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Syrian Army Recaptures Saraqib From Erdogan Forces As Syrian-Turkish Conflict In Idlib Intensifies

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Syrian Army Recaptures Saraqib From Erdogan Forces As Syrian-Turkish Conflict In Idlib Intensifies

Turkey and Syria are in a state of undeclared war. Ankara shied away to declare the war officially and the scale of its operations is much lower than in the event of a full-scale open conflict. However, Turkish forces, including troops, battle tanks and artillery, illegally entered Greater Idlib, provided local al-Qaeda-linked groups with weapons and equipment, and together with them attacked the Syrian Army.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar had the audacity to describe these actions as self-defense efforts. He claimed that Operation Spring Shield, as Ankara calls its action in Idlib, was launched in response to the February 27 attack on Turkish troops and the operation is in his words “successfully” ongoing. Akar forgot to mention that the killed Turkish personnel were embedded with al-Qaeda members and already involved in attacks on forces of the Syrian government. This kind of hypocrisy is not surprising. Earlier, Turkish President Recept Tayip Erdogan claimed that the Turkish military had entered Syria under a request from the “Syrian people”; apparently he wanted to say al-Qaeda but forgot how to pronounce the names of the multiple Syrian affiliates of the group properly.

Therefore, official Turkish propaganda claims that the military action in Idlib started after February 27, while in reality clashes between Turkish-led forces and the Syrian Army have been ongoing since February 24. In the period from February 24 to March 1, the Turkish Army and radical militants captured Nayrab, Saraqib, and stopped the Syrian Army advance near Kafr Nabul recapturing several small villages near it. However, they were not able to achieve any military breakthrough on the ground.

The Turkish military tries to avoid sending its troops into an open fight. Rather, it employs waves of al-Qaeda members, including suicide bombers, supported by massive artillery and drone strikes as the main tool of warfare against the Syrians. According to the March 1 remarks by Defense Minister Akar, Turkish forces had destroyed a drone, 8 helicopters, 103 tanks, 19 armored personnel carriers, 72 artillery pieces and rocket launchers, three air-defense systems, 15 anti-tank weapons and mortars, 56 armored vehicles, nine ammunition depots, and neutralized 2,200 Syrian soldiers in the aforementioned period. Later on the same day, the Turkish Defense Ministry claimed that Turkey had shot down two Su-24 warplanes (later confirmed by the Syrian military) and destroyed 3 air defense systems operated by the Syrian government. The Turkish side even claimed that the Su-24 attack aircraft (which are designed for a close air support) were downed in response to an attempted attack on Turkish aircraft.

This remarkable nonsense highlights the scale and type of Turkish propaganda efforts regarding the conflict. Fully in the framework of this approach, the Turkish state blocked social media on February 27 in an attempt to hide Turkish casualties in Idlib. Tried to force Twitter and Facebook to remove photos of destroyed Turkish military equipment and ordered security raids in the Turkish branch of the Russian news agency Sputnik over its ‘wrong coverage’ of Idlib developments. Videos and photos showing Turkish soldiers and Turkish-backed militants involved in torturing and abusing captured Syrian soldiers come unnoticed by mainstream media or were described by Turkish sources as fake.

In a separate development, Turkish state media announced that Turkish artillery and drones had targeted the Al-Nayrab military airport, on the outskirts of Aleppo city.

In response to these actions, the Syrian military declared that it will shoot down hostile aircraft in Greater Idlib. The Syrian Air Defense Forces immediately turned this promise into reality engaging Turkish unmanned combat and reconnaissance aerial vehicles. According to Russian media, at least 6 Turkish drones were shot down. However, the visual evidence allows to confirm only one Anka combat drone downed in the area. When the video of the drone’s remnants first appeared online, Turkish-backed groups even claimed responsibility for the downing of aircraft claiming that it was a Syrian warplane. Later, they were forced to change the story.

On March 1, the Syrian Army and Hezbollah, that had recently suffered casualties in eastern Idlib, launched an attack on Turkish-led forces in the area of Nayrab. By the evening of that day, they have regained Kafr Battikh, Dadikh, San and Jawbas. They have also forced Turkish-backed militants to retreat from the eastern part of Saraqib. According to pro-government sources, at least 300 militants were killed or injured in the recent clashes in this area only. This number, as well as, those provided by Turkey is overestimated.

On March 2, units of the 25th Special Mission Forces Division (formerly the Tiger Forces) regained full control of Saraqib after the mighty Turkish Army and its al-Qaeda friends had fled the area.

The recent developments demonstrate that if Turkey continues avoiding employing its own troops in direct fighting, its forces appear to be not able to deliver a swift, devastating blow to the Syrian Army and achieve the goal declared by its top leadership: to force Syrian troops to retreat from all the areas liberated from al-Qaeda since October 2018.

