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Syrian Army Liberates Entire Ithriyah-Resafa Road, Encircles ISIS Units East Of Khanasir

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Syrian Army Liberates Entire Ithriyah-Resafa Road, Encircles ISIS Units East Of Khanasir

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On Friday, Syrian government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces, liberated the Ithriyah-Resafa road.

According to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria, the SAA liberated 13 villages during its advance, including Bir Abu Allaj and Khirbat Qasir al-Maniyah.

During its operation, The SAA killed six ISIS commanders: Abu Adam al-Shishani, Abdul Raouf Salman, Abu Jaber al-Sabawi, Abu Khabab Tahir al-Aliwi, Abu Turki al-Bansilian, Abu Buthaina al-Shishani.

The Syrian Opposition Observatory claimed that the SAA captured all villages that had been under ISIS control in the eastern Aleppo countryside after the withdrawal of all ISIS fighters from the area. However, pro-government sources said that dozens of ISIS fighters including suicide attackers and snipers still holed up in several positions east of the Khanasir road.

The SAA will now be able to supply the Resafa front directly from Ithriyah.  It is also expected that the operation against ISIS in the eastern Hama countryside will be launched soon with the participation of the Desert Hawks Brigade. Uqayribat is considered the main target for the SAA. The town is the last ISIS traffic point from the militant-held areas in Idlib.

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The video Syrian war effort as of June 30 showed the pocket still open, I made a comment about it; this is very good news, the front line for SAA and allies has been reduced significantly. This position can enable SAA to move east bypassing SDF, to take control of western bank of the Eufrates river, and maybe cross it on the eastern bank to contain SDF.

Next effort is to advance on the axis of Salamyah – Uqayribat, with Uqayribat the main goal for the advance.


EXCELLENT ! Time to paint Syria red again. The remaining ISUS pocket is much smaller than I expected. GOOD NEWS




So about my pessimism: if the Armies of Mordor will mostly stay out, the loyalists will likely obtain an imperfect but convincing victory. I have no estimate whether that will substantially depress jihadist numbers and recruitment worldwide. I just think that Moscow’s posture makes it more likely they *won’t* stay out, and for me the Dark Throne itself has always been Syria’s most dangerous enemy.

Andrew Pate

Good I hope they stay there for 16 years like the US has in Afghanistan. The USA has never left Japan and Germany since 1945.

northerntruthseeker .

This is fantastic news.. And it opens up the large scale operation to link these forces driving south with those driving north from Palmyra…

Alex Black

Once they clear out ISIS from the pockets, many reinforcements are going to be available as this substantially shortens the line of the front. Also, this allows for rapid reinforcement to resafa as well as limits the danger of attacks on khanasar highway. I would like to see a development east from resafa, simultaneously with a development north west once the t2 station is captured. The central formations in arak need to maintain pressure on deir ezzor-palmyrra highway, while secondary formations clean homs.


Yes … go toward the East ….. and fast.

It is important to note that because the US supported FSA, down in the al-Tanf area (extreme Southeast), were cut off recently by the Syrian coalition PMU’s, the US intends to move these same FSA militias to the North. They are going to be airlifted (leap froged) up into Northern Syria, into the SDF-YPG controlled area near Shadadi. That is about 100 miles North of Dier-ez-zour.

From there they will be in position to move South to capture important oil fields North of Dier-ez-zour, even though the SDF-YPG says they will not move South from present positions.

Once ISIS starts to collapse it will be important to grab important Syrian assets around Dier-ez-zour before US rebels get there. Syria is going to need more help from Iraqi PMU’s to do this.

Alex Black

US backed FSA jihadists will be destroyed by Turkey and saa along with Iran. In some way, the quicker they move, the quicker the turks will respond.


The US FSA will be protected by hundreds of miles of SDF-YPG controlled areas as they move South from Shadadi.

Alex Black

they will have to be redeployed when the fighting starts, they will also start seeing surprise formations of PMU fighters in other uniforms all over the front.


SAA has to bypass the SDF forces around Raqqa, and establish a beachhead on the east side of Eufrates, and deploy a tank battalion with supporting combined arms. Once T2 is developed and used as a gunship base, they can cover the are east of Euphrates very easily. Then PMU can be a force deployed behind FSA and SDF lines, while US proxies in a semi desert area lack heavy armaments and adequate firepower.


Jesus Without solid Air Defence, Syrian Military assets are exposed to air attacks by the US led “Terror Axis”.


There are plenty of Russian and Syrian air defenses in Syria, after all Syria is liberating its territories from ISIS, US has no claims east of Eufrates. US and proxies are tied up in Racca, where ISIS is currently counterattacking successfully. The Resafa and Palmyra pincers would eventually cross Euphrates and teach SDF a few lessons in desert warfare.


