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Syrian Army Liberates 50 Neighborhoods In Eastern Aleppo


Syrian Army Liberates 50 Neighborhoods In Eastern Aleppo

Syrian government forces have liberated 15 neighborhoods in the eastern part Aleppo of Aleppo city in the last 24 hours, the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria announced in a statement on Wednesday.

The operation has reportedly allowed the Syrian Army to evacuate 1,200 residents of the city.

The statement highlightys that the Syrian government “fully control 50 neighborhoods in the eastern part of [Aleppo] that account for 70 percent of the territory that was initially controlled by the militants.”

The center added that 66 militants surrendered to government forces and left for western Aleppo. All they who are local residents were immediately pardoned.




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  • Aleppo will be liberated before the new year it seems.The only way this can drag out are negotiations, UN ceasefires or a militant counterattack from the outskirts of Aleppo.

    • Gregory Louis

      The militants are busy elsewhere in the country they can’t possibly counterattack outside the city again or the process will repeat the pocket is too small to reach now those militants are on their own now

  • BMWA1

    Picking up the pace, be it 15 or 50 (to South Front, I am assuming same difference as padnact-padesat in CZ),

    But in general, thank you for the good work