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Syrian Army Hunts Down ISIS In Homs Desert, Mobilizes Forces In Southern Idlib

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You can read this article in German. LINK

The Syrian Army launched a new combing operation against ISIS cells in the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle. The operation is supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces. As of now, clashes between the army and ISIS have resulted in the killing of at least 7 terrorists.

In the second half of 2020, ISIS significantly increased its activity in the central desert. ISIS cells reportedly buy supplies, including weapons, from U.S.-backed fighters based in the area of al-Tanf, as well as exploit the lack of control on the Syrian-Iraqi border to receive support from a network of ISIS cells in Iraq.

Meanwhile, sources loyal to Turkish-backed militants claim that the Syrian Army has started mobilizing its forces in the southern part of Greater Idlib. The army has allegedly deployed new reinforcements to the Jurin camp and the town of Shat’ha. Militants claim that these developments are a part of the preparation for an offensive operation on the al-Ghab Plains.

A series of assassinations has targeted personnel of Syrian government forces and civilians in the southern province of Daraa.

On December 21, gunmen shot and killed a warrant officer of the Military Intelligence Directorate and a soldier of the 4th Division in the town of Sahem al-Golan. On the same day, gunmen shot and killed two officers of the Air Force Intelligence Directorate in the town of Dael. On December 22, gunmen shot and killed a member of the 4th Division in the town of al-Yadudah. Later, an IED explosion killed a local state employee, Ismail Musa al-Falah, in the town of al-Sanamayn. Lastly, gunmen killed a civilian and two intelligence officers in the town of al-Ajraf.

ISIS cells are known to be active in the areas, where the attacks took place. Nevertheless, the terrorist group usually claims responsibility for such attacks. Therefore, militant groups supported by Israeli intelligence are more likely suspects in this case.

Recently, Israeli media outlets and think tanks started promoting the idea of military action to stabilize the ‘chaos’ in southern Syria and prevent what Tel Aviv likes to call the growing ‘terrorist threat’ from Iran and Hezbollah. The issue not covered by these reports is that Israel itself and its actions remain the main source of instability there.

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That was a nice enviroment for Russia to test recinaisance drones, too bad the don’t have what to test, yet.


Right, have you heard about Eleron 3 and Forpost drones? You think these strikes are directed by aircraft looking for a few men over hundreds of square kms?


If those would work, ISIS hunt in the desert wouldn’t make news now. After 3 years of doing the same thing.


Lol, the ISIS activity for the last few years has been nonexistent, being able to buy some weapons from US supported groups, they are trying to become relevant again today…..only for the hammer to come down on them.


In the desert… Russia even moved SU-24 bombers in Palmira to drop Fab bombs in the desert. What are we talking here? :) Russia even drone bruh?


What a beautiful sight for the caspian fleet to launch Kalibr cruise missiles and eliminate hundreds of ISSIS in one salvo. Did drones have anything to do with ISSIS concentration being located and the info conveyed to the ships in the Caspian Sea that was fed to the Kalibr guidance system.

So, Russian drones and kalibr missiles work effectively….what is your next complaint? The S400?


That was literary like 4 years ago


I liked the last part of the video, claiming we are the reason for the instability. You SF morons need to recheck your facts, Israel had no problem with Assad before iran came to our border. If actions are needed, then the IDF WILL CROSS the border to capture more lands as we did in Lebanon. The lesson to our enemies from our military history is – that we always act when our red lines are crossed. It took us 18 years to leave Lebanon, but even Nasrallah knows we can enter anytime we want and reach Beirut to get his head.


Iran came close to your borders because incessant Zionist machinations and accusations against Iran. You are a liar for saying Israel had no problem with Assad since Israel, Turkey and NATO wanted Assad’s secular regime to fall and have some crazed islamists take over. Remember the sound bite of “ Assad must go” that was resonating all over the western world? Iran helped Assad and is deeply entrenched in Syria ……because of Zionist idiots. Any war of attrition with Iran and Hezbollah will bleed you badly.


You are mistaken, what actions did we take before 2011? when the civil war started we gave the Syrian people that fled to our border humanitarian aid only. Then, as the war prolonged we’ve decided to support the secular FSA as Hezbollah tried to open up another front from Syria as they came into the Damascus area. When Russia asked us not to make any move against the SAA and let them recapture Daraa we accepted it, but the deal was to keep the Iranian terrorists 80 KM away from us. I don’t know if Bibi was naive or stupid to believe it, but he allowed it. On the ground they always stayed close to us, waiting for the right time to start another war for their Shia lunatics in Iran. What do Pakistanis and Afghans have to do so close to us? nothing but looking for troubles.

