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Syrian Army Lost Control Of Kahil-Saida In Daraa Countryside After Clashes With Local Fighters (Video, Photos)

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Syrian Army Lost Control Of Kahil-Saida In Daraa Countryside After Clashes With Local Fighters (Video, Photos)

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Tensions between the  Syrian Army and local armed fighters (former members of militant groups that reconciled with the government and joined the 5th Assault Corps) remain high in the province of Daraa.

According to photos and videos appearing online, the Syrian Army was forced to withdraw from the village of Kahil Jizah and local fighters seized all the checkpoints surrounding it.

Armed fighters already destroyed pro-government banners in the area and are now seeting up their own checkpoints there. Earlier, at least 2 Syrian soldiers were killed in clashes with the reconciled militants.

The current situation in Daraa province signs the existing difficulties in the ongoing reconciliation process in southern Syria. Some former members of militant groups still remain committed to the radical ideology and hard-core anti-government views. At the same time, they continue to demand protection and resources for their areas in the frramework of the reconciliation. Nonetheless, actions like those in Kahil Jizah undermine the peace process and set conditions for a new round of violence there. If leaders of the local groups do not understand this, they will have to learn a hard lesson when the Syrian military will resume large-scale operations there.


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Lone Ranger

CIAisis should enjoy it while they can, in a few days they will be in bodybags.

Jens Holm

You certainly has inflation, where You are. Which inflation do You use? Is it 3 x Lira or the famous rial?

Lone Ranger

As usual you make no sense…

Jens Holm

8 sheep

Lone Ranger

Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s not worth it…

Saubhik Ghosh

syrian army wii reclaim it again

Jens Holm

If UK collapse danes will buy the English part back. Vikings had it for a while.

Norway might take scotland and their noisy musisc traditions:)


They’re probably getting paid by foreign actors to cause trouble. To drag the conclusion of the war out for as long as possible to delay regional forces from working together to the Israel problem solved. Yinon plan 101.

Jens Holm

Of course they are not paid even several groups got very big support from the outside. It was not foreigners making those Jihadists. The added themselves helped by Assads making mopre and mpore contrast.

Putting in Israel in this makes no sense at all. Even all Assad forces never could harm Israel or take Golan. They only look strong because of oxygen and recycling russian military equipment as well as food.

Russia will never allow such thing.

Jens Holm

Winning wars are the easy part and Assads cant even that.

Here Assads amd Erdogans are exact same kind of people, whcih think that if people has no foopd and weapons, they will bend over, so You can do anything to them being their Great Leaders.

As wrotten before. Those people never was friends and never will be. Peace is made between enemies and not among friends.

So as for Kurds and Afrin, You have to give those Daradists some needed changes for them and meet them in the middle, where they not are now. They never was. They lied well according to Islam.

There has been no peace proces at all. Assads has waited so they have expected those people would join and obey. Thats stupidisme.

Turks hasnt learned any of that too and not only for Kurds but also for all their neighbors.

The lacks has many names. Danes run themselves well even the Goverment only has 25% in the Parlament and a vomen a Premiereminister is the best we have for all things.

By that the Goverment each time has to get at least 51% of the PM votes and often gets more. All get influence after what it is about.

So if Turks like Erdo or Assads by Baathists cant even get any kind of majority rule by consensus, You should learn that version well.

Here both lie and cheat to make the majority rule having patents on all medias as well as police and armed forces. Posters of them even are on walls and on banners, so they can make the extra needed fear factor too.

When the Osmans collapsed itself assisted by others, there came buches of vey small Osmans in stead. But Osmans did not run Your country by fear. Didnt they.

You “New Osmans” has taken those bad things in as full scale making mpre seperations and exclusions then them. You probatly are more corrupt then they ever was and You keep most people stupid an pasive in the same infantile fear for non control.

You are raised like sheep being totally unindependent. Thats why so many are not allowed and therefore dont dare to see, what You really need. Its no explanation people are poor.

The best joke is by Islam starting the prayers with “Its written” and so many cant even read and not even in a mainly arabic state, where several of the most important things happend.

New sciance about Islam even says, that Islam came from the same library for the Arameans and probatly not far away from Al Bab east of Aleppo. But wha´t do we see. Well I see the region is more like a Babylon of liars and the liars even lie for friends and family.

Lone Ranger

Lay down the crack…

Gary Sellars

You’re expecting a known idiot to make sense? LOL!! Good luck with that.

Jens Holm

So when will the peace arrive and with icecreme in to the hot areas.

As longs as You You even infect the future by unfirendship and You have no idea about Your own past and responsabilities,m there will only be peace if all with weapons has killed each other.

Maybee idioisme like mine is not in the aganeda. You grap a gun, learn a flag carried by one having a bigger gun then Yours and then fight all the other silly flags.

Thats where Your level is.

Much like an armed Babylon.


Reconciliation with scum doesn’t work and this is proof but killing them does work and it is permanent.

Free man

Southern Syria is out of control. Iranian-backed SAA soldiers against Russian-backed SAA soldiers against ISIS against the rebels. What a mess.


The lesson here is don’t try and domesticate a wild animal just liquidate them on the spot,will they ever learn how to deal with this scum?

Rafik Chauhan

disband 5th corps and send all this thugs to idlib or desert area . let isil deal with them


LOL!!! they ARE Isil,or some such breed of animal.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Tensions between the Syrian Army and local armed fighters (former members of militant groups that reconciled with the government and joined the 5th Assault Corps) remain high in the province of Daraa.”

So all the reports on syriaiveuamaps were correct, there was a group of SAA soldiers who defected and now they’ve joined the other protesters that were chanting, “Iran and hezbollah out”, but now sadly they’re also chanting “Assad has to go, as well as, Iran and Hezbollah out”.
The Arab League still have really big teeth here in Southern Syria and they can still use them, and I can hear them grinding their teeth right now, so Assad had better be careful and start listening to Russia, because Iran is no longer Syria’s saviour anymore, it’s something entirely different now.

So now I have to wonder if syriaiveuamaps is also correct about Russia sending some of it’s 5th army corps fighters to Libya, it’s possible but why do it, was it to save them from possible Iranian reprisals, or was it to help the Libyans, I’m not sure yet but I suspect it was probably to save them.
This is very embarrassing for Russia so I can imagine the Iranians are laughing their heads off right now, Iran never liked the idea of Russia forming their own SAA army corps and this is just what I’m sure they were hoping would happen, but what else could you expect to happen when you try to make soldiers arrest their own family members. I’d say they were set up to fail when they were given orders like that, no wonder they defected.

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