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Syrian Army Will Enter Manbij And Kobane To Rescue Mighty SDF From Turks


Syrian Army Will Enter Manbij And Kobane To Rescue Mighty SDF From Turks

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Sputnik/Mikhail Alaeddin

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is preparing to enter the cities of Manbij and Kobane in the eastern and northern Aleppo countryside under a historical agreement with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), al-Mayadeen reported late on October 13, citing Syrian sources.

“Syrian Army will enter Manbij in Aleppo eastern countryside and Ain al-Arab [Kobane] in Aleppo northern countryside within 48 hours,” the Lebanese news channel reported.

Prior to al-Maydeen’s report Mohammed Shaheen, an official in the SDF’s political wing, told North-Press that the SAA will enter Manbij.

The deployment of the SAA is reportedly aimed at stopping Turkish forces, which are conducting a military operation in the region. Turkish-backed Syrian militants captured dozens of villages and town along Turkey’s border in the last few days, with the SDF failing to repel their attacks.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to attack Kurdish forces in Manbij. U.S. Secretary of Defense also announced that all U.S. troops will be withdrawing from northeast Syria. These developments likely encouraged the Damascus government and the SDF to reach an agreement.

The upcoming hours will likely reveal more details about the agreement between Damascus and the SDF. Some activists are already reporting that the SAA will be deployed in the entire northeast region and not only in Manbij and Kobane.

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  • Lena Jones

    Headline says “may soon”. There’s certainly no “may” about it. They’re going in.

  • Prince Teutonic

    This could all be predicted well in advance. Great chess players see many moves before being played…

    • Tiresia Branding

      absolutely correct, perfectly orchestrated moves

    • neil barron

      No! they didn’t outsmart Trump he TRUMPED turkey and idiots like you.

  • Sencer

    Biji Serok Assad now.. LOL

  • Concrete Mike

    Finally some kurdish leaders see the light, too bad we had to put turkish guns to your heads.

    • Garga

      First let’s see if it’s true and then if they see through their part of negotiations, the thing which didn’t happen last time and the result was loss of Afrin and northern Aleppo.

      But Ayn-al-Arab (I dislike the wrong name, Kobani) and Manbij are on the west side of Euphrates. “Letting” SAA come and defend them there is no sign of SDF cooperation (remember that Rojava leaders were different with SDF leaders, they were thrown under the bus). SDFshows they are wise and indeed seeing the light when the same thing happened to the east of Euphrates.

      I’m not holding my breath for SDF and it’s parent/offsprings to come to their senses anytime soon. I’ll be surprised if they do it before losing the entire border strip.

      • Sasan Jamshidi

        Wong name kobani while puting iranian avatar! Yes praise arabs that fucked iranian ancestors and modern arabization of north syria and displacing kurds in times of hafez assad. Really you are a fake iranian and traitor to motherland.

    • Icarus Tanović

      Seems like so.

    • Sasan Jamshidi

      What finally? Kurds time to time asked for assad to recognise their basic human rights and autonomous government under syrian territory it was assad that couldnt remove that chuvinistic “Ultra Arabic” thing (if you read history syria is fake made ny britain alongside iraq and jordan and lebanon and also syria doesnt belong to arabs originally). And assadists always denied those rights kurds were even ready to fight to take idlib for the regime.

  • RichardD

    The entire NE, wow, great news. I hope that it happens!

    • Sylvain Jeuland

      liveuamap : “Pro-Assad forces are amassing at Bukamal, in preparations to cross the river into SDF territory”
      Then the fields

  • Boxman

    Wow talk about waiting ‘til the last minute! If there weren’t such a pressing need to stop the Turks from annexing more Syrian territory, I would say hang the Kurds out to dry. But there is a shared interest here. If Turkey is allowed to run over the Kurds, all that Syrian territory will be lost forever.

    • frankly

      So forever for western people is like 10 minutes, for ME people it’s 5 years, about how long it’s taken Assad to reclaim his country, with a little help from his friends. Even with big trucks it’s hard to stay where you aren’t wanted.

