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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Liberates Al-Eis And Nearby Hilltop (Video, Map)

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On February 8, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated the town of al-Eis and the nearby hilltop, achieving another objective of its ongoing military operation.

According to pro-government sources, army units stormed the town and the hilltop in the afternoon and managed to secure them within a few hours. Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies didn’t show any serious resistance.

The SAA reached the outskirt of al-Eis earlier after capturing dozens of towns and villages north and west of the town.

Syrian Army Liberates Al-Eis And Nearby Hilltop (Video, Map)

Click to see full-size map.

Al-Eis’ hilltop overlooks most of the remaining militants’ positions on the M5 highway, that links the capital, Damascus, with Aleppo city. The town also hosts a Turkish observation post that has been besieged by the army, according to pro-government activists.

According to initial information, HTS and its allies are now withdrawing from several towns between al-Eis and the M5 highway. The militants appear to have lost the will to defend their remaining positions in the region.

The SAA and its allies will now move to secure a 25 km strip of the M5 stretching between the ICARDA area north of al-Eis and the al-Rashidin 4 district west of Aleppo city.

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Very good news. I suspect liberating Rashidin 4 area will be a lot easier when SAA can move in also from the south. Aleppo will be a lot saver then. And the ability to use the M5 again will be a huge success for the Syrian people in their struggle against the Turk terrorists.

aleksandar jakovljevic

What is ICARDA Area????

Ricky Miller

It looks to be some type of agricultural collective. If you follow the M5 on Google Maps and call up the satellite view you can see it as some small collections of agricultural type buildings and a significant area of cultivated fields spread out to the West of the Highway.

Pave Way IV

It WAS (until the head-choppers showed up) the seed bank for all of Syria, mostly cereals and legumes, but anything native. They evacuated most of it to Lebanon.

The small agricultural plots for crop experimentation and seed production in ‘The ICARDA Area’ are not nearly as important as the ICARDA program, itself. This program is exactly how Syria will and should rebuild its agricultural base.

A combination of years of drought and the Baathists’ poor management of agriculture (bad crop choices encouraged by government policies) were significant reasons for the rebellion. Tons of small farms just went broke. There are some crops that are just a waste to grow in places like Syria (cotton, corn) where one bad season is catastrophic for farmers. There’s other crops that are crucial to a stable food supply (cereals, legumes) and more tolerant to drought, but less profitable or harder to farm.

Syrian Government policy will need to support ICARDA ( International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas) to ensure small Syrian farmers have incentives to grow the right crops in Syria, and can make a decent living doing so. Ignore the small farms while they go broke either from draught or from ‘gambling’ on the (temporarily) most profitable crops and you’ve just created a new generation of jihadis. Assad gets this. The left-over Baathists? I doubt it. Hopefully they’re mostly gone by now.

Ricky Miller

Thank you.

Pave Way IV

They need to hurry, too. These are hearty, ancient, native species to Syria and early spring planting starts in a few weeks.

If they wait too long, Bayer and Monsanto show up to hook Syrians on their Franken-Korn and extra chromosome cotton and wheat. You just shower the stuff with barrel bombs of glyphosate (Round-Up herbicide) at the end of the growing season to kill the plants and start them drying, Tnen ‘harvest’ your greyish, slightly toxic, genetically modified Franen-korn or make poisonous thread and cloth out of the cotton. Feed your Glyphosate-soaked genetically modified peas to the pigs and they start growing extra heads and feet. Then, since all the hybrid stuff from Monsanto and Bayer don’t produce seeds, you need to save up all over again for the next crop year.

Or… you can just do what Syrians / people of the levantine have been doing for the last three thousand years (and now at ICARDA) buy and grow native, heirloom high-nutrition, high drought-resistant crops like Syrians always have, and trade with your neighbors for stuff they can grow better. Bonus: collect seeds for next year’s crop from yours rather than buying expensive new hybrid seeds every year. That builds a predictable, reliable base of staple crops to supplement nut, olive and fruit orchards.The state should have millions of seedlings for free ready to truck to anyone rebuilding olive, fruit or nut orchards.

Syria and Lebanon were fertile countries with plenty of food at one time. They could both be self-sufficient and great trading partners again. There has to be incentive to farm the land. Maybe start giving away state land to former Syrian solders and help them get started.


And this is one of the resources that this war might be about. Notice how the headchoppers excel at burning crops as part of their campaign to win hearts and minds. Syria is at the centre of historical agriculture and will probably never sell out to MonSatan. I don’t think the Russians have either

Ricky Miller

That Glyphosphate is a poison, plain and simple. Americans use it widely, on weeds and flower beds right outside the windows of their children. Americans who live in the suburbs, mostly. Meaning mostly whites, who are for the most part too lazy or too good to go out and have a beautiful yard and flower garden the real way, through hard work. So they do chemical gardening instead. The gly is showing up in all kinds of products and in the livers of entire aforementioned segments of the population at alarming rates yet the government here does nothing, because of Monsanto’s clout. Meanwhile new agronomy studies are showing that widespread use of Glyphosphate also sterilizes the soil, long term. Any country who lets that crap in as a part of either or both agricultural practice or the landscape/gardening industry and hobby is asking to join in on the apocalypse to come. Again, many thanks for the info. I had no idea at all about ICARDA or Syria’s agricultural policies at all. I just assumed, like an ignoramus that Syria was importing it’s food nearly entirely, because of it’s ratio of urbanized settlement to arable available land but something like ICARDA would make sense to anyone trying to govern effectively and in the people’s interest.

