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Syrian Army Puts ISIS Terrorists In Deir Ezzor City In No Win SItuation (Map, Video)


Syrian Army Puts ISIS Terrorists In Deir Ezzor City In No Win SItuation (Map, Video)

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In the city of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces, the Republican Guard and the National Defense Forces (NDF) liberated worker district 1, worker district 2, Afri district and the nearby stadium from ISIS terrorists. Government troops also advanced in the districts of al-Hamidiyah and Jbela.

The advance came amid an intense fighting with ISIS. The terrorist group’s media outlet Amaq claimed that pro-government forces lost 35 fighters, two battle tanks and a BMP-1 vehicle.

ISIS is in a very complicated situation in Deir Ezzor city. The terrorist group’s units are encircled from all sides and after the liberation of Saqr Island by the SAA cannot even use the Euphrates River to retreat from the city.



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  • Sam Culpak

    No. Mercy.

    It might be a high toll in manpower but don’t let any of them escape or hide.

    • Richard Noel Hedditch

      You are only right. Eradicate all of Sweden’s and America’s ISIS scum.

      • Vidura

        lol Swedens and Americas ?

        • Deo Cass

          Sounds strange right? But the Syrian government troops killed many US and Swedish ISIS terrorists, apart from many others from the UK, Belgium, France, the Netherlands etc. ISIS are a US/NATO front line covert speial operations force meant to clear the ground for the Western colonial imperialist forces to invade, occupy, ethnically cleanse, colonize and re-populate the invaded countries with US/Zionist sub serviant foreign alien populations.

          • Gabriel Hollows

            They are muslims recruited in those countries. Many of them former ‘refugees’ indoctrinated in Saudi-run mosques that preach wahabbism in those countries.

          • FlorianGeyer

            The same method is being used in Europe by flooding countries with migrants fleeing the chaos caused by the US/NATO grouping and their proxy terrorists.

            Nations suffering a clash of ideologies are less of a threat to the cabal that Pulls the Strings.

          • Jens Holm

            Actually the socalled flooding started in 1970.

            You might wonder why so many muslims prefare to live among sekular, christian, kaffirs in sted of being neigbors with You.

            Thats the real problems. Most peoplecomming here are nice people. Most people has the same crime rate as ours even they in some matters are tottaly different.

            YOU WRITE ABOUT O,OO1 % of muslims here as if they were all and even Nato/US. Thats far out.

            the owerwhelning majority of ISIS people and some like FSA and Qadi are MUSLIMS FROM MUSLIM COUTRIES.

            So Your words are dirt or illiteray.

          • dutchnational

            While I agree mostly with you here, polls have found that among those many nice muslims in Europe, a very sizable minority supports sharia in Europe, condones violance by muslims and hesitates to speak out against salafists, jihadis.

          • Jens Holm

            To me there is nothing wrong in supporting Sharia as well as its administrated in a fair and moderate peacefull way.

            that cant be expected to be done overnight. Most of our muslims are in 2 kinds of devellopments. 1) they come from never had written The Holy Choran becuse they cant read and certainly not old arabic. But they can in a modern and traditionel tranlation today. By that the boys and girls now can see whats Oldmans traditions and whats Islam. They also can see, there are many versions of Islam and can choose taking out Sharia, Haddits as they wish.

            Fx we today also have 1 or 2 female Imams, because Aysia were reading and directed prayers for the Last Prophet and by that was an Imam.

            Its very much aboutown choise of husbond and wife and also to finish an education and work and make a great part of the family income.

            NUMBER 2 are adopting, whats normal here. Sunni also say You follow the traditions. The traditions tell, You as a parent as well as a grandparent has to raise Your children, so they can support themselves. Therefore You can at least copy, what needed for thats here.

            Its also about the kind of power and respect for the old ones. Thats very much reduced, because the state give all equal citicens pension and they do have a minimum standard. Of course the old ones can have extra money by themselves as well as the children help. But the mainpart to the old are given by the high taxes the You ones pay. That says, that You get the same with no children or many.

            You can go into the Christian Bible and find very dirty things too. Those are cut by sekular laws and most of them even before the first Muslims came here in large groups(Turks from poor parts of Anatolia and many analfabeths).

            Since then we have given the same demands to all. 1) You have to follow the Danish sekular laws, and they are also above Islam.

            Wew have had many not readers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea and dont see us as experts in handling the hidden parts well.But its very optimistic, that we from day one or in next generations can make people into sekular religiosity.

            I like playing with numbers. 1`ste generation 50%, next generation 25, next 12,5%.

            I think You forget Sharia are much more then the dirty parts. It make sense not to kill. It make sense only to make good lies or none. It make sense not to steel, and it make sense to be dressed in an honored way.

            But it fx dont make sense muslim boys and men can go swimming at the beaches in our way of only trousers, if the demand the females – girls and grown up – should keep their honor by being fully dressed and many are not allowed to go swimming.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I hope you enjoy your multicultural experience Jens when they move in next to you.

          • Jens Holm

            Thank You.

          • dutchnational

            Everything can be twisted, just as in this report.

            The 200 or so Dutch IS jihadists are not undercover agents or the like. They are fools who let salafist preachers, internet preachers/recruiters turn their minds into mush. Most are second or third generation dutch muslims, a few converts

            We have a government so obsessed by legalities, by the fear of being accused of islamophobia, that they forgot the first duty of any state : to protect the general population.

            This in turn will only result in the general public becoming more and more anti muslim or, at a minimum, opposed to islamists organisations.

            Luckily we will not accept burkahs in the Netherlands nor crude gender discrimination, though we also still have some work to do on this subject.

        • Jens Holm

          Most are muslims going home. Fine with me. They dont belong here.

          • dutchnational

            No, they do not. Most stay. I doubt many 3rd of even 4th generation muslims in Europe could adapt to their “original” country or even be accepted by the “natives”, the more so as most come from the least developed parts of their original countries (Rif mountains Morocco, East Turkey/Anatolia)

          • Solomon Krupacek

            you will. wi will kickj out all molsems from europe.

          • Jens Holm

            We are not all of us. We will kick out some muslims and people like You too.

            We will make a combatzone for You and arm all well
            after You are sterilized.

    • You can call me Al

      They cannot escape, they are caged rats with no food and water sources. The last thing Syria and allies want to do now, is to ruin their excellent track record regards low civilian losses.

  • You can call me Al

    They are surrounded with no supply routes left, which is a great step, initially I would have said, eliminate everyone, nut obviously that is not possible or a decent thing to do; the quandary to me is the SAA and allies don’t want to lose any more fighters, so I have come to the conclusion that keep surrounding them, use he excellent snipers to pluck them off one at a time, with some small surprise arracks ….. there cannot be many ISIS vermin in this small section of he city, so go by the old “quietly – quietly catch the monkey”…… whilst completing the total annihilation of the rest of them.

  • dutchnational

    SAA not advancing at all in DeZ : handing over al Husayniyah to SDF and losing areas within DeZ south.

    Quote1 :
    #Syria #DeirEzZor Report #Assad-forces withdrawn from al-Husayniyah toward Aleppo roundabout & #SDF took over
    Hammurabi’s Justice‏ @Hammurabi_News 2 u2 uur geleden
    The regime`s military media has confirmed our news yday about #DeirEzZor city, important statement in the pic

    Conclusion : either fake news or a fake report.

    • Gary Sellars

      Douche and his love of anti-Syria/Russia pro-Jihadi disinfo. For someone who claims he is opposed to terrorists, you certainly like to endlessly disparage the government and their allies who are fighting the terror group rabble opposition.