  • jim crowland

    Noble Kurds, cut a deal with GASsad soon…..may be both armies can srtike back at the ottomans and partition the remnant of the turks territory along with armenians, greeks and russians

  • jim crowland

    irak, Syria, lebanon and perhaps jordan should be merged into one arab nation but releasing the kurds so they can have a cuntry too. both arabs and kurds should enter turkey

    • Keep DREAMING
      I have dreams of tweens next door
      Me watching her now
      So pretty

  • RichardD
    • xTheWarrior22

      All these guys tried to overthrow him, but it didn’t work. Must be a terrible feeling for them.

      • Long live Assad
        Kanadien SECULAR
        Against #TURKPHEASANT






        • Sasan Jamshidi

          Filthy racist criminal bitch

        • Bob

          You gone off the meds again?

      • Justin

        Thanks to Russia and the new US administration!
        NEVER forget that!
        RUSSIA is why he wasnt killed in 2015!
        Not luck or God!

        • Sasan Jamshidi

          Haha indeed. And plus iranian dollar that taken from its people to assad!

    • Cronos Sin Apellidos

      The same can be said about Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      The Kurds use to chant that “Assad must go” and now it is the Kurds who are going, not Assad.

      • Kastaibes

        Now they will start chanting “Assad must help us”. Karma is bich

      • Sasan Jamshidi

        Kurds never chanted assad must go if they would they would take assad bases in qamishli and hasaka long ago like a piece of cake (when assadis didnt have Aleppo & palmyra)

    • ArcAngel

      You can add Canuckistan’s Justin Castro/Trudeau to that that awesome list.
      My compliments RichardD

      • Homoerotique fetish must stop
        Inserting justin
        Shows your desire,like the Turks.

    • You sure know Democratic ways
      We have terms
      Unlike your cesspool
      Leaders go on till is bile spill

      • RichardD

        What are you talking about?

        • PZIVJ

          Appears he is a new troll.
          Spreading garbage posts all over this site, :(

          • Sasan Jamshidi

            Indeed lol

        • Bob

          Another anti-Syrian/anti-Russia troll – with rants run through Google translations.

  • Suliman

    Just like Afrin ehhh xD God Story bro, Of course if Esad want end ypg I will take his side…

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      Keep believing otherwise Turk, but your neo ottoman dreams are FUCKED!
      It is Turkey and their stupid Jihadi proxy mercernarys against all major regional and global (read: nuclear) powers.
      But keep your dreams for some days or weeks.. When you wake up, all you Turks can do is say: “Please Putin, Please Trump, Please Assad, and Please Kurds, dont hurt us, we will crawl back into our Turkish shit hole if you stop hurting us..”

      • Sencer

        I have no idea about Manbij , but Erdogan will never allow Ayn Al Arab to be taken from YPG by SAA. Ayn Al Arab is the symbol YPG in the eyes of Turkish public, thus Erdogan needs to eradicate YPG himself. He will not leave this task to SAA.

        Most probably he will even avoid using FSA there and do it directly with Turkish troops. We will see.

        • EveryoneIsBiased

          I thought you are only doing this op to end the terror threat?
          not for political reasons like you mentioned, not against Syria, Russia and Assad?
          Not for Erdogans ego?
          Funny how those propaganda lies fall apart even for supporters like you.
          But like you said. We will see. We will see how you shoot your self and your once proud country in the foot, only to serve the ego of Erdogan.
          And in the end you will have hurt your country that you did not revive the Adana agreement. But then it will be too late, you under sanctions from most of the world, shunned by every regional and global power, east and west, north and south, your economy even more ruined, dozens of not 100s dead turkish soldiers, billions wasted, only to be humilated because you rejected the Adana agreement revival as proposed by Putin.
          I get your patriotism and i dont doubt it. But by following your heart instead of pragmatically your brain, your only hurt yourself.

          • Sencer

            I just stated a fact, I did not say I was supporting it LOL.
            Not all of us are Erdogan voters.

