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Syrian Army Liberates Large Part Of Al-Safa (Videos)


On September 28, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated a large part of the heavily fortified area of al-Safa in the framework of its military operation against the remaining ISIS cells in the Damascus desert, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

Sham Hamdan, a reporter for the Syrian News TV, said that the SAA captured several lakes, caves and natural fortifications during its advance in the heart of al-Safa. The SAA also seized heavy machine guns and several anti-tank rocket propelled grenades, which had been left behind by ISIS terrorists.

On the other hand, ISIS cells managed to ambush a unit of the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA), which was supporting the SAA operation in al-Safa. Pro-government sources confirmed that ten Palestinian fighters were killed as a result of the ambush.

The SAA has been advancing slowly in al-Safa for more than a month now in order to ensure the safety of around 30 civilian hostages who were abducted by ISIS fighters in late April.



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  • ZP

    Please stop with this “in order to ensure the safety of around 30 civilian hostages who were abducted by ISIS fighters in late April” bs? SO eradicating ISIS slowly will somehow achieve that goal? They have been abducted for one purpose only: to be exchanged for evacuation of the entrapped ISIS command (perhaps western assets) to Idlib. The longer this goes on the lesser the chance for this exchange should be, why would anyone allow more and more SAA and allied people to be killed day by day to then just let the responsible assholes go free?

  • gustavo

    This slowly process must be stopped. This terrorists must be asked a total surrender or be killed fast, strong and without mercy. Stop this slowly process.

  • BlueInGreen

    Wonder what the SAA does with all those confiscated weapons and supplies?

    They gotta just have just tons and tons of stockpiles small arms and ammunitions for years and years to come.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      I would go nuts with them lol

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    very good work SAA :)))

  • zman

    ISIS cells=US/NATO SF.