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Syrian Army Makes Important Gains Near Al-Bab, Cuts Off ISIS Supply Line

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces (NDF) made important gains in a battle against ISIS in the eastern countryside of Aleppo city last weekend.

Initially, government forces liberated the strategic town of Aran south of the ISIS stronghold of al-Bab. Aran had been the last major ISIS stronghold, preventing Syrian government forces from reaching the outskirts of al-Bab. Clashes for Aran had been ongoing for almost 3 days and resulted in a heavy death toll among terrorists.

Then, the army and the NDF gained ‘Awaysha and the nearby hill, setting up a fire control over the only ISIS supply line to al-Bab. Government troops also liberated the village of Um Arkelah located south of the Kuweires Military Airbase.

Meanwhile, the Turkish army and pro-Turkish militants made a series of attempts to gain the town of Bzaah from ISIS east of al-Bab. Despite the heavy death toll they were not able to achieve this goal within the weekend.

ISIS units in al-Bab are in a no-win situation, pressured by Syrian and Turkish forces on the ground and bombed by Russian, Turkish, and Syrian warplanes from the air. If they don’t retreat from the area soon, they will be encircled and destroyed.

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I do hope ISIS will stay in Al Bab. Make the Turks and the FSA bleed for every inch and that the SAA, having cut them off, will have the good sense to let them do that and move on to better targets.

'Sup Bruh!

FSA and Turks are not bleeding out. Stop day-dreaming. And stop trying to put Turks-FSA and SAA against each other, where normally we should try to push them to each other for peace and stability in the region.

Jürgen Walter

What you not going to call him PKK? Keep playing your ping pong match in al bab. Your ErDOGan leader betrayed Assad trusting him again would make Assad insane nut job, no rational person trusts your nation.

'Sup Bruh!

“Your Erdogan” ? I am a strong defender of Ataturk and its Revolutions.

I agree with you on the fact that Erdogan’an betrayed Assad. That does not change the fact Barba_Papa’s comment is a sick fat joke.

A nation, is not defined by the retards controlling it. One day Erdogan will be gone and perhaps a more pro-Russia / pro-iran person will come to a power.

It is retarded to define a nation by the fucktard ruling it. If so I would say Greece is the most stupid nation in the world, got into EU, knowing that it would make Greece indebted to EU for like… FOREVER. But no, it was the retarded politicians that did it. You can argue for the fact that it is the people that elects these politicians but i doubt while voting they were thinking “we are voting for this guy so that he can get us into EU and fuck our country”.

As for the Jew issue, it is no wonder Erdogan licked some Jew butthole for internal and external political gains. But Euphrates Shield operation is a direct blow to Israel’s puppet state dreams in Syria&Iraq.

Oh by the way, since you’ve mentioned it, FUCK everybody and anybody that supports PKK/PYD terrorist organisation, whom are the dogs/slaves w/ever you would call them, of Israel and USA.

888mladen .

“I am a strong defender of Ataturk and its Revolutions” and what else? His Armenian genocide?


That’s so a “fifty-fifty” -matter => the Turks were beaten in the West by the Greeks and were on running… and the Armenians got the moment to jump up and attack the Turkish military in the East ;-)… As Atatürk managed to stop the Greeks, he remembered the Armenians and their “knife in the back”

… The rest we know, but sooo “snow-white” aka not-guilty weren’t the Armenians either. They tried a move ….and f*cked it up and the retaliation was “Turkish style”, it wasn’t something new in the Ottoman Empire. _______ What about Moses’ genocide on his 600.000 Jews, that he “walked around” thru the Desert some “40 years” (aka 40 months, “the year” was 1 month and “10 years” was a today-year => this way Mathusalem comes on 64 years and “the heroic defenders” of Masada against the Roman general Titus (later Emperor) “get down” from 3 years to 3 months :-)

That ill-brain called Moses tried to push away the Son of the Pharao and got fu**ed by the LEGAL FOLLOWER to the Throne.

And like the Zionists today, Moses tried to make a “national issue” of HIS PRIVATE CROOKERIES .

