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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Once Again Shelled Turkish Observation Post In Northwestern Hama: Opposition Sources

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled an observation post of the Turkish military around the town of Shir Mughar in the northwestern Hama countryside with more than 13 artillery rounds in the noon of May 12, according to claims by several opposition sources.

The sources released a photo showing white smoke raising from the post’s outskirt. However, they are yet to provide an evidence confirming that the army was being the shelling.

Syrian Army Once Again Shelled Turkish Observation Post In Northwestern Hama: Opposition Sources

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Last week, the same post was shelled. Two Turkish soldiers were injured as a result. While opposition activists held the SAA responsible, Turkey’s Ministry of National Defence declined to identify the attackers, which led some to speculate that they were radical militants.

Shir Mughar’s post is one of twelve similar observation positions established by the Turkish military around Syria’s Idlib last year under an agreement with Russia and Iran.

No Turkish soldiers were reportedly killed or injured as a result of the new attack on Shir Mughar’s observation post. This means that the Turkish military will likely ignore the incident.

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klove and light

100% not SAA shelling…as far as the turkish scum is concearned……get the fuck out of Idlib and afrin and Hand it over to the syrian Government Forces……… and know your place in geopolitics 2019 2.0 … the USA and Israel arre clearly your enemies, so is Saudi Arabia……. so go make a deal with the syrians and Iran ……for the attack on US and Saudi proxies…in the east….I quess erdogan is still thinking he can Dance on 2 weddings….sounds sexy, but that aint gonna happen in reality…..erdogan has to pick a side…..US/ISRAEL or SYRIA/IRAN…..time will tell


Exactly. If Turkey is on Syrian land then wipe them out. Time for Russia to put up or shut up regarding this matter or get out of the way. Erdogan is nuts and he’s not going to be around much longer if he keeps playing this game.


No shelling whatsoever happened. Those guys were just having a barbecue. It’s lonely boring work watching those mountains. Occasionally the mood needs to be lifted with a giant cookout. Even Erdogan knows, everybody loves a good barbecue. Even more so when Erdogan pays for it. And these Jihadis are just pissed off that they weren’t invited.

Promitheas Apollonious

I think the turks are really touchy. My information is that SAA, was just telling to them a friendly hello.


Turkey must go back home, point, independently who fire what to who.

Xoli Xoli

Turkey observation post should be in Turkey soil. It has no fundamental legitimate right in Syrian soil.


oohhh we are terribly sorry about that….if you weren’t there in the first place none of these ‘sad’ incidents’ would have occurred…..so…leave Syria now…your role is useless. you are not securing peace but proving assistance to your terrorists that SAA had them run like rats

Domenic Patrone

Turkey is getting seriously concerned now. “When will they halt?”, they ask each other. “What will we do now? Where is France with all it’s glory and power to help us with this issue ? Heh, we’ll have to do it alone.” ( with Israel’s help, hahahah. ) After the summer, cues will be there. By fall .. WAR of the MIGHTIEST ISSUE !!!


This is how militaries communicate sometimes. 13 shell means, clear out by the 13th so we don’t have to clear you out. Roger, roger.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

don’t worry turkey! u can use my nose to inhale every SAA bomb :=)

Vic Pittman

What are the fucking Turks doing in Syria ? They and any other invaders should be decimated.

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