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Syrian Army Makes New Gains North Of Al-Suwayda And Finds US-Made Weapons

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Syrian Army Makes New Gains North Of Al-Suwayda And Finds US-Made Weapons

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On September 7, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured several positions in Qa’a al-Banat and Qabr al-Sheikh Hassan in the northwestern and western parts of the area of al-Safa following heavy clashes with ISIS fighters, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“The terrorists suffered losses in personnel and equipment after the destruction of their fortified positions and defense lines between the basalt rocks and in the vicinity of low altitude hills,” the SANA’s reporter in al-Suwayda said.

During its advance, the SAA found a US-made M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun, which had been used by ISIS fighters in al-Safa. The same type of machine guns is used by US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups at the US-led coalition base in the nearby area of al-Tanaf.

Syrian Army Makes New Gains North Of Al-Suwayda And Finds US-Made Weapons

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A day earlier, the SAA advanced 2km deep inside the heavily fortified area of al-Safa after killing and injuring dozens of ISIS members.

Local observers believe that the operation in al-Safa will continue in the upcoming few weeks because the SAA is advancing slowly in order to insure the safety of around 30 hostages, who were abducted by the terrorist group more than a month ago.

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Gregory Casey

How remarkable that ISIS should be in possession of US-Weaponry within spitting-distance of US Base in al-Tanff!!


Yes, I am shocked that the US weapons found their way into ISIS hands.
Perhaps ISIS found them concealed in an Amazon Prime package containing baby milk and bandaged from US AID ? :)

Gregory Casey

It’s remarkable really how US Companies have already began to seize “Investment Opportunities” in the new Peaceful Syria :) )))))


The only opportunity the US should have in a Post War Syria would be to dig out the thousands dead civilians they have killed. By hand.

It would be necessary to watch the US contractors though as they would try to steal valuable’s from the dead. Including gold teeth.

Gary Sellars

I’d describe it as disgusting rather than remarkable, but I get your gist.






With in last 10 years I haven’t seen any threat from ISIS and Al-Qaeda to US and UK because these terrorists are US and UK army. LOL

Empire's Frontiers

So to speak, indeed.

I’ve often pointed out to people regarding the perceived terrorist threat to civilians in the US that there is nothing ever stopping a group of four men from legally purchasing .308 semi-automatic rifles, countless magazines, thousands of rounds, vests, and other equipment all in a single afternoon.

There’s even less stopping them from getting in a minivan, driving to the metro theatre on opening night, the airport security line during peak hours, or the checkpoints outside most large sporting events and unleashing war upon soft bodies and slothful drunkards.

Oddly, however, for all the worry of foreign terrorism, nothing like this is taking place in the US.

Jason Sixx

Couple days or couple weeks or months? Painfully slow here and I cant understand why. Also what happened to the dez desert pocket offensive launched on august 31 by liwa al quds and some saa units?

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)


Bill Wilson

I think the SAA is just being cautious as they train new units in desert fighting.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Kill them all and let God sort them out. The US/UK screaming is DELICIOUS.

Gary Sellars

If only we could bottle it. We’d make a Fing fortune!


US and UK have opened huge weapons depots and military bases for supply to their army I mean terrorists in Syria. Which also stores chemical and biological weapons. SAA and their allies should keep gas masks.


US and UK want to take control of entire water of the world.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Wall Street and international corporate and oil elites and the Saudis want to control the world.

Concrete Mike

Fuck the saudis…filtht pigs

Empire's Frontiers

Your sentence could go another way too, and also gets it right.

The filthy saudis fuck pigs.



funny… a country full of pigs dont eat pig!!


Because same poles of magnet cannot attract each other. This is natural phenomenon. Any way I also don’t like to eat pork because I am allergic to its taste and smell.

Allan Greedspoon

They already do

Allan Greedspoon

Drop pork ‘dirty bombs’ on them. Their city streets and oil refineries will be so contaminated with pork no one will venture outside their homes and their economy will collapse . .


Even ISIS orders from Ebay

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