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Syrian Army Pounds Turkish-Occupied Al-Bab For The Second Day In A Row (Video)

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Syrian Army Pounds Turkish-Occupied Al-Bab For The Second Day In A Row (Video)

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On March 7, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled the outskirts of the Turkish-occupied town of al-Bab in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

According to opposition sources, at least ten mortar rounds fired by the SAA landed in the towns of Bratah and al-Dana near al-Bab. A man was killed and another one was wounded in the shelling. The sources claimed that the causalities were civilians.

This was the second mortar attack by the SAA to hit al-Bab’s outskirts in the last 48 hours. The first attack, which took place on March 6 morning, didn’t result in any losses.

These attacks came following a large-scale missile strike by the SAA and Russian forces on Turkish-occupied areas in northern Aleppo. The strike targeted oil traffickers near the towns of Tarhin and al-Himran.

Last month, several pro-government and opposition sources reported that the SAA is preparing to launch a large-scale ground operation to liberate al-Bab. The army deployed reinforcements south of the Turkish-occupied city over the last few weeks.

The Turkish military and its proxies occupied al-Bab city after a battle with ISIS more than three years ago. The SAA has been eyeing the city since then.

The recent military developments in northern Aleppo indicate that the chances of a ground attack on al-Bab by the SAA and its allies have increased.


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Narine Joa

Chances of operation increases lol? The chances of santa claus being really have also increased and he will likely be real! Bigger chances that Turkey begins an operation to open Damascus

Jens Holm

I agree. Its fiction.

Arch Bungle

Turkey begins an operation to open Damascus

LOL! Cocaine dreams?

Jens Holm

He actially writes LOL about it himself.

Emad Irani

just like 2012 when they went for Aleppo to pray there? hahaha

Jens Holm

Its forgotten Assads dont support the YPGs trying to take it at all. Assads not even deserve to be near it.


but why jens? Idlib is part of Syria no? or is it a new jihadi HTS republic now? because you want it to be so?

Jens Holm

Stupid questions like that gives any answer and even stupid ones.

As a minimum Assads should have given those SDFs starting as YPG/PKK what Syria really need, which are the tools THE SYRIANS NEED.

Assads are not Syria at all. Most non fanatics anytime can see the Baathists during many years has done nothing good apart from own benefit for the Party.

Afrin was lost in the same level og madness. The demand by Assads was the old rule by Assads should be re-established. But that way of ruling for good reasons are the reasons for the uprises by the Jihadists.

You also seemes to forget, that SDFs has not uprised against Assads but – well assisted – has trown out ISIS from a very visible part of Syria. YPG/PKK/SDFs are and wer not even soldiers.

Your version of stupidity is devastating wrong lying of the worst kind.

You also ignore that YPG kept Afrin as well as a corner of Aleppo city away from the Jihadists.

Assads are only a part of Syria. One of three socalled Syrians are not even in the country. They dont support that devatsting regime as well as others there. Those are the ones, which by lection should take over and make the needed improvements.

If those really supported Syria as it is, they should return well armed and remove the armed ones. Here Assads are number one.

If they supported Assad, assads had won ´his Syrian version og nightmare back years ago.

Syria is not their country and Assads has no patent. Syria did not even liberate themself from the Ottomans and as it is now, the Assads deserve prison and more to it. Assads has no patent. They grabbed and made it by own new created feudalisme instead of the old one.

Same system as Russia, where the Bolsjevics replaced the Tzars. Same kind of people


but what you say here jens is exactly what the jihadis say…..same same ditto exact no? Surprised you’re opening up now to your real identity.

Jens Holm

Something is totally wrong with Your glasses as well as Your brain and knowledge level and lack same.


come on jens?…..lol…..why so ashamed of jihadi brah?……it’s ok if you atleast admit the truth no? Why else would anyone say all these things no?……come on brah…..lol…..This much in denial? of yourself? or are you ashamed to say it in public? you turkish guppu no? gyukk gyukk, nyukk nyukk….chuqq chuqq…gyull gyull no?……lol…..come on jens…..I don’t hate oglu toglu goplu…..I like them actually.

Jens Holm

People like You for very good reasons makes Jidadists and even insinuate there are no other kind of opposition, even its well described in 1000s of anylyses and even on Youtubes many years ago,

Here You even introduce brahs. Did Ypu learn it at the american university in Beirut.


Come on now jensi mohammad…….lol….getting upset at me now?……you think you can fool us all here as being Danish?…..yous a refugee Danish. We can all tell. Yous a turkish Al-Qaeda jihadi.

Jens Holm

Im not upset. I just tell others how things are anbd what needed change and devellopment for You and others could be.

Debate is not about nationality its about facts, arguments and argumentations.


