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Syrian Army Pushes Militants from Damascus Area

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Syrian Army Pushes Militants from Damascus Area


The text is based on info provided by IslamicWorldNews

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has liberated 60 square kilometers of Hawsh-al-Daweer, Deyr al-Asafir and other areas near the Syrian capital, Damascus, amid clashes between different militant groups that have erupted after the death of Zahran Alloush.

Zahran Alloush was the commander of the Islamist militant group Jaysh al-Islam that operates in Damascus subrubs. He was killed on 25 December 2015.

Now, major groups are vying for power dividing the shaky front, formed by militants against the Assad goverment:

  • Jaysh al-Islam, in the north and the south-east of East Ghouta
  • al-Rahman corps and Al-Nusra Front and their satellite groups in the south and south-west.
Syrian Army Pushes Militants from Damascus Area

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The SAA is conducting military operations to secure Beit Naem, Mohammadiya and Jasreen. Fierce clashes are still going on in southern farms. Last week, pro-government forces managed to liberate Al-Bahariyah, Tal-Bahariyah and Borja-al-Bahariyah. However, militants foiled the SAA’s attempts to penetrate the northern front line: Tal Asfar, Midea, Housh-al-Efareh.

In East Ghouta and Darayya, the SAA and allied militias are slowly advancing on the militants’ positions. The SAA laid siege on Darayya last year. However, secret tunnels under the city allow the militants garrison to recieve supplies.

The violet hatched lines on the map depict the areas where the government forces and the rebel forces have reached some sort of ceasefire agreements.

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Hisham Saber

The Syria war theatre is one giant Stalingrad. God bless the heroic SAA and Co. After the liberation of Syria, the battle-hardened SAA and allies should roll up the acres to the south-west of Syria. Yes, that means you, Israel. Their army (except air force) are merely foreign exchange students from Brooklyn and Florida and no match. A Mickey Mouse army that was rolled up by Hezbollah(a militia) in 2000, and 2006.


Oh, god, this will take forever … the SAA have air support and have besieged those pockets, like Daraya, for years. What does it take for them to actually storm in? It seems as if there was a single rebel alive and firing from within the ruins, then still it would take years to clean the area.

Ludicrous year-long display of ineptitude.

Hisham Saber

Negotiations, broken cease fires/promises, yet you may be right. Plus all those tunnel networks (Ratz Kriegen 2) and as Reich’s Field Marshal Von Paulus found out the hard way, it’s much easier to storm an intact city(or neighborhood) than one in ruins. Also the SAA are short on experienced manpower.

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