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Syrian Army Liberates Northern Part of Aleppo City, Delivers Devastating Blow to Militants


The Syrian Army and its allies broke militant defenses and liberated significant areas in northeastern Aleppo.

Last weekend, Syrian government forces liberated Hanano, Jabal Badro, Inzarat and Handariyah neighborhoods, the Ba’ideen Roundabout and the Ba’ideen Square and seized significant areas in Al-Sakhur neighborhood.

On November 28, government forces liberated Handariyah and al-Shakhur neighborhoods, encircling Sheikh Khizir.

Now, the operation is ongoing in Sheikh Khizir. Local sources say that most of militants have fled to the Old Aleppo. So, the main work is to remove explosive devices and secure the area. Sheikh Khizir will be under the full control of government forces in the coming hours.

De-facto, nrthern Aleppo fell into hands of the Syrian army and its allies.



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  • Pampi Ta

    Incredible, well done guys !

  • grandel

    kill them as they retreat