    • alejandro casalegno

      Yeah………..and after Manbij………….Viena again!!!!!!!!!!!……..dumbass

      • Sencer

        He didnt say anything like that, your perception is weird.
        Siege of Vienna was more than 300 years ago , just grow up and deal with your childhood traumas. Times have changed.

        • EveryoneIsBiased

          Sure. Like you Turks are still traumatized, that your empire went to shit over 100 years ago.
          Occupying Syria like in Afrin wont change that Trauma.. Therapy might help though.

          • Sencer

            The days of Empires are gone dear , noone yearns for empire anymore but a small percentage of day dreamers only. We both know a simple fact though , SAA would never ever take Afrin or North Syria back if TR did not involve. Neither Assad nor Russian would/could deal with Americans and send them of out of NSyria.

            True or false ?

          • EveryoneIsBiased

            False. The US occupation would have ended anyway sooner rather than later.
            Trump NEEDED to get out in the next weeks, because he badly needed to tell his voters he recuses the “stupid wars” and middle east occupations.
            You turks may truly believe you are doing this not for selfish reasons, but everyone else sees through these lies you are fed by your media and gov.
            And i really dont get why you try to promote this BS here.
            At least in alternative media, but also in the majority of MSM, it is a open fact, that you Turks were the logistical right hand of ISIS, and that you are the main sponsor of the Jihadis in Idlib. Add that to your efforts to Jihadize Afrin, make turkish the main language, change demographics which even in MSM is reported widely.

            And especially here on SF EVERYONE know this fact.
            So why waste your time here, where everyone know better?

          • Sencer

            Let me decide where to spend my time , thanks for the advice though.
            Pleasde aqlso let the people in SF speak for theirselves unless they appointed you as the spox of SF .

            US is in Afghanistan since last 18 years and counting. Ditto for Iraq.
            You can claim that they were about to leave Syria soon, but can not present me a single evidence for that. If Turkey had not intervened , they were about to create a Kurdish state statring from Iranian border to Iskenderun thorugh Afrin. If you can not see this fact you are either lying or living in another dimension.

            All EU , NATO , US was behind Jihadis as a Gladio operation. Thats the reason why all west still uprises when someone bombs Idlib. At least we saw the mistake and got out in time.

          • EveryoneIsBiased

            1. Trump has made this campaign promise central to his survival, and since the last attempt of him, has given clear timelines to his subordinates, that this will be done before the end of his term. this was widely reported, if in turkish press too, i dont know and i dont care.
            2. Kurds cloud NEVER establish a state, if they could, they would have already done so. They have neither the resources, nor the political backing.
            The US policy was to never allow that to happen, and the kurds were depended on US funding totally.
            But for that to understand, you would need an understanding of international law, and what constituates a state, and read reports other than the war propaganda of your sociopathic system.
            3. Yes, EU, NATO US was behind Jihadis. But YOU were too, and YOU were central to the whole operation as logistical hub, and as a diplomatic messenger.
            And even when those western NATO states and most gulf states ended your funding, you STILL SUPPORT TO THIS DAY the Jihadis in Idlib, direct and indirect.
            They are YOUR proxys, otherwise you would have no seat in Astana anyway.
            You “saw the mistake”.. Yes, on ISIS, but only after the would not succumb to doing Erdogans bidding, and after Russian pressure. The Jihadis in Idlib on the other hand…

          • FlorianGeyer

            Well said.

          • EveryoneIsBiased

            Thanks Florian. Even though the Turkish trolls are immune to reality.


          • Sencer

            If you liked it that much , above comment is also open for you to reply.

          • Sencer

            1.US is still in Afghanistan and Iraq, but suddenly decides to get out of only Syria with immediate effect. Trump made a sudden decision and did not change his mind against all the bipartisan pressure, but according to you, it was ‘ clear timelines and it was widely reported ‘ .

            Please tell us what was the timeline of withdrawal of US troops from Syria, please guide us to the Schedule , so that everyone can make use of ‘secret reports’ you are basing your argument on.