What is the purpose of these strikes? I see smoke plumes in the video of what I imagine to be the mortar strikes. Are each of these plumes from multiple close hits or are the strikes really that scattered? I would hope it is not the latter as that is some very poor shooting and coordination. No wonder SAA gains such little ground. Must be awful headache for Russian advisors.

In Vietnam the NVA/VC had distances to targets in American airfields and compounds paced by insiders providing glorious data for their mortar teams. The Vietnamese were smart, creative, highly motivated and willing to sacrifice. The Vietnamese exemplified everything then that Americans today are not. And neither do we see these attributes amongst the Syrian rank and file. Instead we must look to Hezbollah, the Houthis and, increasingly, Iran to find the spirit to fight against tyranny still alive.


SAA field artillery units have access to modern drones – various Russian models – which are obviously excellent tools for overhead-loiter intelligence gathering, opportune target spotting and target fire-zeroing for barrages. The SAA have been in direct conflict for nearly a decade, for large part of that time against massed foreign resources of NATO and Gulf backed proxy mercenary armies – the SAA survived and remains intact as an institution, that is nothing to under-estimate.

Porc Halal

“The sources claimed that the causalities were civilians” …

The “civilian” certainly looked like this …

comment image?x82576


Let me offer a caption for the above picture…

Hi, my name is Sirhan Sirhan and I want to be in debt to the Zionist banking cartel paying interest to them my entire working life for student debt, car payments and mortgage. I want the freedom to grovel before them as their gay whore to get all those little things I don’t need with money I don’t really have. I want to take any drug I want anytime I want and I don’t want to be held responsible for the outcomes of my behavior. I want to be able to end all discussions with people who confront me with my own stupidity by calling them racist and then smirk to make those people think I’m smarter than they are. I want my children to be indoctrinated into Critical Race Theory. I want to be held accountable for the acts of people centuries ago just because I share certain imagined attributes with them. I want my children to grow up to believe that their greatest moral duty is to support being ruled over by Ashkenazi “Jews”. I want my children to be able to change their gender before they are old enough to decide what clothes to wear. I want the health care of my family to be a financial decision that benefits insurance corporations and a handful of shareholders rather than one based on the human rights of reasonable medical needs. I want to believe that hypocrisy is okay and that there are no right answers. I want to believe that you raise people up up by keeping other [people down. I want to just believe whatever the authorities tell me. Yes! Allah Akbar! I want all of these things and to do so I will gladly forfeit my soul and those of my children. And that is why I am fighting for the globalist world order.

Jens Holm

I hope You cant make children. Vomen should take over. Men in Your region really has shown they are worth nothing for the world.

Only a few men should be kept in caves and so far is needed for reproduction only


Jens Transholm you are certainly not a man… nor a woman. Just a pathetic, cuckoId sissy like almost all Danes. You are already in cage in some CIA dungeon, your yankee masters just take you occasionally from that cage to lick their butts.

Now back on your knees and lick, that’s your only purpose.

Jens Holm

Boys shoul be raised for obey and sales to any familty chopsen by their grandmother.


Ah, Jens, the resident-troll, at it again – sometimes you claim to be Kurd, sometimes you claim to be Muslim, sometimes you claim to be Bosnian, et etc, and today, you are International Women’s Day’s number-one/over-the-top/panderer/’male-feminist’, whatever the report you shape-shift into another identity-troll – and that’s just the Jens b*llsh^tting troll magic!


He looks as moderate as hell,think i saw him last week at the supermarket on checkout.comment image

Jens Holm

We know. Even vomen has beard, so they only are targets for gays.

cechas vodobenikov

jens injecting LSD through dildo now—hallucinations neologisms stranger


Russia is fed up with Turkey and its proxies, time to systematically deal with them once and for all.


Correct. If these terrorists are not dealt with in the SyRaq, the US, sawdi and turkey will gladly put them in the streets of Tehran, Beijing and Moscow.


I hope this means something is going to happen soon,hit the place with these then send in the troops to clean out whats left,they will probably only find rat droppings.

The Objective

Turkey will certainly respond if its troops are harmed. Oil business is America’s business to take care of. but Turkey’s troops are Ankara’s business to take care of.
Looks like tougher times ahead for Assad, as he seems to be pushing the U.S, Turkey, and SDF to cooperate among themselves.


Let Turkish troops go back to Turkey, stolen oil going north is Turkey’s business, looks like steel rain made up of tens of thousands of thermobaric bomblets will rain over Idlib very soon.


If they stay in Turkey they won’t be harmed,although if i was Assad i would have bombed turkey a long time ago.

Jens Holm

You are not Assads at all and deny to see the whole picture. Assads alone has no chance against Turks.


The Syrian state has the political and military backing of Russia – who are not leaving anytime soon – ergo, Syria is not alone.