Edit – if you think Hezbollah will get the same response as in 2006 then you are mistaken again, we will make sure to destroy any village in Southern Lebanon that stores rockets, with or without the population next to it. First the airforce will soften them, then you will see the biggest IDF assault since the Yom Kippur war. All of their rockets won’t save them from a total annihilation.


You do not seem to register any military realities….except jive BS. Did you read what Josephus write about hot head Jews? You remind of Varro who got 80,000 romans slaughtered at the battle of Cannae.


It’s actually YOU who don’t understand our POV. We are done palying ping pong games with Iran or their proxies, I’ve been waiting for them for about a month at our cold northern border. They didn’t respond, you know why? because the 2006 destruction is still in their heads, only this time we are coming even bigger. Do you even know what a huge fighting force we can put? we are not some banana army like Lebanon. IDF chief of staff Aviv Kochavi will crush your Shia majoos, even if it cost them 200K Lebanese.



Size of this preview: 800 × 449 pixels. Other resolutions: 320 × 180 pixels | 640 × 359 pixels | 886 × 497 pixels.


In case you are clueless and spewing BS, I will give you a few hints. Unfortunately I am not able to upload the map showing the Hezbollah defensive belt that stretched 30-40 kms north from the Israeli border.

In 2006 Hezzbolah had probably 15-20,000 fighters and maybe 15,000 rockets mostly Katyusha 122 mm type. Ample antitank munitions, night vision capability and some anti shipping cruise missiles.

What happened to IDF forces that attacked Hezzbolah? 1. They lost 121 men, 52 tanks were damaged …5 beyond repair, 3 helicopters, hundreds of thousands were temporarily displaced, 44 dead civilians thousands wounded in various degrees…..including shock.

2. Israel’s frustration was taken on civilian population and infrastructure in Bekka valley and Beirut.

How strong is Hezbollah today compared to 2006?

1. It is very likely that Hezzbolah extended its defensive depth in Lebanon northward considerably, increasing its network of tunnels and fortification.

2. Hezzbolah has 150,000 rockets of various types including significant long range inertial guided ballistic missiles.

3. Possibly overall 50,000 fighters, equipped with advanced antitank weaponry, manpads, mortars, possible third party purchases of Oniks missiles, and a variety of Chinese and Iranian cruise missiles.

4. Limited EW and fairly good drone capability.

Southern Lebanon is maybe 25-30 kms wide, Hezzbolah’s western and eastern flank is protected by natural barriers, allowing IDF to operate on a narrow front relatively mountainous, not suitable for tank deployment or deployment of armour. The Merkava 4 tank with its Trophy APS is limited since the Trophy is limited in intercepting a missile, and the reload takes 1 second, and Hezzbolah antitank weaponry would overwhelm the Israeli tanks. With a limited front tank maneuvers become difficult and unproductive.

Using a multiplier of 10, Israeli tank losses would be in the hundreds, IDF personnel killed in the thousands, civilians killed wounded and shocked in the tens of thousand, temporarily or permanently displaced, ….

Etc, etc, etc.

A lot more can be said, however any reasonable person can see a war of attrition will not bode well for Israel.


I don’t deny those facts, we know they are much stronger today than in 2006. Our mistake back then was to let them regroup and accept the fake ceasefire by the U.N but I don’t see it happening again. We were VERY CLOSE to a war 3 months ago, you have no idea how close. One small incident could have lit the match, but luckily for them they chose to step down. We israelis can manahe with everything they throw at us, we just want a greenlight to use 100% of our capabilities for a change.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

He’s not lying, he’s telling the truth, but he does have his dates mixed up. Pre 2017 Israel was actively engaged in deposing Assad it’s true, but post 2017 they’ve only ever said this, “they’re happy to allow Assad to remain in power, just so long as Iran moves away from the border”. There are hundreds of articles describing the new dynamic and the reasons for their change in stance, perhaps you could find some of them and see what they have to say. Basically the Israelis are choosing the lesser of 2 evils, they’d much rather have Assad remain in power than see an Erdogan/Muslim Brotherhood puppet take his place, and that’s most likely what will happen when Assad loses an election. The Muslim brotherhood will end up legally running Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood hates the Israelis even more than the Iranians do, so that’s the last thing the Israelis want to happen, from their perspective Assad’s currently a much better neighbour than the Muslim brotherhood will ever be. I’ll also add Assad hates the Muslim Brotherhood and rightfully blames them for most of Syria’s current problems, so Assad and the Israelis agree on one thing at least, the Muslim Brotherhood can’t be allowed to take over Syria. Find out what Assad has to say about the Muslim Brotherhood and what he says they’re doing in Syria.

