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Syrian Army, Palestinian Militia Advance Northwest Of Aleppo City – Overview

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Syrian Army, Palestinian Militia Advance Northwest Of Aleppo City - Overview


On April 11, Syrian government forces continued their operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies in the western countryside of the Aleppo city that was launched on April 10.

Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Republican Guard and Liwa al-Quds (a pro-government Palestinian militia) and backed up by Syrian warplanes, attacked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) positions in Tell Shuwehnah and Khirbet Anadan from the direction of the Zahraa Artillery Base and Tamurah.

The goal of the opperation was to put an additional pressure on HTS members in the Anadan plain and if HTS is not ready for an attack to attempt to pose a threat of encirclement of this militant held area.

Some pro-militant and even pro-government sources described the government forces push’s goal next way:

Syrian Army, Palestinian Militia Advance Northwest Of Aleppo City - Overview

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However, this was premature. Government forces successfully entered the areas of Tell Shuwehnah and Khirbet Anadan, but they faced a stiff resistance from HTS and its allies. As a result of a series of firefights in the area, HTS-led forces were able to stop the government advance.

On April 10, SF already noted that pro-government forces had contentrated a notable number of fighters and equipment for an advance in the western countryside of Aleppo but this force was not enough for a deep push into the militant-held area.

Nonetheless, if the Syrian Republican Guard and Liwa al-Quds keep control over Tell Shuwehnah, they will be able to continue operations in areas close to the neighborhoods of the Aleppo city. The Military Research Centre and the al-Jazira district (red circles) will be obvious targets of government forces.

Syrian Army, Palestinian Militia Advance Northwest Of Aleppo City - Overview

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Oh no, the Jihadis are losing ground! New chemical attacks courtesy of Assad to be expected in 3…., 2…., 1…..

Dustil schmit

No we should expect more news about the bombing of orphanages, hospitals, daycare’s, kitten pet shops, bakeries etc!

Dustil schmit

I wonder if YPG in Afrin will join in.

Bill Wilson

I doubt it due to their limited numbers.

Sam Collura

comment image
Why is Syrian Civil War site being picked up as an attack by my anti virus?


It is good to have a front open there.

Bill Wilson

If the SAA recruited these Palestinians out of the refugee camps then they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for fighters.


Bill Wilson
“…If the SAA recruited these Palestinians…”

Initially at the start of the so called “Rebellion”, the Palestinians were traitors to the Syrian nation. In fact one of the Damascus suburbs populated by predominantly Palestinian population were the first to rise up against Mr Assad.

If now the Palestinians have learnt their lesson and are willing to contribute to the common good of Syria then they should be welcomed by the Syrian Military.


better than nothing i guess


The more you examine this story the more unanswered questions come up. The Americans must have known that Russia would have taken these measures. Was this some sort of exercise to see how proficient the Russian ECM was ? Did they expect interception from S-400’s ?

Notice how Russia and Syria has downplayed how little damage, almost as if to allow them to save face.

I don’t pretend to have any answers, all I know for certain that if 59 Cruise missiles had hit this airbase and all detonated the base would have would have been obliterated and we might be in WW III right now. 59 missiles is not a gentle tap.

Unless this was some sort of elaborate ruse that was worked out with Russia and Trump, I would be absolutely shocked by this dismal result. This tells me the US is woefully unprepared for any conflict with Russia. These Tomahawks might have been impressive 20 years ago, but they look to be outdated now.

On final thought. Can you imagine being a servicemen aboard one of these destroyers. Yes you will do your duty, but you must know that your actions are only helping ISIS. I do not know how anyone with a conscious could serve such an armed forces. Moral must be horrible.


i agree. which is why i will never join US military, not as long as it is fighting for israel and rothschild banks. and i doubt it was planned by both us and russia, as russia suspended its flight safety treaty with US just the day after the attack. not sure what US would get out of that. thank the stars that russia was able to bring down majority of those missiles tho, and minimize damage



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