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Syrian Army Liberates More Area In Southern Damascus As ISIS Members Retreat

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On May 12, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) captured the Educational Development Center and several other buildings in the northern part of the al-Hajar al-Aswad district, south of the city of Damascus, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

The source added that the SAA had also advanced in the in the Yarmouk refugee camp capturing the UNRWA school and the Popular Labor Bureau.

During the last 48 hours, the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) stepped up its bombing camping on ISIS positions in al-Hajar al-Aswad and the Yarmouk camp, which boosted the SAA advance there.

Syrian Army Liberates More Area In Southern Damascus As ISIS Members Retreat

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From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that ISIS fighters had killed 22 soldiers of the SAA during clashes in the Yarmouk camp and the districts of al-Hajar al-Aswad and al-Tadamon on May 12.

Earlier this week, Syrian opposition sources revealed that the besieged fighters of ISIS in southern Damascus are facing catastrophic circumstances. According to the sources, most of the terrorist group ammunition and fuel depots were destroyed and remaining fighters are suffering from shortage in food, water and medical supplies.

Local observers believe that these conditions will lead to the collapse of the ISIS defense in southern Damascus very soon.

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Michał Hunicz

Good news. Step by step, the Zio-Wahhabis will die.

Also, it is worth to notice that “opposition media outlets” became less hardcore anti-Assadist, especially about evacuation deals.

Joe Dirt

7 years later….yawn


Delusional and stupid Israeli spambot is at it again. what easten Ghoutta defeat wasn’t enough for your chicken shit ass.



You can call me Al

Let them starve to death and then there is no opportunity for any Syrian losses.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Like I said before, being short of food and water will make them stick their heads out like fucking rabbits, then the SAA snipers will have a fest


As I keep saying no deal with the head chopping primitives. Unconditional surrender or else kill every last one of the disgusting animals.


No, we aren’t the Washington barbarians, diplomacy has been a great force multiplier for the Syrians.


Do you believe that you can negotiate with those animals?.


How do you think that they got to Syria in the first place?

Pave Way IV

“…Earlier this week, Syrian opposition sources revealed that the besieged fighters of ISIS in southern Damascus are facing catastrophic circumstances…”

Things are so bad that a half-dozen head-choppers will sit in a circle and pass around the last Captagon tablet.

“Snackbar! ONE LICK only, then pass it to the next brother! I swear, I’ll kill the next slobbering infidel that takes two licks…”

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



Is there any source, that gives informations, if only estimates, what casualties both sides had since the beginning of the campaign?

You can call me Al

This is the best I can find, but it is not up to much.


Numbers is the big con game. They are difficult to rely on for guidance. Having observed this war for about 3 and a half years, the best people for that kind of stuff are those I would have thought most likely to be BS but, have turned out to be the ones whole give information that stands up through scrutiny and time. Here are the good and bad sources, in my opinion;

The bad: Most of the stuff out of the US DoD and Israeli IDF and their supporters is garbage. NATO in general sucks. They are too committed to maintaining a false image of invincibility and so they just spew the junk, like a hose off of a fire truck. The onl time you can go with what they are saying and this is just some of the time, is when they are freaked out and openly complaining about something out of their control. They lose it and the truth comes out. The latest example would be the CENTCOM crying the blue because Russia is cutting the nuts off of the EC-130s the US is trying to use in Syria.

The good: Russian MoD, Hez and official SAA statements. I know for many this is a shocker but, I have been keeping tabs on this stuff for years and they actually give good accounts of what is going down. Also, https://syria.liveuamap.com is very good because, he doesn’t seem to like Russia or the other two and doesn’t give them one inch of credit, unless his feet are lit on fire. So, if liveuamap is calling it, most of the time it is for sure.

I wish well to you MichaH. I hope it helps.


The SAA could just sit there and let them starve into surrender.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Or watch how they eat each other


No that what Yemen child killing whabbi’s like you do.


Be certain that any foreign fighters, especially ‘US advisors’ and CIA operatives, are not permitted to escape.


The complete militant collapses in East Ghouta, Rastan and inevitably south Damascus is why Israel is getting so hysterical – as liberating militant controlled Daara in south is now an inevitable SAA campaign – and that means the end of years of Israeli plans to to eventually occupy and annex the whole area.


Don’t tell that to Israeli spambot joe dirt, that moron thinks its still the same like the past seven years.


aka Joel Dirtstein


Syria could warn US and their gang in UNSC that you Mr. You have crossed the Syrian border and now you are inside the land of Syria. Now tell us you wanna fight with us on our land or you wanna leave the Syrian land because this is not America or this is not international water to take your bloody war ships anywhere. Second we don’t want any foreign terrorist regime to stay with us in Syria on behalf of support to A or B or to C. We are clearly give warning to any any regime that have intruded into our land must leave Syrian national land and release our Syrian nation that US thugs have held hostage since 2011. We also know that US have created ISIS and Al-Qaeda to create chaos in Syria and harass Syrian nation and create issues for Syrian government. We also saw the US, UK, France and Saud’s conspiracy to remove the national leadership and make Syrians without leadership or transfer Syrian leadership to an ISIS or Al-Qaeda gang’s head. Syrian nation is brave and knows their enemies tricks. Syrian nation with the help of own partners have slammed conspiracies of US, UK, France and Saud’s against Syrian nation and against their leadership and now God have emerged Syrian nation with great victory and great unity. May God protect Syria from evils, butchers, deceivers. Ameen.


Keep going and non stop at all until terrorists surrender unconditionally. Do not give terrorists a single moment to breathe.

That Guy

I like that caged T-72 :).

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



Well done them Syrians and Palestinians.

Joe Dirt

7 years later SAA still in DAMASCUS :D


Are you still saying that about east Damascus, Israeli spambot, will you say the shit when Dara and the south west is retaken by the Syrian government, how about that hasbara troll farm.


Joe dirt and smaug must be shitting there pants about their head chopping buddies final stand.

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