Jens Holm

You descriebe a faked contrast. People living in Syria has more then pest and cholera being a part ofthe world.

The main problems are, that Russia support Assad as a contrast to those motherhoods.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Russia used to support Assad but now they support Assad and Erdogan at the same time, and that’s the biggest problem the Syrians have now, dual loyalties from Russia, and Iran is in the same boat as Russia, they’re not much better when it comes to pandering to Erdogan’s demands. Do you actively support the Muslim Brotherhood Jens? I get the distinct impression you do.


I do not share your view about Muslim brotherhood controlling political power in Syria. Israel supported militants in the while they were viable, when they lost and Iran’s influence got greater, suddenly Israel can live with Assad.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That means you don’t share Assad’s view either. I just copy word for word what Assad says about the Muslim Brotherhood, and I do that because he’s an expert on Muslim Brotherhood activities in Syria, and so was his father, they have a long history with the Muslim Brotherhood. So if you disagree with me you also disagree with Assad, which means you must understand the situation better than he does, link me some info that contradicts what Assad tells me and I’ll check it out, then I’ll decide who knows more about the Muslim Brotherhoods activities in Syria, you or Assad. The Syrian national Council is a member of both the Turkish run Syrian Interim Government and the US backed autonomous Government at the same time, and they’re purely a Muslim Brotherhood entity. The ONLY opposition group in western Syria that isn’t a part of the Muslim Brotherhood in some way or another, is HTS.


This is an excerpt “”” Despite that, The Daily Telegraph (London) reported on August 2012 that the Muslim Brotherhood had established its own militia not affiliated to the FSA inside Syria, called “Armed Men of the Muslim Brotherhood”, with presence in Damascus and other places like Homs or Idlib.[35] Durou al-Thawra Commission (Shields of the Revolution Council) created in 2012 with assistance from the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood allegedly consisting of some 43 fighting units most of them in Idlib or Hama.[36][37]

At the same time Brotherhood leaders have been reaching out to reassure leaders in neighboring Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon — as well as the West – that they “have no intention of dominating a future Syrian political system”[5] and have “played down” their “growing influence” in the Syrian opposition.[4] The Syrian MB has assured outsiders that it is “going to great lengths to ensure” that its donated weapons “don’t fall into the hands of extremists”.[5]

According to Hassan Hassan writing in The Guardian newspaper in mid-2012, while the Brotherhood did come to dominate the Syrian National Council, a body formed outside Syria, the Brotherhood appears to be more popular among exiles than in the uprising population inside Syria. “Activists from various parts of Syria have told me that, prior to the uprising last year, the country had almost zero Brotherhood presence.” “At least 70%” of Syria’s population – non-Sunnis (Muslim and Christian), Kurds, and tribal groups “have been outside” the Brotherhood’s influence “in the past”, and Hassan believes will remain so in the future.[38]”””

Secular societies do not want MB to be in power, as amply demonstrated in Egypt; their position against the Russians and other foreigners, and their relatively weak influence on the general population is not much to talk about. Havez Assad tried to eradicate this group, seems they have better receptivity to Syrians in exile.

The Syrian Brotherhood harshly condemned Iranian political intervention in Bahrain.[39] This condemnation was formulated “politely,” without any obvious insulting references to Shi’a. However, the effort failed.[39]

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement declaring Jihad against Russia obligatory (Fard ‘ayn) upon all who are able to carry weapons after the Russian military intervention in Syria.[40] They reiterated the Russian Orthodox Church’s call of the operation as a Holy War.[41][42]

