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Syrian Army, Local Fighters Repelled Turkish Forces Attack Near Manbij

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Early on October 3, heavy clashes broke out in northern Aleppo when Turkish-backed militants launched an attack at military positions near the town of Daghilyash in the outskirt of al-Bab city.

The positions which came under attack were manned by Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers and fighters from the Manbij Military Council, the local wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

According to Sputnik, Turkish forces shelled the positions before attempting to advance towards SDF-held areas to the west of Daghilyash.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the militants managed to infiltrate few positions before being pushed back by the SAA and local fighters.

A number of militants, likely from the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA), were injured in the failed attack. No losses were reported among SAA personnel or local fighters.

Syrian Army, Local Fighters Repelled Turkish Forces Attack Near Manbij

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The attack came following some reports by Turkish-affiliated sources, claiming that Russia is plotting an attack on al-Bab and other Turkish-occupied areas in northern Aleppo. Sources in the SAN denied these claims later.

Turkish-backed militants have been harassing SAA troops and SDF fighters in northern Aleppo for a few months now. These acts may soon lead to a serious escalation.


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Tudor Miron

This is a bit out of context but it amazes me that MSM didn’t even mention this https://interfax.com/newsroom/top-stories/70040/

Lone Ranger

Good job ??

Icarus Tanović

Great job, but that idiot Erdogan mades stalemate in Syria, and he thinks that he secured ne, and in paricular north and Idlib. Now everybody talks about Nagorno Khabakah. Okay, but Turkey is now stretched on three fronts, so we shall use that situation and continue with operations of liberating Idlib. That’s for start.

Lucia West

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Svincius Savickas

People in Syria, unite and hunt more and more Turks and Turkish affiliated freaks!!!! Good Turks are only the dead Turks!!! NEVER FORGET THAT! THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE HAS BROUGHT DEATH TO TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ON 3 CONTINENTS!!!! TURKEY TODAY IS THE NEW BROWN PLAGUE!!! STOP THIS VIRUS!!!

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