Jesus As usual you are caught up in a euphoria and ignoring reality.

1. US or its “Terror Axis” has no right anywhere in Syria.

2. The Russians do not use their “Air Defenses” to protect the Syrian Military from US or Israeli attacks.

3. If Syrian “Air Defenses” are good then why do the Israeli AF and US led “Terror Axis” countries fly freely over Syria ? and shoot down a Syrian AF jet ? also attack the Syrian Military, Al Tanf, Quenetra, Damascus, Palmyra, etc. ?


I am not caught in any euphoria, SAA and allies crossing on the east side of Euphrates will be in ISIS teritory, if US Air Force attacks them, they will be clearly identified as the ISIS Air Force. The Russians use their air defenses as a deterrent, they are not going to fire expensive missiles to childish provocations. Latakia air base is the primary node of an A2/AD bubble. Russian forces are imbedded with Syrian and allied forces. The fact there is no deconfliction hot line between the Russians and US, US will have to second guess what the Russians will be doing. Israeli Air Force does not overfly Syria, they fly over Golan heights and fire stand off missiles into the immediate Syrian territory. Israel was warned by Russia and Syria that if they overflew over Syria, Haifa would be the target of ballistic missile attacks.

As far as US overflying southern Syria to protect the deconfliction zone created from a unilateral standpoint……it has not atchieved anything, but the embarrassment of being outmaneuvered and boxed in the desert.

Such is reality.


Jesus The Israeli controlled, US led “Terror Axis” is already the Air Force of IS.

Fact: After 80,000++ air sorties by the US led “Terror Axis” UK, France, NATO, Turks, Arabs, etc., with precision guided missiles, IS are still in place, trained, armed and logistics supplied from the “Terror Axis” countries.

You hope of Russian this that and the other is wishful thinking.


The US Air Force allowed ISIS to proliferate, it did not attack its enemies….except at Deir Ezzor in Dec last year and Palmyra by the IAF. Isis is getting destroyed by the Russians and SAA allies, its supplies lines are cut off, and as far as what I said about the Russians in Syria you can take that to the bank.


Jesus We shall see when the same battles are replayed over and over by the Syrian Military.


Russia and Syria with all allies are winning against the axis of evil and all their proxies.


How is the trafficking still allowed to happen?

Bill Wilson

Because there’s good money to be made and the Syrian government doesn’t pay their military very much so quite a few of their troops and officers supplement their meager salaries by supporting smuggling by all parties.

Tudor Miron

Unfortunately this is true and “check point pass” business was a large part of SAA activities in those little areas that it controlled and so they were loosing control. But in the last year or so there’s serious reconstruction of SAA under watchful eye of Russian advisers. This shows on the map.


Yes, corruption.


buenas noticias, el general Al-Qassem, es un tipo de la CSM (un fuera de serie) FELICITACIONES


Wooooohooooo uqayribat pocket nextttt


Yes indeed. The Desert Hawks are deploying on the Uqayibat front now. Appears that they are well rested and refited. There may be a nasty surprise in store for the DAESH trash. :) https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/desert-hawks-offensive-begins-isis-held-eastern-hama-russian-jets-clear-path/


T90s I think.


Rejoice! Rejoice!

Justin Ryan

Shut the fuck up jew cunt! U support the USA and the SDF!

Get ur hooked nose out of this forum u Jew rat!

Lynx Fēlēs

are you seriously brain-damaged, Justin??

Justin Ryan

You dont know the whole story! Attrition47 is a troll! He supports the USA and SDF, then supports the SAA! So i abuse him for being a troll! Im from Australia and he has abused my nation also very badly! So whenever i see him i tell him to “shut up”.

He literally barracks for the USA and celebrates the death of SAA members and on other posts such as this one he saus “rejoice, rejoice” as if he is for the SAA

He is a Troll! He always talks about anti-semitism and say the USA supports nazi’s in Ukraine who kill jews but i told him Porashenko and Kolomoisky are Jews and they actual Fund the Nazi group (such as Azov) in Ukraine!

So i see him as a PRO israeli! Never blaming them yet will support the USA or the SAA whenever he see’s fit! Then he calls Australian’s cowards saying a lot of nasty offensive bullshit in history about us!

So i hit him where i think it hurts! I think is Jewish so i attack him on that! You will just have to deal with it sunshine!

Leon De Elias

Amazing News..


Yea, no secret that there was no more than a couple handfuls of isis pukes in the area. Next stop deir ezzoir


Great News!

Mohammed Asim

What I believe is that saa and its allies should focus more and more only towards this area as the whole dier e Zor country side is full of oil and gas reserve the us backed rebels at the border area can be defeated later

We Hobson

More bombs more democracy!

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