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Muslim Brotherhood control the Syrian Interim Government that Turkey supports, which means they control the SNA, FSA, SLF and NFL [ALL the moderate opposition army], they were also the major procrastinators in the Azerbaijan/Armenian conflict, the Libyan civil war, and in Yemen, not to mention half a dozen sub Saharan countries in Africa, they’re also the driving force in the Chinese Uighur conflict, and in the past they’ve killed tens of thousands of Russian during the Chechen/Georgian wars. The Muslim brotherhood wants to unite both Shia and Sunni under one great Islamic Caliphate and Iran is actively cooperating in that endeavor, so there’s even links between the Brotherhood and Iran. last year they were happily training together in Iran but after the SAA/Iranian assault against Aleppo [last year] the Turks and the Brotherhood have paused their cooperation and now the Turks are currently punishing the Iranians for their participation in the battle. And they’re punishing them terribly, the Iranians are even taking the Turks to International court to get a reprieve from the onslaught. Find out what the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] say about Israel, they want to destroy them even more than the Iranians do, so whenever you read an article that tells you the Israelis don’t have a problem with the Muslim Brotherhood [MB], it’s utter rubbish. The Arab league is in the same boat as Israel is, the, the MB wants to destroy the Arab league monarchies and overthrow the Tyrants, so the Arab league want to destroy the Muslim brotherhood first, that’s why the Arab League nations and Israel are renewing diplomatic ties, they’re uniting against the Brotherhood.


I cannot find the link in regards to what Assad said about MB……..during the civil war they were his enemies. Syrian forces with the help of foreigners crushed its enemies in the civil war. Political parties that undermine Syrian political well being can be abolished or made illegal. What makes you think Assad supported by his allies would not do the same thing Sisi did in Egypt?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Political parties that undermine Syrian political well being can be abolished or made illegal.”

You need to find out what the Turkish/Iranian/Russian resolution 2254 has to say about that, Assad keeps saying that resolution will destroy the country but the Russian’s Turks, and Iranians keep saying it’ll save the country, I agree with Assad. Right now they’re doing the opposite of what you just suggested, they’re currently legalizing some of the political parties and institutions that Assad claims will harm the countries interests, all thanks to the Russian/Turkish/Iranian resolution 2254.

General Sisi is a cruel dictator and a butcher, Assad isn’t, I really don’t think he’d treat his enemies the same way Sisi does, even if he could.

2 things make me feel the way I do about the Brotherhood, one, they want to forcibly impose Sharia Law wherever they go, and two, despite their constant denials of military activities, everywhere they go violence follows, and they say they want to achieve political power without violence, it’s just a coincidence violence follows them everywhere they go.


Resolution 2254

The resolution demands that all parties immediately cease any attacks against civilian targets, it urges all Member States to support efforts to achieve a ceasefire and requests the U.N. to convene the parties to engage in formal negotiations in early January 2016.

I do not get the same understanding you get from the guidelines of the resolution.

In history, whoever won on the battlefield makes the laws, currently Turkey is at odds with Russia in Syria, Libya and Caucasus. Assad won the war with Russian and Iranian help, Moslem Brotherhood calls foe jihad against them. It is also curious that Turkey supported ISIS and other Islamic groups, yet signed the Resolution 2254, something the Russians and Iranians will not forget.

Groups seen as “terrorist groups” by the U.N. Security Council, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the al-Nusra Front, are excluded. Offensive and defensive actions against such groups will continue. A mechanism to monitor the ceasefire will be set up.[2][3]

Within 18 months, free and fair elections will be held under U.N. supervision. The political transition will be Syrian-led.[3]

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Go to the UN home page and then search for the resolution, there’s a comprehensive summary of all the details, you can find both the old version 2015 and new amended version 2019. But SANA news and Assad’s comments make the resolution more understandable, I suggest you use his explanations to better understand what they’re saying. According to both the old and new versions of 2254, the moderate opposition forces were supposed to move all heavy weapons out of the prescribed de escalation zone, they also had to separate their forces from the terrorist forces, and then enter a ceasefire agreement which would culminate with free and fair elections. But Turkey was the real driving force behind resolution 2254, not the Russians and Iranians, they only agreed to the deal to stop Erdogan invading Syria and to appease the international community, and now after 16 failed Astana agreements, they’ve finally realized he’s never had any intentions of keeping to his side of the bargain, that’s why Putin’s so pissed with Erdogan now. They can’t hold the election until after the constitution is rewritten, and Assad’s going to make damn sure it’s not rewritten in time for the next one, and the opposition just recently admitted it wouldn’t be rewritten in time due to Assad’s small table stalling tactics . :] Assad keeps rightly pointing out none of the stipulations have been met by Turkey, there’s still no removal of heavy weapons, still no separation of terrorist and moderate forces, and still no active ceasefire, and a few other things like refugee returns, humanitarian aid etcetera, that the Government committee members are adding to the compliance stipulations to slow them down.