Don’t tell me that The Egyptian Empire didn’t know that 600.000 people leave just like that. That must be either accepted by or even arranged by the Pharao’s Administration… And this “I’m something special” -sh*t Moses planted himself on the top of the event :-))

Pi**y, power-dursty brain-ill paranoid Moses that even gave that ILLNESS HIS NAME = “messianic syndrome”, in fact tried to get rid of the old-ones, weaks and children that just ate the food and weren’t useful for killings, conquer.. the whole program of a criminal p*g.

The JEWS got fed-up with his “wannabe Dictator”-leading style and .. killed him, it wasn’t some God that punished him because he… (?????) stroke a stone with his stick :-))

888mladen .

You are pretty ignorant when it comes to religion. Be honest and at least acknowledge that you hate everything religious in general and Bible based Christianity in particular. If you have any issues with God it’s your problem but don’t try to cloak it with some kind of reasoning. You are trying to defy God who is eternal and yet it takes only for five min to stop your breathing and you are no more. Mate hatred is blind. You work on emotions and that robs you of your proper reasoning power. In the current state of you mind you are not capable of learning so any further discussion would be pointless.

888mladen .

“The JEWS got fed-up with his “wannabe Dictator”-leading style and .. killed him.” Judging by culturedness and ‎ assertiveness of your expressions you must have been an eyewitness and a participant in the event. Mate your mentality is on pair with that of ISIS. You don’t know yourself. Hopefully one day when it (I mean your mentality) gets you behind the bars you will understand. You are a threat to yourself.

'Sup Bruh!

Ataturk wasn’t even a field commander during the so called Amernian genocide. How horrible are you at history?

888mladen .

You’ve got terror sponsoring states like KSA, UAE, Qatar, Jordan,Turkey and Zionist entity which got legal status because of their statehood. They are even members of UN. And you’ve got those who have no state no government that would legalize their crimes and their terrorism is considered illegal as such. However terror is terror whoever does it.


Erdogan a political pro.stitute => once by NATO, after that by Putin, now somewhere inbetween.. An useful id*ot, a toilet-paper for USrael and the Russians. When they don’t need him anymore, they’ll sack him up. And what about getting your sheep and going back to Turkmenistan, where you belong? ;-).. Hey you, retarded folk, YOU are the invaders there, that Kurds were there for over 5000 years :-) They are some pun.ks like you, but at least they are indigenous, not like you a whole folk of migrant raptors..

'Sup Bruh!

Kurds are nomads from Iran held areas. So if you go by history, Kurds can not claim anything in Syria.

And Turkmenistan? I mean, i understand that people over internet have horrible history knowledge but holy shit… Turkmenistan? I won’t be surprised if you call Turks mongols as well since ignorance runs deep within you.


Erdogan is a sick joke. A puppet slave to the Jews and to the pontiff of Rome.


What has the Pontiff of Rome to do with that Mossad-CIA-operation in Syria? ISIS aka Israel’s State In Syria … The Catholic Church is a TARGET for the Globalist Rockefeller/Rothschild/Soros-like pu;nks. Interesting that nobody mentions Qatar and specially Saudi-Arabia, in this dirty geopolitical murdering “game” ;-)

About Erdogan, he is a flipper-ball between USA and Russia, with the puppeteer ISRAEL pulling the STRINGS … and thinks that he is clever.

If the USA or Russia consider that he isn’t useful anymore, Erdogan gets kicked-off. Jumping from a chair to another, brings at the end that the circus-acrobat falls BETWEEN THEM, no one wants him, nobody trusts him.. Erdogan is just another useful id*ot, a toilet-paper.

This ISIS, the Arab Springs, Ukraine, the mass-invasion of rap.efugees in Western Europe, aren’t an “over-night” -idea, they are part of a large-scale Global Plan tzhe >NWO, one currency, one World-Government .. and ONE RULER : the BANKSTERS-specially the Zionists.. See this clip from 2007 (!!) and figure out what’s going on:

Aaron RUSSO about The New World Order and N. Rockefeller (10 minutes)


Let the je.rk bark, he must be just another brain-derailed Wahhabi-cr.ap :-)))))

'Sup Bruh!

