicinity of the strategic Panorama area and also managed to destroy five vehicles belonging to ISIS.

Syrian and Russian Air Force warplanes bombed ISIS positions in the Al-Thardah mountain, Baghliyah, Al-Sina’a, al-Arfi and Al-Hamidiya.

Moreover, US-led coalition warplanes targeted the town of Al-Bukamal in Deir Ezzor. According to local sources, four civilians lost their life by two air strikes of the US-led coalition on the Judaidat al-Akidat area in Deir Ezzor. According to opposition sources, three ISIS fighters have been killed after their car was targeted by the US-led coalition in Hagin villag.

From its side, ISIS continued targeting civilians in the city with mortars. A civilian lost his life in Al-Joura district today as a result of the ISIS shelling.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, ISIS has begun reinforcing its positions in the vicinity of Palmyra and Deir Ezzor.

ISIS have reportedly been able to increase the number of fighters in these areas after the US-led coalition allowed it to withdraw from Tabqa town.

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ISIS Is getting defeated everywhere on multiple Syrian fronts, Bravo to Deir Ezzor defenders and their tenacity against ISIS desperados, ISIS asset in the US portfolio is performing very badly, it will become worthless in a few months.

Wahid Algiers

In June this year.


Yes, I would like to see that, however, the Russians are more methodical and SAA needs to become more proficient in desert blitzkrieg, after having fought jihadis in urban areas.


If that is true about the fighter’s coming from taqba it was only 72 Isis fighter’s so it’s just a bit of propaganda !!!

El Diablo

72 fighter + 16000 just here, are 72 more to kill.


Yeah even if one of those finds his way to London or Paris and does a terror attack, you will change your tune.

Daniel Castro

Let’s hope all chickens go home to roost on the true terrorist countries, like France and England…

Joe Doe

As I wrote before. SAA has to shrink their front lines.Therefore, SAA Tiger force should continue going south towards the Highway 42 and west towards Itria-Khanasir road. If the whole area is liberated, there should be a lot of SAA inventory and military hardware relief and reinforce the SAA Tiger force continue south, than east. The whole area is desert than should be easy and quick advances, except area west and east of the highway 42


They need to clear the chunk of country between Khanasser and Lake Jabbul with 2 dozen villages that still have moderate ISIL presence. I think clearing of ISIL salient E of Salamiyah is the priority becouse it would give SAA an almost straight front line from Tabqa through Ithriya to Palmira. After that just steamroll due east and take no prisoners…


Well said they need to take all the area south of khanasser up to ithriya, then seal off all the uqayribat / salamiyah / sheik hilal pocket, and continue eastwards towards tabqa taking all the oilfields there and move south to kawm/ taybeh and wait for it…. sukhnah. While the other contingent is joining it in pincer movement by pushing east from shaer, arak, t3, mustadira positions. Thats how they should clear everything before engaging sukhnah, kobajjep, abu kamel, muhassan, mayadin and dez city and countryside / mountains.


Hope much quicker than that! Thats like an eternity at the rate of change this war is going!


“SAA has to shrink their front lines”
That was maybe true 2 years ago.
It is apparent that the SAA is now strong enough and agile enough to expand and conduct multiple front line warfare at this time, especially since the SuAF is getting stronger again.

John Whitehot

and importantly, they haven’t got any more significant “moderate” forces on their flanks constituting a threat if they were to advance on ISIS areas.


Thats right, most of them were wiped out at aleppo. They packed them in so tight there that they are still finding dead bodies 4 months later.

Wahid Algiers

The Daara and surrounding areas-order has to be fulfilled to get police and security inside there and to release the 42 armored div. of Maher.

Solomon Krupacek

Sudan Air Force???


I think he meant syrian


Fuckin right :DDDD


There were quick advances in the Western Desert of North Africa in WW2 as well. Those that were not properly planned turned into quick retreats.
As in all military campaigns the Five ‘P’s are important.
Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.


One side ISIS killing civilians and the other side Trump jets striking civilians. In between two forces innocent civilians are dying. Its horrible.

Daniel Castro

This guy is aiming an artillery piece as an rifle, how close is it from the target?

Leon Auguste



From muzzle seems Soviet era D-20 howitzer. The guy is aiming with the direct line of sight, anti-tank role, telescope – Soviet OP4M telescope but not sure of the exact maximum range. But in postwar Soviet tank doctrine anything over 2000 metres was generally considered better served by indirect line of sight aiming. Is very stark landscape and nothing much is in the visual way – and the barrel is virtually horizontal – so target is certainly under 2000 metres away, or then again, could just be non targeting photo op!

Leon Auguste

The SAA is probably not as incompetent as they’re made to seem in many instances. Lot of heroes will come to light when this war ends (Lord willing). It is my sincere hope this unecessary bloodshed will cease today.


The whole strategic problem SAA have faced from very outset has been aggressive Turkish and Jordanian state policies, of facilitating open borders into conflict zone. So militants have been consistently resupplied weapons and manpower, allowing them to open new offensives to constantly disrupt SAA’s strategic goals. Meaning, as SAA engages an offensive in one area, the various militant factions under foreign strategic control have coordinated an assault in completely different area, to threaten a state controlled territory, and force SAA to address that problem and redirect their finite resources.
The SAA certainly aren’t an ideal military organization, but they have faced a nightmare scenario.


Well spoken .


Thank you, for positive response.

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