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Syrian Army Rapidly Advancing In Direction Of ISIS Stronghold Of Al-Bab

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

Last weekend, Syrian government forces, led by the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces and backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, continued to make gains in the eastern countryside of Aleppo city, moving closer to the ISIS stronghold of al-Bab.

Government troops liberated Suran, Sarjah Kabirah, Sarjah Saghirah, Maran, and reached the villages of Madyunah and Sarbas. If government forces keep up with such rapid advances along the Aleppo-al-Bab road, they will reach Turkish forces storming the ISIS stronghold of al-Bab in northern Syria within few days.

Meanwhile, reports are circulating that Moscow, Damascus, and Ankara have made a deal to unite efforts in combating terrorists in al-Bab and to involve the army in cutting off ISIS units deployed there from the southern direction.

The situation will likely become more clear after the start of the Astana talks.

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Trustin Judeau

If the advances continue SAA will reach Tadif in the next week.If it liberate it,the it is Al Bab.


rapidly … 50-60 km/day?

Jens Holm

Rapidly ?


Well OK, maybe not a blitzkrieg, but fast by Syrian standards. SAA need to straighten out their lines west of Al Bab anyways. It looks like Erdogan has put out a call for help. He is tired of seeing pictures of Turkish tanks being blown up by ISUS! Don’t be surprised to see SAA stop a few miles short of Al Bab. They may call back to Erdogan and say “now it’s your turn to take out ISUS in city, good luck with your FSA allies”


who will capture al bab then? syria or turk ?


From what I understand it will be Syrian ground forces, Russian aerospace forces, and Turkish air forces. There was a recent article on southfront at https://southfront.org/syra-russia-turkey-agree-on-joint-military-operation-to-recapture-al-bab-city-reports/ . Syrian and Turkish relations seem to be getting better than they have been since the start of the wahabi invasion.

Lord Humongous

When will Turks leave Syria?

william serrahn

I really don’t think that the Syrians want Turkey to occupy al Bab or even be in Syria at all. The SAA is just moving up to check the Turks from moving further south. They can just sit on the south side and pluck off ISIS as the Turks flush them out, if Turkey has the guts for the siege and clearing of al Bab.

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