Pave Way IV

There’s so much glyphosate in American diets that we would die if we stopped eating it. I’m having a big, steaming mug of Round-Up right now with my breakfast. This is what I look like before my morning fix of Monsanto Magic: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7513c1bfa923929c214bef5b3f96af122fc450d5de57f77ca41bc0c370646786.jpg

Or is that after? Not sure. Don’t judge me, bro…

Ricky Miller

That’s the way I feel after eating our processed chemicalized American foods. I would have a glass of wine to ease the shock of seeing what’s happened to you but the glyphosphate has now been discovered in significant amounts inside American wines. I would buy a Crimean Red instead but can’t because of sanctions. Guess I’ll have to go to Crimea and buy some, without the glyphosphate by Russian way of better farming habits. I hope you feel better soon. I would tell you to drink plenty of water and rehydrate but glyphosphate and microplastics are all up in American water. The only way to escape might be tin roofs and rain barrels.


The curators of the seed bank showed considerable courage to ensure the safety of the seeds, driving through a war zone to get to Lebanon. That’s a resource of world-wide importance, not that the head-choppers would give a shit, would probably have made pancakes out of the seeds



Christian S


Wolfgang Wolf

cool….. gatling gun on a truck))))

Assad must stay

yea that was very cool


You’ll need a whole convoy just for ammunition :)

Kell McBanned

Looks like the 12.7mm three barreled one taken off a Hind gunship.

Ingo Adam

Where are the liberated, happy citizens ?!

Ricky Miller

They are in Aleppo. That’s what this campaign is about. So that people in Aleppo can conduct business with the rest of Syria on the highway that the Syrian government built.

Bilal Abdul Kareem

no civilian is happy when the assad gangs have been bombing them and their homes for years. people are fleeing for their lives to the Turkish border to escape the regimes advance.




STFU. Your kind is the one that eats human organs. You’ll make good fertilizer.

Aaron Driver

Everyone that is not a terrorist and the wife and kids of the terrorists tries to escape to the government areas while being shot at by the rebels and rounded up to the turkish borders as organ traffickers take what they need for their fighters and the rest are used as human shields in cages and building and bait for the white helmets to film their videos of rescue and chemical attacks




Idiot. Turkey? Probably…

Gary Sellars

STFU terrorist cunt.

Liberal guy

One thing is for sure scums like are not happy with the saa’s victories as far sunni civillans are concerned almost most and all of them prefer to live under the syrian government regime only except few wahhabis traitors like u want war with the arab country army which is against the zio Israelis since 1948 and is pro Palestine even before 1948.when ur whole wahhabi cowards brothers are biggest leg sucking slaves of the zios. Coward’s fool’s like u are more dangerous than ur masters the idf army for whole humanity and apparently everything. Ciao scum

Bilal Abdul Kareem

this is getting out of hand!!! someone needs to stop these assad gangs! they are still pushing into the free territories!!! Mr. Erdogan, we need your assistance!!


tien the celebrity “journalist” anglo-djihadist writing for south front and child palestinian assasined for headchopper commandant el ZINKI ! alep july 2016! remenber??


Mmmmm, Jihadi tears are yummy. Moar please!

Marvin Joel Zavala López

How’s the weather like in Idlib City Bilal??? I heard there’s not been public beheadings lately


The only assistance that arseholes like you deserve is a kick into the grave you have dug for yourself.


Damn it, Darrell…err, Bilal. Get your arse home, CNN has two “national security” analyst spots reserved for you and Samantha Vinograd Election Night!


If you don’t like the ongoing advance of Assad’s troops to liberate the area from the beheading a..holes, then take your gun or your explosive belt and go down. We will all applaud if they show us your hairy remnants near a mass grave.

Gary Sellars

Stupid Salafi terrorist goat-raper. The only thing getting “out of hand” is the filthy stain of Wahhabi lunacy, but don’t worry. Da Boyz in the heroic SAA will soon get around to cleaning your clock as well.

Just sit in your rabbit hole fondling your captive goats balls and justice will eventually get around to your area of shit-stained Wahhabistan.

Enjoy the fires of Hell you pathetic little maggot.


Some infidel and apostate SAA soldiers coming your way! Funnily enough, they’re still winning –

Kell McBanned

Bilal Syria has many Turkish hostages now in surrounded outposts, the US wont intervine since iran called their bluff, Russia is standing firm no one is going to start WW3 over Idlib, you are doomed geostrategicaly.


marvellous news el eis libered bravo SAA and russia!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d60174087a182f72677a6d08686a3d4d7fbfd2e61a98124270932a93a37ab1c6.jpg


Damn SAA can make collection of Turkish OBS Posts but now they are how many? 10 in SAA grounds! Ottomans add more to save Al-Qaeda, SAA occupy them. LMAO

Kell McBanned

Good to have some hostages, settle Turkey down a bit.

Tudor Miron

AGS-30 (0:43) – nice piece of equipment. Simple, rugged and effective.


I want one :)

Bill Wilson

It appears that HTS is fighting short handed thanks to Erdogan using their allied moderate militias for his adventures in Libya, Afrin and Northern Syria. He’ll need to pony up massive amounts of aid for their families which have been fleeing the fighting to avoid having them revolting against him to either reconcile with Damascus or join the Kurds.

Assad must stay

hopefully the former happens

Peter Moy

The video shows a nice lineup of weaponry: M1938 122 mm. howitzer, BM-21 122 mm. rocket launcher (40 tube). a 7.62 mm. rotary-barrel machinegun (possibly Iranian?), AGS-30 grenade launcher and a 2S1 self-propelled 122 mm. howitzer. Keep exterminating those enemy bastards!

Kell McBanned

Awesome! Next stop Aleppo and cut off the Anadan plains.


M5 first, then secure the environs of Aleppo. Great job SAA!

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