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Syrian Army Opens New Front Against Militants In Homs Province – Reports

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Syrian Army Opens New Front Against Militants In Homs Province - Reports

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has reportedly opened a new front against militants in the province of Homs.

According to some pro-government sources, the SAA has advanced against ISIS terrorists in the area east of Al-Qaryatayn, aiming to capture the strategic al-Busairi Crossroads linking roads heading from the government-held Tiyas Aribase and city of Palmyra.

The area of the crossroads is not under a direct control of ISIS militants as well as a part of the “green area” northeast of the al-Seen Airbase is not directly controlled by US-backed militant groups (the Free Syrian Army).

Thus, if the start of the government advance is confirmed, its success will depend on an ability of the SAA to deploy enough manpower in the area to set up checkpoints that will allow to control this logistical point.

Earlier today, the SAA and its allies captured the Rahba area northeast of Suweida. These developments show that the SAA is going to continue its efforts ot expeling militant groups from the desert area in southeastern Syria.

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The destruction of Middle East is near.
Ezrahel terrorist state produces 23 nuclear bombs each year in Negev Nuclear city and Dimona nuclear plants in Dimona town.

Ezrahel produces hundreds of Chemical and Biological bombs each year in the town of Ness Ziona near Tel Aviv.

The Ezrahel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), located in the town of Ness Ziona near Tel Aviv, hosts the bulk of Ezrahel research related to biological and chemical weapons.
More more more weapons and bombs.

Solomon Krupacek

Moron, israel has no such capacity.

otehrwise, sure not hydrogen bomb.


Solomon, you are wrong. I understand you since you still want to cover up all nuclear, chemichal and biological capabilities of Isreal that EVERYONE KNOWS but you (?).

Solomon Krupacek

dont think anything about that, what i think!

IL has nuclear weapons. but only fission category. they tried in south africa. the fusion bombs also need practical tests. never done.

chemical weapons are everywhere the same. practically obsolentt category.

biological weapons areinteresting, but IL is not the top line.

otherwise, they will neer use them, this would be the end of jews. several dozens of missils can be easily eliminated. then are not able to endanger europe, the world. but inlocal use the whole world would be against IL, jews.
nobody cares about israli wass destroying weapons.


Yes, fusion test was never done….independently. But I tell you, these tests (it was not only one) were made in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratoy in USA. Every Summer you can see hundreds of nuclear Israelies researcher from Dimona, Tel Aviv and other research centers of Israel. Since, the agreement with Rusia to stop nuclear tests, they (USA-ISrael) make simulation on the big computer at LANL of these nuclear tests, and you can ask, they are as realistics are a real nuclear test. So, to believe that Israel does not have fusion weapons, it is a matter of believing, but the evidences are there. For a safety parameter for the World, it is better to consider that Israel has about 200 nuclear fusion weapons than nothing ¿ don’t you think ? If Israel does not have these weapons it needs to open all its nuclear facilities for international inspection. Of course, Israel will never do this since it knows what it has.

Solomon Krupacek

no! without sharp test you can not produce h-bomb.

and IL has no industry for this.

200 kt bomb is enough in middle east. megatons are important in total nuclear war.

Concrete Mike

Veterans today had an article about this yesterday, according to said article,lots of Israël nukes are artillery shells, w51 i think. Anyways those Weapons Decay fast and need constant replacing. These are American stocks from Texas. This was admitted by the us dept of energy.

Look it up. Instead of Working off à script like our hasbara “partner” here.

John Brown

There you have outed yourself Solomon Mossad Krupacek. Only the government of Israel and Mossad still say such a stupid lie that Israel has no nukes. Even the USSA acknowledges Israel has nukes. I notice the quality of racist supremacist propaganda coming from Israel and Mossad is declining with their racist supremacist Jewish empire.
Yes Israel did not have the know how to do it on their own as usual they steal everything they have and they stole the nuclear technology from France.

Solomon Krupacek

you are silly. and learn 1st english. i nowhere wrote, that IL has no nukes.

bye, piggie!


Solomon said they have no hydrogen bombs , not that they have no nuclear bombs .

Expo Marker

Gains upon gains. This is great news!

Solomon Krupacek

Finally! 15 months delay

allahu akbar!

DJ Double D

Right on point. Should have happened long time back. As I said, SAA always playing catch-up. Making things more difficult for themselves and in the process unnecessary wasting of lives.

Solomon Krupacek

1000 points for you :)


There’s a lot going on, on other side of border in Iraq too – NATO jets have been targeting Shia militias moving toward Al Tanf from the Iraqi side. The Iman Ali Brigades, The 313 forces and Badr Movement have all been targeted by NATO warplanes as they are moving toward border with Syria in direction of Al Tanf. But they haven’t been halted. Another Shia militia Harat al-Adbal are also moving that way and stated they will participate in clearing the border from Iraqi side. Is developing rapidly.


Well by all accounts those shia militias aren’t boy scouts themselves, but RIP nonetheless. At least Iraqis received a reminder who the enemy is; shame that it was apparently needed. As other remarked before, won’t the yanquis now have a big bull’s eye on their back in most places they show up on the ground in Iraq?


what’s ur sources ? Link please

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