            2.Kurds almost established their state . They were at the brink of reaching mediterranean if TR did not stop with the with Euphrastes shield . Are you telling me that YPG was not aiming Al Bab / Jarablus Range to connect Kobani / Afrin kantons if TR did not intervene ?

            3.Kurdish statelet which controlled almost all gas fields a great percentage of farmlands and water sources had more than enough sources to become a state. In fact they had more sources than Assad did that they time. And almost all EU , US ,England and Canada was ready to accept them as an independent counrty. In short they had everything that ‘ constituates a state’

            This is realpolitik, they need a second state there for supporting Israel and a military base to attack Iran/Turkey when/if time comes. While doing that they use gullible people like you blabbering about international laws and some imaginery sociopathic systems ..

            Please dont hesitate to revert for above , so that we can further discuss some realpolitik about mostly Syrian citizen jihadis of Idlib..

          • FlorianGeyer

            I agree, and setting the rabid Wahabi dogs of theft ,rape and murder on the Kurdish population displays the cowardice of the Turkish leadership, and by extension the Turkish Army.

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      Deleting your own post? Seems even you realized that nobody here falls for your stupid Erdogan lies.

      • Suliman

        Deleting post ? What is that and why ?

        I will gladly support Assad if he want end zio-kurd project. I m not voter of my goverment and I didint like they actions in syria. But for me most important object in this matter is pkk and they are lossing well now…

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      Okay, seems you did not delete your post, but Disqus deleted it. Seems Disqus thinks you are a propaganda or spam bot.
      my answer to your last post:

      Okay, that we can agree on.

      Seems you are not one of those
      Erdogan bots that infest this site everytime some article on Kurds or
      the Turkish occupation is posted here.

  • EveryoneIsBiased

    This spells the END of US+Turkish+Gulf+NATO occupation, SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!
    Everyone on the side of a free and wholely liberated Syria should rejoice! This is what we waited for since 2011!
    And a bonus: US standing in middle east is now doomed, even if it will take some years. Putin has replaced US as the central power broker, and all the US deep state can do is CRY!

    • You so BIAS
      Damn I forgot
      My fave place
      Is south front
      Subscribe to babuska twinks

      See we all can be bias

    • Karen Bartlett


  • RichardD

    – SANA reporter: Syrian Arab Army units move north to confront Turkish aggression on Syrian territory –


  • alejandro casalegno

    At last the reason reach the kurdish politicians…………the kurdish military seek a deal with the SAA long time ago!!!

  • Rhodium 10

    FSA and other branches are suni wahabi terrorist..so Kurdish population cannot survive under a government of that islamo-terrorist gang…therefore SAA should deploy troops along all Turkish border!…USA wont protect Kurds vs FSA…but Assad (SAA) protected them in Aleppo West,North, East..as we have seen during last Turkish backed offensive where SAA and NDF were deployed to avoid further advance of FSA targeting Kurdish areas!



    • PZIVJ

      Why do you up vote caHudson Bay
      Have you read the trash that he has posted on this once good thread ?

      • Rhodium 10

        I just read Viva Assad…

  • FlorianGeyer

    Turkey does though have a massive problem entirely of her own making. The many thousands of Wahabi mercenaries that Turkey and others in the US Coalition of Terror have armed and trained will be militarily trapped on the borders of Turkey.

    IF, and I repeat IF this does come to pass, Turkey will have to feed his unwanted mercenaries into Europe. Karma indeed, even though I live in the EU.

    There are also the issues of Idlib and the SAA forces needed to liberate that province, together with some sort of Second Front of Wahabi’s near Israel funded by Israel/US ,in order drain further SAA resources.

    • Having hard on
      Too long
      Wanna see.isis triggered deep inside PAEDOerdo land of man boy RELATIONSHIP
      Turn on the Turks
      #SAA and friends
      To #manbij
      Stop the Turks
      M om warned you AGAINST dirty man at the casbah WIT toothpick
      Cleanin bile pork juice from filthy choppers

      • FlorianGeyer

        Please translate the gibberish you posted, 🇨🇦Hudson Bay .

