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Syrian Army Makes Major Advances in Aleppo, Liberate 3 Neighborhoods and Enters 2 Others

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Syrian Army Makes Major Advances in Aleppo, Liberate 3 Neighborhoods and Enters 2 Others

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Following our recent update on the military situation in Aleppo city, the Syrian army, Liwa al-Quds and their allies liberated the Jazmati roundabout and the Halwaniyah square and entered the neighborhoods of al-Miysar, Jowret Awad and Dahret Awad (red circles) which were liberated after a series of firefights. Then, government forces followed fleeing Jaish al-Fatah militants in the areas al-Qaterrji and al-Sha’ar and seized a number of buildings there (blue circles).

If government forces are able to reach the Aleppo Citadel from the direction of al-Miysar, they will encricrle Jaish al-Fatah units remaining in Aqyol, Farafirah, Baydah, Sajikhan, Qarleq, Shiar, Karam Qaterji and Tatarlar. Militants there will be pushed to surrender or will be purged by the Syrian army and its allies.

Less than 2 km remains between Syrian government forces in al-Miysar and the Aleppo Citadl.

Syrian Army Makes Major Advances in Aleppo, Liberate 3 Neighborhoods and Enters 2 Others

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This map also show that the SAA withdraw from the Police Hill. When do this happen ?


Yes, it’s in the hads of Jaish al-Fatah, The event took place in time of withdrawal from Shekih Saeed.


Quite a massive retreat then, wasn’t it! What did Fatah attack them with, sticks?

John Smith

Very dynamic battlefield. As long as you liberate more then you sometimes lose, its ok.


Sorry but that is somehow unclear for me: the withdraw on 2/12/2016 and on 03/12/2016 (https://southfront.org/destert-hakws-brigade-opens-new-front-against-jaish-al-fatah-in-eastern-aleppo/) they still have it. How did they blow the SAA in this way ? What exactly was underestimated ? where there some desertions ? Surrended militants missed the road to Idlib or simply fake the surrending ritual (protocols) ?

Sam Culpak

The government troops know they got the militants outnumbered by 4:1. Any gain by the rebels is paid in blood because they charge into fortified army positions. When the attack is very strong the army retreats back into the secure territory next to the artillery and lets the artillery hit the rebel positions. This way the rebels are stuck in a meat grinder while the army is always fully in control. This is modern warfare and the rebels need good news so willingly put their fighters to the slaughter.


to have lesser casualities SAA is very cautious. Their objective is to take nortern districts of rebel territori. I think Southern attacks are decoys. They try to concentrate some rebel forces there. They will push from the north.


Not decoys but force reconning attacks maybe. This is more oportunistic tactics in order to fatigue them on serveral directions. Militants could not afford to lose Sheik Saheed for a long time beacuse of electrical power. If they loose that they are done.

Bio_ Hazard

Godspeed SAA


In deep gratitude for your bravery SAA!!!

solomon mlambo

Russia should suspend talks with the outgoing US Administration as continuing along that path may give wrong signals to the Russian-Syrian Coalition Forces. Now we need lightning special forces attacks coming in the wake of devastating artillery and aerial bombardment of enemy ammunition dumps and positional defences. March forward to victory remembering you are up against hardcore US and Israeli special forces embedded among the rebels.

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