Nethanyahu did not have any problems with Morsi in reaching a Gaza cease fire.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m not sure I understand the relevance of your point.


The point is, Israel does not have any problems dealing with Muslim brotherhood.


“”” Muslim Brotherhood hates the Israelis even more than the Iranians do, so that’s the last thing the Israelis want to happen, from their perspective Assad’s currently a much better neighbour than the Muslim brotherhood will ever be.”””

Turkey and MB are lining up to join the Gulf states’ recognition of Israel.

“”” FEATUREDPakistan Left ‘High & Dry’ As Turkey Joins The UAE, Arab World In Boosting Ties With Israel

Turkey has emerged as Pakistan’s strongest ally and Israel as the common foe. However, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently said that he wished to improve ties with Israel putting Pakistan in an awkward position.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The MB aren’t lining up to recognize Israel, link me one article that makes that claim, they’re mortal enemies not potential friends.

“On 31 May 2010, nine activists (eight Turkish citizens and one Turkish-American with dual citizenship) were killed and many more wounded by Israeli troops and seven Israeli soldiers were injured on the Mavi Marmara, part of the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla”.

That’s what the Israelis think about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Erdogan is also totally anti Israel and has been for over a decade, Turkey may have diplomatic ties with Israel and they do have some trade but things have been sour for a long time now, I just read what the Wiki had to say and I think you should too. But apart from that Erdogan’s been the biggest supporter of the Palestinian cause and most vocal antagonist against Israeli actions in Palestine, many of the things he says antagonize them no end, I’ve read many Israeli news article that describe Erdogan as Israel’s biggest enemy, Iran may have all the cash but Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood dominate the Islamic worlds political theatre, and even the Islamic political vote in Europe, which means Erdogan can do more harm to Israel politically than Iran can militarily [currently and up until now].

Erdogan’s a very smart politician and he knows how to play both sides at the same time, just look at how effective he is with Putin and NATO, neither side know which way he’ll fall yet, they’re still guessing and giving him everything he wants living in hope he’ll fall on their side. And I don’t think he’s made his mind up yet either, he and Putin are not on the best of terms lately and ass kissing Joes probably going to make one last ditch attempt to pull Erdogan back to the dark side, so Erdogan’s probably rubbing his hands together right now hoping he gets even more from both parties as they fight to woo him over. Now he’s doing the same with Israel, and Cyprus/Greece may yet pay the price for his new improved ties with them, and Pakistan too as you pointed out.


I don’t think Erdo is effective, dreams and reality are two different things. Putin is fed up with him, Eu and Us imposed sanctions on them. Erdo is not the Suleyman the great, he has won nothing, even Suleyman lost the battle of Vienna that started the eclipse of the Ottoman Empire.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I used to think like that too, but time and time again Erdogan’s proven me wrong, now I have to admit he’s a lot cleverer than I ever gave him credit for. Yemen – stalemate, Iraq – win, Syria -stalemate, Libya – stalemate, Azerbaijan – win, Cyprus/Greece – possible win if Israel concedes to Turkey.


Russia and EU don’t need Turkey to play with.

Jens Holm

Nato never has been involved in Syria.


They had advisors in unofficial capacity.

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. Mainly USA asked for help and got it and then we stopped, because we dont agree in the violent campaine part. hats how it is.

Australia and Denmark was there a high support. On the ground Frannce for a whiole helped sending in own artillery to take the last ISIS parts .- but only until USA were able to send in their pwn.

Im so tured of people like Ypu liars. Even You get links, You not even check them.Even small children here can find those links, if they were important for them.

Nato is well defined only fighting violent against ISIS(and Kaida) and not Assads. We dont like Assad at all but trhat Moron dont attck us.

Its the same for Iran. Here we also as Nato and also more or less EU support no war but a much milder boycut then USA. We by that are non enemies and passive to Iran.

The last part has changed in my head since Uran threw ballistic into Our soldiers and Teachers asked in by the Bagdad shiit. Danish peole was there and several are wounded for life.


