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Syrian Army Pushes Forward In Eastern Damascus As Militants Accuse Each Others Of Betrayal

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On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured several buildings in the north of Ghazwat Badr Mosque in the Jobar district east of the capital Damascus.

Syrian Army Pushes Forward In Eastern Damascus As Militants Accuse Each Others Of Betrayal

Syrian Su-22M4 and the Russian Su-34 warplanes targeted the positions of Al-Rahman Corps in Jobar with more than 15 airstrikes. Syrian Army Pushes Forward In Eastern Damascus As Militants Accuse Each Others Of Betrayal Syrian Army Pushes Forward In Eastern Damascus As Militants Accuse Each Others Of Betrayal

Furthermore, the Syrian Republican Guard used a UR-77 mine-clearing system to destroy the fortifications of militants in the district.

The SAA also managed to take control of the al-Sawaqah school in Wadi Ein Tarma south of Jobar.

From its side, the Al-Rahman Corps claimed that its fighters managed to destroy a T-72 tank and a bulldozer of the SAA in Ein Tarma.

According to local sources, militants of the Al-Rahman Corps shelled the airport road and the University of Damascus with mortars, wounding a child.

The Al-Rahman Corps also announced that Jaish al-Islam is not defending Jobar or Ein Tarma from the “regime” and accused Jaish al-Islam of stealing over 60 tons of supplies and detaining more than 100 fighters from the Al-Rahman Corps.

The Al-Rahman Corps said that Jaish al-Islam had not sent any reinforcements to Jobar district and that all Jaish al-Islam’s claims are false.

The SAA will likely be able to take control of the Jobar district because of internal disputes among militants in the Eastern Ghouta area.

The SAA reportedly receives a air support from the Russian Air Force in the area. This helps to destroy undegraound tunnels used by militants and facilitates the advance significantly.

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Youtube video says that it is old footage from Qabun not Jobar.


It is still an excellent view of the professionalism of the SAA in the brutal FIBUA combat. The SAA has come a long way since the dark years if this totally unnecessary war fuelled by the United States of America and Israel.


How are these airstrikes destroying underground tunnels? How are they spotted from the air? If they could really do that Jobar will fold in hours, not months.


Spotters on the ground see the fighters disappear underground in numbers, brave locals pass on the information; location is passed on to the airforce who drop on top of it something with penetrating power. But some of the tunnels are very deep and bombs won’t be able to deal with it.

Concrete Mike

Bunker Busters baby


you dont really want to destroy the whole tunnel…just the exit….its useless in that case….


Even without penetration bombs – just general purpose bombs – with good intelligence reports SyAF/RuAF can collapse an above ground, reinforced concrete, structure on top of a located tunnel entrance, that can seal off or inhibit use of an entry-exit point for militant operations, and/or create a focus of diversion for the militants to deal with in that sector.


This is what German’s at Stalingrad called ‘rat-warfare’, urban combat where entrenched enemy has tunnels, and linked basements, under buildings and can both pop up unexpectedly and retreat under cover.


its so nice to see terrorists accusing each other..now that they are all surrounded …no money can enter…no supplies….no nothing….they thought that the SAA would let them be……soon they will be eliminated…..nowhere to run…..extinction is on its way….


I think SAA is winning the war and very soon there will be no terrorists in Syria. All terrorists will return back to Saudi Arabia where most of them came from.


Very good :)))

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