        • frankly

          Honestly you have better things to do with your time than understanding this perv, no?

          • FlorianGeyer

            I have blocked the maniac now,Frankly :)

  • Richard

    Ohh damn this feels good !!! Long live SAA

  • alejandro casalegno

    At the time of the fall of Saigon, a south vietnamese did say “Be a enemy of USA is dangerous………but be a friend is deadly”!!!!!

  • Aquilegia

    Is there a deal between Syria, Turkey and Russia? I.e. is this part of Astana or not…

  • Icarus Tanović

    Some activists are already reporting that the SAA will be deployed in the entire northeast region and not only in Manbij and Kobane.
    Best news I’ve heard in months.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    So, we now have the spectacle of the SAA fighting alongside the Rangers to defend the Kurds from FSA/Turks.
    Awesome… Only with America!

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    The Kurds could have let the Syrian army into all these positions 6 years ago.
    Except the Kurds killed a number of SAA solders and drove them out.

  • Tchoutoye

    The Kurds had their little fun and games with their make-believe autonomy, but now playtime is over.

    • Thank you hardheaded freaks
      Whole rojava
      Big mistake no way arabs let that happen
      Enslaving arabs in Raqqa
      Not good
      Bombing barge with oil
      #SAA and friends
      Must say
      Thank you Russia
      You stand by SYRIA

  • BMWA1


  • Per Jensen

    Don´t rely on SDF as a trustful military partner,they are chameleons and deserve nothing. Do the job yourself hopefully backed by the Russians.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      F*** off

  • frankly

    Can’t help but think the attack on Saudi oilfields has F.uk.us and evil co-conspirators realizing how totally overextended they truly are.

    Faced with ineffectual defenses, i.e. Iron Doom and ever increasing displays of capable foes, maybe the MIC are thinking we pop this balloon and maybe we won’t be able to put humpty dumpty back together again.

    Then who will pay for the F 35 and all our other money making schemes, when all the arm chair generals are so busy practising how to say “just kidding” in Arabic, Chinese, Russian etc…, and the US public are loudly demanding, where’s are fucking food damn it!

    Well no doubt they got plenty more dirty backup plans. But I think they miscalculated the old enough is enough point by a few genocides and payback could be pricey. Yuh them phoney greenbacks won’t work so good any more. Make it real or no deal.

  • Joseph Scott

    It seems the VKS have conducted at least one strike against the SNA in support of the SAA advance, which is a good sign. https://twitter.com/rojavanetwork/status/1183518363840143360

    • PZIVJ

      Turkish friendly fire on SNA would also be a good sign, :)

  • lovethemapples

    Considering that Russia blocked the UN Security Council resolution on Turkish operation, this whole Manjib thing is also a land swap, all a game. Kurds seem to be the only losers.

  • χρηστος

    im sure that the Kurdish politicians changed their minds with a gun pointing at their heads and im not sure it was a Turkish gun. they act so stupid everywhere. In Iraq they took arms against their government for what?money…to be exact oil. they have ‘liberated’ territory that was oil rich and didint want to gibve it back although it had no Kurdish population there. ring a bell? Deir Ezzor? oil fieds?no kurdish population there? all that the Kurdish politicians are worried about is money. their money. they dont really care about those fighting and spilling their blood. thats why they havent been able to unite all Kurdish fractions and have in some cases ended up fighting one another.

  • Davki

    Don’t know whether the SDF forces are “mighty” but at least they are incredibly brave. Hope the SAA will prove to be so too for a change.

  • Uncle Meat

    Love the sarcastic hyperlink title lol “rescue the mighty sdf from the Turks”

  • Saddam Hussein

    10/10 title.

  • munhu mutapa

    Arabs must wake up time they think straight first and not see things through religious beliefs.They are being used by the west to kill one another while their oil is being looted.