I don’t lie.

Jens Holm

Nato are not in Syria.

All You arapistanians and Russians want us to be Nato running USA. Thats propaganda.

Its the same for EU again and again. Here we even are blamed helping the collapased leftovers by Russia to make a better life in minus to something much better.

The Russians think its their colonies. They are not. They are old copuntries taken with force by USSR and Tzars. We dont want anything like that. People there shoudl decide themself and we do support that.


Arapistanians…..not so, I am from US. I am not finding the link, it is about 30 minutes long of what happened in east Ghouta in 2018 according to a Chinese news agency.

It was on the website of John Helmer …..I think, an Australian journalist in Moscow. Hopefully you can find it.


What links do you want? Show me a link that shows US or Israel supporting ISIS? Show me a link how ISIS ended up in Sinai? There is the official version and the covert version in Indy military action.

Jens Holm

I dont want links to alreday well descriebed fasts. News to me Israel is memeber of Nato. Frrom when was that? Yesterday.

Isis also didnt end up in Sinai. hose opposition groups being mainly beduins – or was, was there even long time Israel was born.

They just joined a new organisation and got a new logo. Its the same for most ISIS ones. They are minority oppositions, which almost always has been there.

As in Syria and Iraq, You can only reduce or eliminate them by raking away their good or bad reasons for their existence.


More excuses for capturing more lands……


Israel had a brillian’t leader whom was willing to negotiate golan,sadly the deepstate murdered him! Then it began to hit the fan,question must remain whom murdered the isael leader then you will come to know once and for all whom the enemy of mankind and all of the middle east,my moneys on cia!

Séamus Ó Néill

Enjoy your stolen land, I give the Israeli entity about another five years….you and your moronic friends, are not even intelligent enough to realise that your psychopathic actions are the seeds of your own destruction


First thing should be to cut those Apes off from their supply lines.

Free man

Judging by the picture, Syria has moved to the Swiss Alps.


Imagine this article title: US Army loyal to President Trump hunts down the Deep State Alligators attempting to flee the country. All Covid-decrees withdrawn. Masks considered unhealthy. All deadly vaccines destroyed. Fauci and his cohorts hanged.

Assad must stay


Potato Man

At the end of the day, there is hell and heave and I would gladly want to watch those Satanic shit burn in hell for good. Wahhabi, Zion and their ass-lickers.

Icarus Tanović

Oh yes.


This video can be watched by clicking on the link below the screenshot.




This video describes the Jew World Order omnicide plan to kill every man, woman and child on the planet. That needs to be mitigated and was written, funded and is being implemented primarily by Jews and Zionists with some collaborators.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

But if they kill all of us there won’t be anyone left to turn into slaves, maybe they should rethink their objectives, they’ll have to clean their own toilets and work in the fields if they kill all of us, or will the collaborators be spared and then turned into slaves. I might find some Zionists and start collaborating with them before it’s too late, I don’t want to die and would much prefer to be a slave if that’s the only choice I have. Thanks for the warning.

There’s no such thing as a real Zionist, they’re really just members of the LGBTQI movement in disguise, and they’ve been fooling people for 3,000 years now, they used to be called the Pharisees in ancient times but in modern times they’ve renamed themselves the Zionists, but they still make the same perverse laws they always have, so they can’t fool me.


You must be thinking outside the box. BTW: News that Santa took off from the north, but had to land due to not having the correct IFF transponders. :/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/25ec4168fc59929af91314cbd52f9cbc7d8240009d2a8fe2768f88c45015ea30.jpg


According to Jones they’re planning replacement species. Including themselves as transhuman “gods” ruling over a genetically engineered caste system slave species. Which evidently doesn’t doesn’t include the likes of you.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

People like me can never be slaves Richard, the LGBTQI movement hasn’t been able to brainwash my mind, I still think for myself, I don’t let celebrities world leaders or the pack mentality do my thinking for me.


You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And you speak with your arse.


That’s, not surprisingly, a false accusation. If that was true you could disprove it, you never have.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You prove it nearly every time you open your mouth.


If you could prove that you would, you never have.

Assad must stay

Great work SAA!!!! you will always have my undying support no matter what

cechas vodobenikov

some amerikan lice were combed. cleansing them from civilized nations requires effort and moral resolve

Assad must stay

kill every single fucking daeshbag you see SAA, take no prisoners

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