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Syrian Army Makes Large Gains Against ISIS East Of Al-Qaryatayn

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Syrian Army Makes Large Gains Against ISIS East Of Al-Qaryatayn


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have recaptured a large area from ISIS in east of the city of al-Qaryatayn in the province of Homs since the start of the advance in the area this morning.

The SAA and the NDF have taken control of the Qaryatayn dam, Tal al-Khaddariya, Jabal Muhassah, Sawwanat al-Muhassat, the Khanazir area and other nearby points, including a number of hills. Government forces are advancing in the direction of the al-Busairi Crossroads.

Syrian Army Makes Large Gains Against ISIS East Of Al-Qaryatayn

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According to some reports, ISIS terrorists have just abandoned the area east of al-Qaryatayn. Thus, the government forces are able to rapidly gain the ground.

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John Brown

ISIS is now retreating faster then the SAA can advance. This is the first time ISIS has done this with the SAA as thus far they have only done it with the Kurds as part of the Yinon plan.


Keep up the great work, lads, our thoughts are with you all the time!


To keep the large uninhabited area is difficult. In the east
direction from Suwayda, is empty desert. No villages, only a few roads.
But, probably the politics negotiation is to be ready, the annex the land from
rebels and ISIS/ISIL. This is the main reason that SAA advances deeper to the empty desert…

Jonathan Cohen

Well and good except it doesn’t get the SAA any closer to the border like taking Arak would. At least they are fighting ISIS, the bombers of little Manchester girls.

John Marks

Unlike the Americans, who appear to oppose the Syrians and are, thus, helping ISIS.

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