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Syrian Army Raids ISIS Weapons Cache Uncovered By Russian Drone (Video)

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Syrian Army Raids ISIS Weapons Cache Uncovered By Russian Drone (Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has raided a large weapons cache of ISIS that was uncovered by the Russian Aerospace Forces, a representative of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria told RIA Novosti on February 17.

According to the representative, the weapons cache, which is located in the eastern Homs countryside, was uncovered by a Russian drone.

The cache was later raided by SAA units, which managed to killed four ISIS terrorist who were guarding the area. Two pickups armed with heavy machine guns were also destroyed during the raid.

Inside the cache the SAA found:

  • 36 Assault rifles and light machine guns;
  • 7 Heavy machine guns;
  • An automatic grenade launcher with 28 rounds;
  • An anti-tank weapon;
  • 87 Mines and grenades;
  • 40 Kg of explosives;
  • 22,000 Rounds of ammunition.

The terrorists also kept around 45 kg of medicine, some of which were foreign-made, and more than 350 kg of food in the large cache.

ISIS cells in central Syria stepped up their attacks over the last year. Earlier this week, a unit of the SAA was ambushed by the terrorists in eastern Homs. Five service members were allegedly killed in the attack.

The SAA raid in eastern Homs is a real blow the terrorist group’s cells in the region. The raid also highlights the value of military cooperation between Syria and Russia.


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Assad must stay

great work!!!!

cechas vodobenikov

Toork/CIA incompetence
as the toorks and amerikan economies disintegrate they become more desperate they make more mistakes


I haven’t obtained visual confirmation of the presence of this species on our planet during ops that I’ve run. And don’t know how much of this information is scifi or true. There is a lot of information that they’re an integral part of the political problems on this planet.


“Mothman is a creature that was reported in Point Pleasant, West Virginia from November 15, 1966, to December 15, 1967.”

This is the account of a series of interactions with what some believe to be a winged reptilian and a community in the mountains west of Washington, DC. That is referenced in the above video on reptilians.

Adam Prisbit

lol! this mean Syrian Revolution is alive and strong! good job rebels destroy and smash all assad butcher regime. Turkey will unleash BAYRAKTAR DRONE and SMASH DESTROY OBLITERIZE EVERY TERRRORIST

J Ramirez

4 dead ISISrael terrorist, good job Assad !

Adam Prisbit

piece of SHETET

Adam Prisbit

they will overthrow syria soon and make FSA revolution come alive again i promise that
US in al tanf will take damascus too

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