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Syrian Army Prevents ISIS Members In Al-Safa From Fleeing Towards Al-Tanaf

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Syrian Army Prevents ISIS Members In Al-Safa From Fleeing Towards Al-Tanaf

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On August 31, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) prevented a group of ISIS fighters from fleeing the area of al-Safa towards the area of al-Tanaf, which is controlled by the US-led coalition and its proxies, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). The state-run news agency said that several terrorists were killed and injured by Syrian soldiers.

Furthermore, the SAA artillery and rocket launchers shelled the last positions of the terrorist group inside the area of al-Safa, which is located north of the governorate of al-Suwayda.

ISIS-held pocket in al-Safa was split a day earlier, when the SAA managed to capture key positions between the hill of Abu Ghanim and the and the area of Umm Marzakh.

Currently, the remaining fighters of the terrorist group are under a tight siege and suffering from the lack of food and water. These rough conditions may force the terrorists to release around 30 civilian’s hostages, who were abducted from eastern al-Suwayda earlier this month.

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I think it’s probably safe to assume by now that the 30 hostages are actually dead!! That is, if there were ever any hostages at all.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Yes, it’s hard too know

Oscar Silva Martinez

Yes, don’t let them reach save heavens and give them hell.


Good bye ISIS !


Hopefully the hostages are still alive, but I would not wager a cent on that. These criminals have no decency or morality and should definitely be eliminated. If the hostages have been harmed or killed, everyone of these creatures should be put down. Maybe this will send a message to the other terrorists at Al Tanf.


Curious that first they have tried to flee by north, may be they have sent there the fools, and now they try to escape in their real direction, Al Tanaf. By the end, the chiefs and their gang will try to save their skin in exchange of the hostages

Jens Holm

You are typuícal none still none understander od the way ISIS do fight.

They are mobile opportunists and You and the hole Damaskus dirtbags still dont see, what they do.

They still are not troops moving in directions. Guerilla infanterist like them move around as figthergroups and hide. You cant rely on, they moved norts as well.

Jens Holm

Kind of funny those should flee towards Al Tanf. Tanf only is a small part of the area between the border and Palmyra.

Lets say Al Tanf partly reach out 50 km. But the distance in the same terrain to Pamyra appox is 150 km.

So what is it. Even USA by that strongpint and all over Syria and Iraq and the rest of the world fights ISIS, they should hide behind USA?

Of course it could be a good thing leavibng where SAA can come after them. But the SAA dont say that. ISIS leaves. Thats it.


Expressed clearly and concisely as always, Jens! :D

Jens Holm

Further more the soures say they are 2 different ones. 1) Old Eufrats and 2) ISIS.


In what Universe do “rough conditions” cause Daesh Orcs to release hostages? Is SF starting to hire 13 yo school children to write happy, happy, joy, joy stories?

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