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Syrian Army Liberates Kafar Aweed, Imposes Fire Control Of Al-Ghab Plain

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Late on February 26, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated the town of Kafr Aweed, one of the main urban centers in the southern Idlib countryside.

The army imposed control of the town following several hours of heavy clashes with al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its Turkish-backed allies. Army units also secured the nearby towns of Sufuhon, Fleifel, Kafr Mous and Kawkabeh.

Syrian Army Liberates Kafar Aweed, Imposes Fire Control Of Al-Ghab Plain

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

Kafr Aweed is located in the heart of the Shashabo mountainous region. From there, the army imposed fire control of the al-Ghab Plain in northwest Hama.

The SAA began advancing towards Kafr Aweed in the early morning, capturing the towns of Fatterah and Milaja to the southeast.

HTS and its allies are focusing on their attack on Saraqib city, ignoring all of the remaining areas in southern Idlib. The SAA’s elite units, the 25th Special Forces Division and the 4th Division, are leading the attack on these areas.

The remaining militants’ positions in the al-Ghab Plain and the Shashabo region will likely collapse within a few days if not hours. The army’s next target will be the Arba’een Mount, the highest region in southern Idlib.

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maybe time for the YPG to start taking afrin.. they wont have a better chance than now.


Been saying that since the start of the operation from Syria to take back Idlib…
WTF are the Kurds waiting for!

Xoli Xoli

Promised land.

Simplekindof Man

Who knows what they’ve been promised to stay out of it.
They always wanted their own country….


It’s too close to Turkish border, they can use their artilery and drones


kurd snakes can’t do sh*t … weakest player in the syrian battlegroud….let’s just wait for the saa to finish with the idlib sh*tshow then afrin and albab will be next


Kurds may be snakes but I would take them over any other part in the war! They could be allies, or they could be enemies. I’d rather have them as allies. At least they are the only ones who can truly claim they are moderates.


Yeah, moderate treasonous snakes.

Toni Liu

But they can backstab you in the next day so its still dangerous to give them too much responsibility as allies especially US still backing them, so thats big no for them

Bill Wilson

Why, when there’s a good chance that Turkey will withdraw all forces from Syria after losing in Idlib?


Bill,the teorrists now controlled by erdogan,though sinister yes,atleast is seperating them from innocent civilians and that the truth,the deep state do not control syria anymore.
The kurds are or were controlled by the deep state,known all patriotic enemys see!

King Cliff

The Russian and the Syrian must break they aircraft fighter plane in to three groups for each key position.


Why don’t you jump in a fighter jet yourself. Lets see how you will do things differently.

Xoli Xoli

No no Cliff is very important.


He will be knocked out of the sky in 3 secs

Xoli Xoli

It’s only a name King he cant fly a jet.But a good commentary.

Xoli Xoli

Do you mean break and divide parts.Or break and sell parts to buy fuel.


all the mf’s in jisr alshogur are now fighting in saraqib … the saa and russia need to destroy that town it’s the biggest foreign terrorist hub in idlib and it’s a danger to russian/chinese and central asia national security …also that area is very important to the safety of hmeimim air base … that town need to be captured or destroyed


Who mocked the syrian military by trying to suggest without russian air strikes syrians cannot win?
This is what I mean,too many feminists on meds expecting instant victory,rather than observe in how to.
Kurds must respect the government not cia,or else they too will exiled back to iraq where atleast earn’t!

You can call me Al

Be careful heroes, do not lose the remaining towns on the NE and NW of the area.


In many ways ,Al, the Tigers and 4th division assault into the mountainous flank of Idlib , is reminiscent of the surprise German attack on France through the rugged Ardennes forest. The result being the Fall of France. :)

George King

Well worth watching this development as the real target may very well be Jisr al Shoghur on the M4 making every thing East and North a killing field with no escape but north through Turkey which Erdogan can not allow Turkey’s border to be crossed by these gangs!


