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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Liberates From Al-Qaeda-Linked ‘Opposition’ Six Districts in Aleppo City

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Syrian government forces are developing the attack against militants in Aleppo city.

  • On December 3, the Syrian army and its allies liberated Tareeq al-Bab and al-Myassar Jazmati neighborhoods, and entered Sheikh Lutfi and Seihk Saeed.
  • On December 4, government forces seized Jurat Awad and Dahret Awad, and engaged militants in al-Qaterrji and al-Shi’ar.
  • On December 5, Jaish al-Fatah militants withdrew from Karm Tahan and al-Qaterrji neighborhoods and the National Hospital in al-Ballat neighborhood.

If government forces reach the Aleppo Citadel, the militant-held area in eastern Aleppo will be split into two separate parts, again.

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Hopefully someone in Syrian Government or Russians is keeping a record of all the be-headers and they should not be given “amnesty” so easily aster walking the humanitarian corridors.


No needed, everybody knows where are they heading, Merkelistan.

PJ London

According to reports, every ‘rebel’ moderate or otherwise who either hands himself over or surrenders, is identified and checked against a database (going back to the start of the war) to see if any crimes or murders have been identified against that person.
If there is any outstanding notices that person is arrested and held for trial. If there is no notices against them they are released with heir parole not to take up arms against the government.
For every crime the perpetrator is as far as possible identified. The victims family and friends are asked to help with identification, plus any of the captured rebels are checked against video and photographic evidence. Prisoners are interrogated and as in all countries, turning pigeon on your mates, tends to get a lighter sentence.


So the only option for foreign jihadist is to board the green buses for Idlib after relocation agreement or die fighting? There may be a hardcore group of rebels left in E Aleppo who can’t go through corridors. Does this sound right? The SAA should keep up the pressure on all E Allepo fronts now, and not wait for possible (???) negotiation! Jihadist numbers are decreasing and they must be very low on ammo and morale. If there is a relocation agreement, its still a great win for SAA (and a blow to jihadist will to continue the fight). Also hope for more rebel infighting in Idlib province.

PJ London

Yes, and the taking of Idlib is only a few months away. They want them out of the cities and in the open where they can really wipe them out.
“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad promised to retake every inch of Syrian soil taken from the regime, ” which is why the Kurds and the Turkmen are worrying. After Al Nusra, ISIS and the 100 other little mobs, Assad is going to take it all back. Israel better get used to the idea that the Golan is Syria, and Erdogan will remember that the Antakya province is Syrian even though Turkey has illegally occupied it for 50 years.


I am surprised that Aleppo pocket is shrinking so fast! Don’t think they will time to board the green bus! Maybe some foreign agents trapped there (TU,Saudi, etc.). That would be a great media event for Assad!!!


They should just kill them all and save themselves the trouble of having to check records.

Sam Culpak

Just thinking about the topic of amnesty for rebels who lay down their arms…

Does this apply to foreign fighters as well?


Probably. In some of these groups more than half of the scum are foreigners. So there is no way they would agree to the terms otherwise.

John Mason

No, Syria and Russia stated that foreign fighters are exempt and so are those responsible for war crimes.


Any terrorists who had committed any type of crime must be executed. Syrian people must help these garbage to join Alah, and to enjoy their 38 virgins.

Muhammad Ishaque

you idiot those who died there majority were muslims and those terrorirsts were supported by west you idiot and majority of syrian army is palestinian muslims or syrian muslims and those who did crimes were westren backed so check your brain before saying bad about muslims you dumb

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