Jens Holm

Russiaq do´nt fight Turkey. BASTA.

The Objective

Assad tried to bomb Turkey, but not on Turkish soil. I think it happened sometime in February 2020. We all know what happened after that, and Assad seems to have gotten the message too.

Whether or not Assad wins in Syria depends on the fate of the Kurds. If Biden chooses to negotiate a coexistence between the Kurds and Assad, then Assad would win in the end. But if he chooses to restore cooperation with Turkey, then Assad will lose along with Russia.
It’s actually America’s choice.


Not really, the Syrian state controls the major Syrian cities and populated areas and Russia is embedded in Syria and will not be leaving in a hurry – America cannot alter those realities at this point. Turkey has a limited northern occupation corridor and a proxy terrorist army holed up in Idlib (trapped and unable to strategically impact upon broader Syria) – all of which mean instability on Turkey’s southern flank for as long as they remain in occupation, and Erdogan’s political capital increasingly tied to the whole occupation issue, there are limits to how long Turkey can sustain this situation.


The Objective

Like I said earlier, it all depends on whether America chooses the Kurds or Turkey. If Biden decides to restore cooperation with Turkey in Syria, then expect pressure to mount on Assad to implement resolution 2254. In which case, Russia will lose more. On the other hand, if Biden chooses to work with the Kurds, then he’ll have no option but to negotiate with Russia over the fate of Kurdish forces in North-East Syria. Russia and Assad will not agree to leave Syria’s oil in Kurdish hands. In fact, they won’t even agree to a deal to share oil revenue, neither would Assad allow an armed group in North-East Syria that challenges his rule. Even if the Russians do manage to reach some agreement with America to not disarm the Kurds, I have no doubt that problems will creep in as soon as the U.S leaves Syria, and Assad backed by Russia will reclaim those areas. Thus, the only other alternative is for the U.S to maintain an indefinite presence in Syria, something Biden is averse to.
In the meantime, Turkey can simply negotiate the handing over of Idlib to the regime in a way that inflicts the least cost possible on Turkey (like in terms of refugees). Together with Russia, it can coordinate the return of Syrian refugees, and hence, relief Turkey of the burden of caring for them. In return for this, Russia and Assad can guarantee the disarming of Kurds in the N.E. – as if they needed any Turkish encouragement to do so.
The ball is in Biden’s court, and this all revolves around the Kurds. Choosing the Kurds will keep the U.S and Turkey in a bitter dispute. It will also prevent Turkey from cooperating with the U.S over some important issues in the Middle East and Asia. It’ll further push Turkey towards Asia. This would have severe long-tern consequences for NATO and the U.S. Additionally, the U.S will lose the Syrian war to Iran and Russia, because Kurds cannot effectively contain the Iranians or Russians. Israel will lose as well, since Iran will have forces wherever it wants in Syria.
I personally think that Erdogan should make it clear to Biden that if the U.S continues to cooperate and fund the Kurds in Syria, Turkey will negotiate Idlib away and facilitate the return of Syrians from Turkey. The U.S should not be allowed to keep playing a balancing act between the SDF and Turkey. It’s time to choose.
Biden choosing Kurds carries grave consequences in the long term, because the Kurds will lose anyway. But whether his hatred for the Turkish regime will push him to be irrational remains to be seen. He’s still deciding on what to do about the Kurds and Turkey. But once his policy becomes clear, Erdogan will move accordingly.


‘…pushing the U.S, Turkey, and SDF to cooperate among themselves.’

Good Lord, that really is some very desperate anti-Syrian trolling. It is a common and universal proverb that there is no honor amongst thieves – the US, Turkey and SDF all seek to carve and plunder Syrian territory and resources – accordingly, with such competing aims and claims they have no hope of working together. Period. Bad luck, chump.

Ice Icegold

Al-Bab is Syria.


Let’s hope they can capture Al Bab more easily than the Turks and their terrorists did 3 years ago.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

6th March,
“The Turkish forces are shelling the base of the Russian forces in the Al-Shahba area”,

“SyAF warplanes target with missiles the vicinity of the city of Al-Bab in the eastern countryside of Aleppo”,

8th March,
“Artillery shelling from the Assad militia targeted the villages of Al-Dana and Prata, west of the city of Al-Bab, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo”,

The Turks attacked the Russian base straight after the diesel markets were attacked, obviously a retaliatory strike.


Turkey freely taking Syrian oil. USA freely taking Syrian oil. Looks like the West is gang-raping the Syrian Nation. Then The Alliance fights back. WOW! What’s happening? Orders have changed? No more status quo? Idlib liberation?

You can call me Al

Have a look at this – great stuff but about effing time.

“Putin & Assad’s Revenge: Ballistic Missiles Pummel “Stolen” Syrian Oil Convoy & Refinery”


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