Your comment makes good sense. This mountainous area has been a launching pad for drone attacks against Russian and Syrian assets in Lattakia as well, as we know.

Hanny Benny

runs fine !

Saraqib is the perfect honeypot
let them run in, they will not many get out alive ;)

turkey has lost this and the war in libya (against russia)
and so long turkey push more inside it will lose more and more on every level
its just beautifull to see how erDog destroys turkey

respect for the dead fighters against calipHell
but we have to fight it all together everywhere also political
people speak with others, explain them about “ottomans”

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction)



Who knows the number of Turkish OP’s that are now under Syrian observation,
or saved from Al Qaeda.


With Turkey’s help the rats are throwing everything at Saraqib to distract SAA & allies progress around al Ghab plains and towards Jisr al Shughour. Their intention is to divert SAA forces from that rapid advance. Both sides know that any rat victory at Saraqib will be temporary, whereas Syria’s liberation of Jisr al Shughour will be game over for the terrorists and their Turkish backers in Idleb.


‘Aweed,now burning up crops there,no?

Christian S

Tigers reached al ghaab , opportunity to surround a lot of terrorist in south, short frontlines and free thousands of troops to allocate elsewhere

Tim Williams

Fight for the M5 is on … SAA owns the night



What’s the status?

Tim Williams

SAA lost several communities east of the highway too … SAA, Russian, Iran and HEZ forces all involved RuAF bombing the heavy Turk guns, SAA firing with heavy guns … it will turn around and the carnage inflicted last week on the rats will be minor compared to this



Tim Williams

someone made the call to base fresh recruits at this critical road juncture to hold it .. I always hate paying twice for the same piece of real estate


Are you on the ground there?

Tim Williams

no … Florida … I pick up 50 different source tweets and messages from reporters and soldiers actually there


Wow that’s amazing

Tim Williams

very reliable … I even get rat tweets and their slanted views


What’s your Twitter


2000 + dead Turkrats would be a good nights work. Add more for seriously wounded and its even better, Tim :).


Thanks for sharing this!


Looks like Turks and friends are in two what may be termed fire Cauldrons in both north and south…looks like SAA and RuAF played their cards well and a temp hold by terrorists on highway has no bearing on the proximal battle anyway, it is just an exposed position.

Tim Williams

it’s being taken back now … SAA owns the night


Tim Williams

updated map


almost the entire south of IDLIB is rat free now


Be patient.

Tim Williams
Tim Williams
Tim Williams

Rats pouring in reinforcements into their last stronghold in South IDLIB …


Bobby Twoshoes

That reminds me of how the Japanese used to grade their swords, line up some criminals and see how many heads you get with one stroke. We must remember that these are Turks though so this is just as likely to be a gay orgy as anything related to battle.

George King

Kafr Aweid has fallen so I guess they are not alive?

Tim Williams

The end is near when you are recruiting children to fight … like the NAZIS in 45



The kids look oriental as well. Turkmen or Chinese ?


I think I read about this couple days ago that they are recruiting uyghur which many of them have mixed blood with chinese.


I would think that complete Ughur families went to Syria.

Albert Pike

Eric Prince has this wonderful Uyghur Xinjiang traing camp for ‘guards, which will be guarding the silk road’ – you know that’s what he was saying…


Rather like ‘Guarding the Oil’ ?

Albert Pike

Eric Prince is CIA – so he for sure did that lying, cheating, stealing training course, which Pompeo was talking about. So anything goes. China is happy when they will be shot in Syria and it keeps the meat grinder going, and international arms sales up…

Liberal guy

True end of jihadis 4th reich

Tim Williams

Turkey minister of lying … LOL


Never any proof

Tim Williams

rats being pushed away from the M5 with heavy losses now



sources, please .

Assad must stay

SAA needs to hit main torki army as much as possible, they are the ones supplying rats with better stuff

Tim Williams

RATS are now retreating … RuAF hitting them with thermos on the way out .. 20 aircraft in the air dropping presents on them


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