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Syrian Army Liberates Two Villages Near ISIS-Held Jirah Airbase In Aleppo Province

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Syrian Army Liberates Two Villages Near ISIS-Held Jirah Airbase In Aleppo Province

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On April 3, government forces captured the villages of Atshanat Jubb Miri and Idrisiyah that had been controlled by ISIS terrorists in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

The villages are located directly north of the Jirah Military Airbase that is a major ISIS stronghold in the province.

In March, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) made few attempts to storm the Jirah Military Airbase but failed to break the ISIS defenses. The situation was dramatically complciated with the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led offensive of the “moderate opposition” against government forces in northern Hama.

However, now, when the problems in northern Hama are mostly solved, the SAA and the NDF are resuming their attempts to recapture this strategic site from terrorists.

The control over Jubb Miri and Idrisiyah will allow government forces to launch an advance on the Jirah Air Base from 3 directions (northern, eastern and western) simultaneously, increasing own chances to capture the base.

If the SAA and the NDF are not able to achieve a succes in this storm, they will likely make a psuh on Duroubiyah Kabira and Jarah Kabir to encircle the ISIS-held airbase.

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I think they meant north of the airbase.

The NDF are third rate troops, they shouldn’t assault any fortified positions . The should bypass the airbase, take a many lightly defended villages as possible and recruit more.

The NDF is a local militia force, time to add some locals.


You are right. Thank you.


Yes, I assumed it was a typo.


Thank you for the feedback.

Trustin Judeau

Once Jirah AB is liberated I think SAA advance will be faster than now . The next stop will be Maskanah town

Expo Marker

Judging by the map, I predict that the SAA will take the airbase within the week.
However, this is just a prediction.


I am praying for it man

Prince Teutonic

There are some Tiger Forces left there though…

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