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Syrian Army, Locals Intercept Two U.S. Patrols In Northern Al-Hasakah (Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and pro-government locals intercepted two U.S. patrols in northern al-Hasakah in the last two days.

Army troops intercepted the first patrol, which consisted of four armored vehicles, on May 27. The incident took place near al-Durdarah, which is located in the countryside of the town of Tell Tamr. U.S. forces were forced to retreat.

A day later, government supporters prevented a U.S. patrol from passing through their towns, al-Qahera and al-Dishisha, also near Tell Tamr. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), locals chanted against the “U.S. occupation” and stoned the patrol, eventually forcing it to retreat.

The SAA has been collaborating with government supporters in northern al-Hasakah to restrict U.S. forces’ movements for several months now. Many patrols were blocked while passing through the region.

The U.S. main ally in northeast Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), attempted to end this situation by arresting civilians responsible for intercepting U.S. patrols. Nevertheless, this move didn’t deter government supporters.

Despite being banned from several areas in northern al-Hasakah, U.S. forces are still attempting to patrol the region in order to restate their influence there.


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Ιsramuricunts and their turkisis affiliates must be kicked out of Syria.

The people of Syria should not let them drive around freely like this.

Block their way anyway you can.

Zionism = EVIL

I am surprised that the Americunts lardass illegal invaders have not been hit by IEDs yet!

John Wallace

An RPG up the arse might produce an interesting video although in this version in the side looks best. What are they , converted Hummers ? .


The global Ziocorporate terrorist scum want to replicate all over the Middle East what they did since the 1890s in the Rothschild neocolony to despoil Palestine from Palestinians, killing hundreds of thousands in the process. Syrian children as those in the video mustn’t grow up seeing such blatant terrorism and criminality as normal, stones are not enough to deal with the scourge of mankind.

Chinese Dog

US should rob all oil and then withdraw :D

John Wallace

Instead of spending years stealing the oil , why not leave it there and leave the country. Oh I found your pic.. Chinese Dog . Figures.comment image

Luke Hemmming

These constant protests against US patrols tells me that the Syrian people don’t want the US there. So that goes contrary to the US government’s insistence that the Syrian people want regime change and are against Assad. This tells me this is not so at least with this village. Phuck off Yankee go home.

Assad must stay

great job SAA, kick out all the thieves

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