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Syrian Army Makes Gains In Dara’a Province


Syrian Army Makes Gains In Dara’a Province

AlMasdarNews reports: On Saturday, units of the 5th and 9th armoured divisions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a surprise assault on a jihadist-held town of Al-Faqiya in Dara’a province.

With this town under control, the SAA has further expanded safe zone around the important road between Al-Sanamayn and Sheikh Misqeen cities.

A video by Hezbollah’s military media below shows assault on the town and the aftermath:



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  • Trustin Judeau

    I wonder what will happen to Daraa .Will the rebels surrender or will fight to the end?

  • Aquartertoseven

    Wait, what the hell is that little encircled settlement right next to the road?? Don’t they think they should deal with that??

    • VGA

      Probably truce with that.

  • Igor Ochocinszk

    HD Map would’ve made my life complete