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MAY 2021

Syrian Army Makes Progress In Eastern Homs Countryside, Liberates Village And Nearby Hills En Route To Uqayribat

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF) and their allies, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have liberated the village of Baghliyah and nearby hills from ISIS terrorist sin the eastern Homs countryside. This advance allowed government forces to outlfank Dabat Milli, Taliah Sharqiyah and to deploy in a striking distance from Rasm Hamidah.

The general idea of this advance is to put additional pressure on ISIS terrorists north of the Homs-Palmyra highway and to contribute to a wider effort aimed at isolating and destroying a large ISIS grouping deployed at the town of Uqayribat.

The SAA, the NDF and other pro-government units have been struggling to do this since June. However, ISIS has a strong defense in the area and is determined to prevent this scenario. An intense fighting is ongoing on multiple fronts in the area.

Syrian Army Makes Progress In Eastern Homs Countryside, Liberates Village And Nearby Hills En Route To Uqayribat

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  1. Kids in Africa says:

    Syria war would become most slowest war in history.

    1. Michael Qiao says:

      have you heard about the 100 year war?

      1. Kids in Africa says:

        I am talking about slowest advance in war not about 100 years war being fought over this long.

        1. Bio_ Hazard says:

          only been about 7 years

        2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          The fighting in this area is full of hills and overlooks it should be slow going since this isn’t a major push more about creating Pockets of IS to cook to death. This way there is no real way to counter attack in the region, just shoot from behind cover and vantage points.

        3. NN says:

          Have you heard about WW1

        4. Leif Manson says:

          Have you heard about Afghanistan?

        5. Red Tick Alert says:

          Do you know the size of Syria ?

    2. El Diablo says:

      War in Afghanistan? Americans are here by 2001 and Talibans have the control of 30-40% of the country yet :D

    3. Alex Black says:

      You should go over there and show them how to do it right.

      1. flameofwind says:

        How do you know s/he isn’t there already?

        1. Alex Black says:

          his comment

    4. PZIVJ says:

      This is a pix of Tigers vs ISUS along the Euphrates river taken yesterday !!!

    5. Wahid Algiers says:

      Do you know the very difficult terrain of Central Syria?

    6. Hrky75 says:

      Vietnam war (France and US) – 30 years, Afghanistan war (Russian) -10 years, War on Terror – 16 years… I think Syrians rather fast compared to competition…

  2. Thegr8rambino says:

    when in doubt, pincer lol :))))

    1. Red Tick Alert says:

      In my view, it did take them an awfully long time to learn that. But more good news, so await some Yank or Israeli “un-anticipated attack”

      1. Thegr8rambino says:

        better late than never!

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