It is likely that Turkey is trying to deliver as much damage as possible to strengthen its negotiating position before March 5, when Erdogan is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the situation in the region.

At the same time, Turkey is trying to get support from the EU by sending migrants to Europe and blackmailing the bloc with a new migration crisis.

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Sad but true
comment image

Jens Holm

I think Erdo is more left on that finger and just as well as dirty crocodiles are waiting. Some parashute might no help. Another try with more hot air and a lst belon muight do it.

Nice pic. I am polite to mention who is the owner of that finger. I dont think USA should have left the building, even I never was for, they and we should be there at all.

The best help they all can get must be sandstorms, earthquakes, first class grasshoppers from Kenya and 1500 millimeter rain a year.

The second best might be an Ark for the semites. Here Israel might be the contrutor. Accoreding to arab logic thinking its because they can finance it by selling umbrellas.

Nice if You all would be flushed to the Black Sea again and try again. What the H… did You so since Your Gods punish You that hard.


You really to sober up or learn English before you post. You carry on like a madman.


Don’t be ignorant. His name is “Jens Holm”, probably a Swede.


They had to bring a Pale White Horse for Mighty Sultan Erdogander The Conqueror so Behold he can ride it straight to Damascus!


He can’t ride. The great Sultan always falls down off the horse. He can only ride goats but thats no option to Damascus

Jens Holm

People in power for more then 15 years can ride and must do something right even its for personal matters only.


Will somebody please eject this idiot from the forum? His illiteracy and horrible grammar are even more annoying than his spam.

Ivan Freely

Just use the flag/report comment button on the right if you’re that bothered by it.


Oh you can just block people? Cool! Nevermind, that little problem is solved thank you…

Jens Holm

Most people already has blocked You.

The mpust pieple all ready has ucked U.

Jens Holm

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Jens Holm

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Outstanding, very important if not crucial victory for the axis of resistance.

Oscar Silva Martinez

So, these “brilliant” terrorists were celebrating next to the wreckage of a Turkish drone with the Turkey Air Force logos still visible thinking it was a Syrian Air force aircraft?????? hahahahahahahaha

Jens Holm

The propaganda is for own internal AKP and Erdogan use. They somehow has to justify, what Erdogan has declared.

But I see hard propaganda in the article as well. Its very strange to me Assads and the other ones under his command has no losses even facts say so.


Just remember how many people here over the last few days were crying “the sky is falling!” based on Turk propaganda.

Jens Holm

Thats not even my point. I relate to facts.


Iranian forces in Syria reportedly fired some missiles across the border at Turd-key. The Turdks and their ISIS/al-Qaeda allies need to stop their invasion of Syria and go back to Ankara.


This would be very good news, but where are your sources ?


See this: https://bulgarianmilitary.com/2020/03/02/iranian-backed-forces-launched-a-missile-strike-on-turkish-troops-on-syria/

Supposedly after Turdks rejected Iran’s demand that Turdks get out of Syria.

Karen Bartlett

No. The Bulgarian military channel cites AviaPro and the two Israeli sources. AviaPro cites the two Israeli sources as saying “Iran was behind the attacks”, but then says:

“It is reported that a missile strike was launched from territory controlled by Iranian forces, however, according to the official version of the Turkish authorities, Damascus is behind the strike”.

(Read more at: http://avia.pro/news/iran-nanyos-raketnyy-udar-po-tureckkim-voyskam-na-granice-s-siriey)

So, it’s not anybody but the Israelis who are saying Iran was behind the missile strikes. Turkey itself says “Damascus is behind the strike”.

I wouldn’t trust any “news” from Israel.They want the US to go to war with Iran, and are pushing for it with their hyped-up “news” accusing Iran of this and that.


I see, I hadn’t seen the source was a Rothschild neocolony in Palestine outlet. Either way, after hitting Hezbollah and Iranian forces in Idlib, the Turk-led terrorist league can only expect them to hit them hard as the liberation continues.

Karen Bartlett

Yep, inshallah (God willing). Also, about the earlier post, I was wrong as well. The missile only hit at the border of Turkey, not into Turkey itself. See the next SF report, which I just read: Syrian Troops Advance West Of Saraqib Amid Lamentation And Weeping Of Al-Qaeda Supporters


Well done!
The end is coming for the turkgay army and its lame-ass proxies.

Only hope by then turks will do something really stupid in the Aegean …cause this time Greeks won’t spare them like in 1996, this time the USA will Not get involved to save their fleet, that was about to become an underwater attraction for divers, this time it will be game over and the end of turkey for ever !

