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Syrian Army Purges ISIS Terrorists Near Kuweires Airbase

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The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces have repelled a major ISIS offensive on the Kuweires Airbase.

Heavy clashes have been ongoing in the area since December 25.

Government forces, supported by the Syrian Air Force, have been able to counter ISIS offensive attempts and made a series counter-attacks.

Over 50 ISIS terrorists were killed.

The Kuweires Airbase is another point that ISIS terrorists attempt to use to put additional presure on the Syrian army and its allies amid the ongoing clashes near the Tyas Airbase.

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John Marks

Despite being besieged in Mosul, fighting the Turks in al-Bab and the Kurds at the gates of Raqqa, the Daesh are obviously well equipped and numerous, launching attacks on Kuwereis air base, the Homs oilfields and Palmyra. And huge convoys are reported converging for a third major assault on Deir-ez-Zor. The Syrian soldiers that have held out there are real heroes. Let’s hope the Syrian and Russian airforces blast the Daesh convoys away in the desert.


Deir Azzor is the keystone in the rest of this war , those mountains guarding the airport need reclaiming . Lightning offensive , would save the day . Troops , helicopters , jets , crush the ISIS dogs . Those oil fields just south along the river , would give the SAA a well deserved pay hike .


I’m also surprised about large Daesh numbers, as where the NDF around Palmyra! It appears that ISUS had been working hard to recruit Sunnis in held territories. They also moved reserves from Mosul for attack on Palmyra. Let this be their last gasp offensive! They are being pushed on many fronts, and grow weaker in men and material every day, they will break.The SAA at Deir Ezzor have held up GREAT!!! As you said, just keep killing them with good airstrikes.


Rule of thumb according to military report I read: 3% of locals will become part of armed forces in a conquered land for whatever purpose (money, revenge, ideology, opportunity, etc.). IS had 8-10 million under its regime at one point. Add 35k (minimum) foreign volunteers who act as shock troops and officers. They have at least 100-200k fighters. Many died and others deserted. But still looking at tens of thousands who know SAA/HA has no patience for them once captured. That is how they are keeping up this nightmare war.


Do not be fooled. The kurds are capturing territory without a fight. DAESH is not fighting kurds, and the Pentagon had postponed the the assault on Raqqa indefinitely. They say two years, but they won’t attack so long as DAESH continues to fight Syrianight and turkish armies.

The terrorists at Bab, Homs, kuweires, Tiyas, are granted immunity from western coalition air strikes and they have been given much ATGs and drones.

The kurdish – ISIS conflict is now a charade.


are you kidding me? Kurds are taking territory from IS and you claim it is a hoax? they are the only ones taking on IS and winning. They are taking casualties as well. keyboard warriors are the worst.

Jens Holm

You must be on a wrong planet. A lot in Your comment are far out.

Kurds are small and light armed, so You might go to % gain or loss. Well, and let med add Kurds many times are blamed taking too much land from the gang, You are with.

The Eye

If we are just looking at the Syrian war map it is quite obvious that the war is nowhere near the end. And everybody is happy with a prolonged war there. Putin probably thinks is a good idea to lure all the extremists or potential extremists in Syria and dispose of them there than fighting them in Chechenia or elswhere. More refugees means weaker EU that is also a good thing, US thinks the longer the war, the weaker are his enemies which happens to be everybody involved. ISIS, Russia, Assad, Iran, or even Turkey latelly. And is good for business too. All they need to do is sell state of the art weapons to whoever is losing at the moment. So why end the war? Syrian people don’t realy have a say in the matter.

Divesh Kumar

I agree with the analysis except for the role you mentioned for Russia. Russians will profit the most by prolonged war as they are getting live battle field to test their newly developed technologies as US did in 1990s till 2010. Off late russia has got many defence orders . You need real time situations to prove worthiness of your arsenal. Another milage is a permanent foothold in middle east . Russia is more interested in achieveing above two goals and this can be amply proved by timing of entry.

The Eye

Yes and many other benefits that I didn’t want to take up in the comment such as influence over the oil price. Bottom line I don’t think the war will end very soon.

Karai Puku

DO not forget the Christians, Ortodox Chruch in particular. Russia is not Saudi Arabia, but government has a deep connection with Church.

Ho Pw

Don’t worry about the black patch under ISIS. Priority is to free as many civilians if possible from under ISIS captivity in those cities with big population like Aleppo. Now that the Syrian army have freed the people of Aleppo from ISIS. The next move is attack those pockets of ISIS position around Damascus. Without an iota of doubt, Syrian army is able to defend the Kuweires Airbase areas. I think ISIS will not be able to win the battle there. I have my doubts about the sincerity of Erdogan decision to work closely with Russia and Iran on Syria. Turkey continue to open its border to ISIS. Turkish army wants to conquer Al-Bab badly in order to ensure the supply lines is not cut off for ISIS to reach Iraq. I strongly suspect Erdogan is responsible for the assassination of the Russian ambassador. If Erdogan really want to defeat ISIS he would simply have to seal up her border with Syria. I bet with you if he do that, within a few months ISIS will be wipe out. But it don’t make sense at all. On one hand Turkey open its border for ISIS to infiltrate into Syria and in the other hand she fought ISIS for control fro Al-Bab???? I believe Turkey pretend to lose many of its heavy military equipment like the Leopard tanks to ISIS. I think Turkey purposely left the heavy Turkish equipment especially the Leopard tanks for ISIS to fight the Syrian army for the Kuweires Airbase.


Kurds have very little manpower and faced a losing battle with turkey at manbij. The Pentagon made a deal with isis, no attack on raqqa and ISIS attacks turkey and Syria with western blessing.

Now turkey has given up demands for kurds to hand over manbij, they can’t even take Bab.


What medications were served at this Pentagon meeting you attended? Was Napoleon there? How many Jews were in the room? Did you finally get a date out of it?

Jens Holm

far out.


it seems this site is pro dictator Assad and pro dictator Putin. But the news re interesting and up to date.

Marek Pejović

hm, somebody REALLY needs to re-create Desert Rats. you know, a light mobile hit-and-run brigade which would patrol the desert and hit the ISIS supply convoys coming from Jordan and Saudi. that’s the only place through which ISIS support is not leaking in.

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