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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Reached Khan Shaykhun’s Western Entrance After Resuming Its Advance In Southern Idlib

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reached the western entrance of the town of Khan Shaykhun in the southern countryside of Idlib after capturing the villages of Kafr Ayn, Tall Aas, Khirbat Murshid and Mantar.

Pro-government sources said that army units secured the four villages early on August 14 after hours of heavy clashes with Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies.

Syrian Army Reached Khan Shaykhun's Western Entrance After Resuming Its Advance In Southern Idlib

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Khan Shaykhun is located on the highway linking the Syrian capital, Damascus, with the city of Aleppo, the country’s industrial center. The town is also considered the gateway to the southern Idlib countryside.

SAA troops are now reportedly situated only 2km away from Khan Shaykun’s western district. The assault on the town could begin in any given minute.

Despite reaching the western entrance of Khan Shaykhun, the SAA is still advancing east of the town. Army units are now attacking a key hilltop in the area.

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Peter Jennings

When the SAA finally evict the shrinking caliphate from their stolen homes, what terrorists are left in and around Idlib should move to Turkey. Erdogan doesn’t seem to want the area cleaned of these terrorists because of some allegiance his party has with some of the groups involved. So he is best to move them out of harms way.

The longer the shrinking caliphate is allowed to fester in Idlib, the longer Erdogan has to assimilate the stolen Syrian oil and manufacturing equipment. In fact, anything and everything which wasn’t nailed down.


Erdogan could also relocate his terror gangs in the EU. That would be perfect Karma :)

You can call me Al

After losing Fathers, brothers and friends, I hope they turn on Erdy in Turkey and create havoc.

Bill Wilson

All of that old junk got smelted a long time ago.



Its so great news. Syrian forces are advancing.




Rats on a pike.. TOR fry,..

Bill Wilson

Cool. By taking hilltops on both sides of the city the SAA can practice shooting ATGMs at moving traffic on the roads below.


genial glory for SAA

Joe Dickson

Turkey is losing ground in Idlib yet they are pulling forces for an invasion into Rojava. One must question the strategic leadership of Erdogan.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

From the look of things that Turkish OB post won’t be there for much longer, the SAA are pushing from both east and west now in an effort to surround and isolate it.


Fantastic news! All of Idlib will be returned to the Syrian Government.

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