Common Sense

Yes, may the glorious christian byzantine empire be restored. I cannot wait till these turks are fair game, they will be butchered and exterminated like the cockroaches they are.

Karen Bartlett

Well, God willing.


All Turkish artillery and any Turkish convoy enter to Syria must be totally destroyed, point. This one must be carry out mainly by Russia because ot its capabilities, but ¿ What is Putin opinion about this ?

Horace Lacondeta

Putin created this ambiguity : he wants Turkey to have its very own Afghanistan. Slowly but painfully, Turks will down.


Lets go back to how this war Started and Why.
This War was Started by Israel The Saudis and Neocons like Jhon Bolton.

Why Was It Started?
There is oil in the Golen Heights and in the Ocean adjecent to Syria. This is what Turkjey is after, the Medeterean Sea and the Oil under it. You See The Turks Americans and the Israelis are after the Riches Under the See… This is Why American Boltons Strted this Whole thing.
But Now it Has Become A War For Survival. White Nationalist taking Over Europe. Screaming Bloody Murder… Save the Asyrians!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A madman with delusions of Ottoman glory. He needs to be removed from the world scene.


The solution for the migrants; lets us Europeans help Russia and Syria to defeat Erdogan, fast! So we can send every refugee to Syria and by the way boycott Turkish products

Josiah Gaxx Isaboke

What Turkish products? SALT BAE??? Hahahahahahaha! Boycotted!!!


Yeah lets boycott shit-kebap and rugs.???


Boycott everything with barcode are 868 or 869.


The Russians Boycotted Turkish Tamatos.
Boycott those, Turkey has Huge Tamato Farms.
You Want to Hurt the Turks? Boycott Tamatos from Turkey


Great idea boycott everything with barcode are 868 or 869.

Jose Martinez

It seems Erdogan is using force to disguise his terrible abilities as a Statesman. Turkish media proponga reported such devastating loses to Syrian Army to boost morale yet SAA was able to regain lost ground and keep gains in Southern Idlid. Looks like the tough guy card backfired..

Arseniy 'Motorola' Pavlov

Constantinople must be liberated.

Karen Bartlett

Darn good report! Go, Syria and allies!


Turkey has the land border with Idlib. All they have to do is pour in more jihadists and continue picking off Syrian vehicles, tanks and artillery. It costs Turkey virtually nothing because drones are cheap and jihadists are free in endless supply. As long as as Russia continues to dither, Idlib will be a meatgrinder for the SAA. For jihadists, too, but their deaths are meaningless and there’s an endless supply of them.

It’s time for a full on diplomatic offensive by Russia against Turkey. Give up the naive dreams of pipelines and S400’s and start laying the groundwork for Turkey’s destruction.


Turkey is a fake nation .It shouldn’ t exist at all . It should be divided between Greece Russia Iran Iraq and Siria .
That’ s all and good bye kebab !
Finally Costantinopoli will be free .


That mindset just promotes an endless conflict. There’s no point to thinking like that.

cechas vodobenikov

true—there r some ‘cleft nations” per Huntington; turkey is not one. Turkey faces many challenges. They have not helped matters by inserting themselves into Libyan, Greek, Syrian affairs…short term vs long term thinking seems to infect Turkish foreign affairs


Well, Russian military police in Saraqib is a good start. I’d doubt Turkey would poke the ants nest with a stick. Not with all of those Russian warships off the coast. Truth is though that Russia would rather have Turkey as a trading partner and ally then an outright enemy. In this geopolitical environment, Russia needs as many friends as possible, that includes the delusional Erdogan.


Well said.

Two thumbs up!

cechas vodobenikov

Russia regards turkey as neither friend nor enemy—Russia does not need trade w turkey…they derive 5 billion USD annually from Russian tourism and rely for 80% of their natural gas discounted by 10% from Russia, whereas Russia only imports some agricultural products from Turkey—all of which r available in southern Russia, Uzbekistan, Khazakstan, Moldova, etc

Rhodium 10

Thanks to Russia and Hezbollah Saraqib have been retaken…..SAA are not a reliable force!..they use to flee when terrorist are coming…they are unable to prevent Turkish drone attacks and protect its own jets over Idlib!…just a pair of Mig 29 flying over central Syria Homs or Hama armed with medium/long range air to air missile can shot down all drones while air defense ( S-200 or even 300) can be activate if Turkish planes enter in Syria airspace!…but they lack of coordination, trained personal,comunication..etc.. they just hope that others solve his problems!..

cechas vodobenikov

that Erdogan is crawling to Moscow speaks volumes; Putin refuses to meet half-way. turk desperation and humiliation—begging may get him pity—probably little more


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