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Syria’s Army Liberates Sheikh Meskin from Terrorists

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Now the government troops are controlling 95% of Sheikh Meskin

Syria's Army Liberates Sheikh Meskin from Terrorists

Syrian forces adjust a man-portable anti-tank system (MANPAT) as they hold a position in the Hatabat al-Bab area, in Aleppo’s eastern countryside, on January 24, 2016. ©AFP


On January 26, Tuesday, it is reported that the Syrian Arab Army’s 15th Brigade of the 5th Armored Division, closely coordinated with the National Defense Forces and the 7th Mechanized Division, carried a massive assault in the western district of Sheikh Meskin and imposed full fire control over the Sweida-Nawa road and which made government troops to control of 95% of Sheikh Meskin.

According to the report, most terrorists have already fled Sheikh Meskin while a small number of terrorist remain in the southwestern border of the city. The report said that a few dedicated Jabhat al-Nusra fighters have managed to enter themselves inside a small isolated rebel-held enclave in the western district of Sheikh Meskin but those areas are expected to collapse in the hours to come since the Syrian Arab Army continues its offensive towards the identified terrorist’s positions.

The military offensive against terrorists was heavily supported by the Russian airstrikes and Syrian artillery shells which largely leveled terrorists inside the city to the ground.

Syrian Army tanks were patrolling the main roads of the city in day time and providing covering fire for advancing government troops were heavily involved in urban combat.

Though Al-Jazeera Arabic falsely reported that the city of Sheikh Meskin was entirely captured by the Syrian Army, the entire capture will happen very soon. It is also reported that if the Syrian Army could capture Sheikh Meskin entirely, this would lead government forces to attack terrorists in in either the city of Nawa to the west or the towns of Ibta and Dael to the south.

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