Yeah calling an agnostic person wahhabi crap. Suchy brilliance.


“Bleed” :-)) YOUR BELOVED ISIS GETS F*CKED_UP. Since Bibi-Israel and Trump-USA work together, ISIS is considered a failed try of the CIA to do the dirty work for Israel and will be crushed BY THE SAME THAT INVENTED THAT RUNT => the USA.

The Syrians are bleeding for over 5 years already, it won’t be something new in that. BUT YOUR ISIS gets out of men, ammo and fuel. The Russian kicked your a++es with just a handful men. Even the Turks don’t give a sh*t on you, they have other priorities, specially ECONOMICAL, State-to-State business. You are just a bunch of gar.bage that stays in the way there.. Now think a little what happens when the Russians send a real expeditionary corp, you little brain-amputa.ted mag.gots..

In fact I’m glad that you went there to be concentrated in a small area and get killed in big numbers, instead of being chased one by one all over the world ;-)..Well… you have weapons, that means that everybody may kill you based on international laws, you aren’t unarmed civilians that may not be killed. YOU GIVE THE PERFECT LEGAL TARGET ;:-)))

D*mb a++es, your meaning is over, you are useless for your MASTERS, you failed. Now they dismantle you like they do with old cars, bridges and buildings. Even the “know-how” that “brought you to life” is already on upgrading, the British and American think-tanks work on other schemes, other scenarios, you pity obsolete bunch of EX-useful id*ots. Now go and get a Russki-bomb on your empty head… your prolific mommy has for sure a lot of cubs like you at home, you won’t be missed


Erdogan is fighting isis in Bab now, but it is clear to everyone that the original operation Euphrates Shield is trashed.

The goal was to punch thru Bab , run along the western bank of the Euphrates and take raqqa. Meanwhile the kurds launched a parallel attack on the eastern bank, called operation Euphrates wrath, or Euphrates fury depending on the source.

Turks are still stuck at Bab and will soon have the SAA blocking their way to raqqa. Meanwhile, the kurds are already at raqqa.

So what is the new operation for turkey? Attack SAA south of Bab? Attack kurds at manbij? They can forget about raqqa.


Erdogan is fighting isis in Bab now,”

Is fighting my a++ in Al Bab, is making himself a Turkish -Zone in Syria, to cover the Obama/Kelly’s CIA-bas.tards called “moderates” aka Al-Qaeda.terrorists. And he bombs the Kurds that REALLY fight ISIS :-)

888mladen .

Syrian government should use third party to supply ammunition to ISIS for their fight against Turkish invaders. It’s in interest of SAA to use ISIS to soften terrorists supported by Turkey and Turkish army as well. That could be done by the American allies under the pretense of helping civilian population of Al Bab just like they did it so many times in Iraq. It might be difficult though.


Was that vodka good? Wasn’t ennough that the CIA gave weapons to Al-Qaeda and they gave them further to ISIS? Who tells you that ISIS doesn’t have an arrangement with ERDOGAN .. AGAIN? ..

The best thing: the Russians shall move quicker with the bombing and supplies for the Syrian Army, shall stop playing poker with USrael and fake-“coalitions”.

For what do they have that f*king S-400 there, if Israel may bomb Damascus and Israeli-drones may go to kill ONE OF RUSSIA’S ALLIES, a Hezbollah leader, NATO-planes bomb the Syrian Army (!!!) ? :-))

Now TRUMP starts sucking the cheney of Bibi and threats IRAN.. and IRAN is another Ally of the Russians in Syria… And PUTIN? .. Plays “English” => no friends, no enemies, just interests

But it seems that PUTIN wants to sell Assad for a good price: recognition of Crimea, Ukraine fifty-fifty, NATO out of the Baltic States..

C’mon, all that stops-and-goes by ALEPPO were like by an auction by Christie’s : who gives more? No?.. OK, we continue… Stop again!: now? who gives me a good price?… No? OK, continue..” :-( “Ceasefires” aka time-outs for scanning the “political market” ;-)…

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