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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army reaches the Raqqa border

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AlMasdarNews reports: The Syrian Arab Army’s 550th Regiment of the 4th Mechanized Division, alongside the Desert Hawks, Fouj Al-Joulani (Golan Regiment), Syrian Marines, and Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), liberated the Abu Al-Zayn Mountains and Al-Masbah area along the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway.

According to an Al-Masdar field correspondent, the Syrian Armed Forces advanced 8 km east along the Salamiyah-Raqqa Highway, leaving them at the outskirts of Al-Zakiyah in the Al-Raqqa Governorate’s western countryside.

The village of Al-Zakiyah and its nearby crossroad are located at the Hama-Raqqa border; it will need to be liberated before the Syrian Armed Forces can make any significant advance towards the imperative Tabaqa Military Airport.

Al-Masdar’s field correspondent also added that no Syrian Arab Army soldiers have been killed and no points have been lost, despite the claims made by the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s (ISIS) media wing.

550th Regiment soldiers posing for a photo outside of Ithriya

Syrian Army reaches the Raqqa border Syrian Army reaches the Raqqa border

Desert Hawks outside

Syrian Army reaches the Raqqa border

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Zuzana Rehakova

interresting construction of 23mm twin.
they have to add pantograph to controll it remotely.

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