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Syrian Army Liberated Handariyah Neighborhood of Aleppo. Militants Fleeing Defense Lines

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Few moments ago, the Syrian army and Liwa al-Quds liberated the Handariyah Neighborhood in the northern part of Aleppo city. The neighborhood had been controlled by members of Jaish al-Fatah militant coalition. Yesterday in the same area, government forces seized from militants the Inzarat Neighborhood, the Ba’ideen Roundabout and the Ba’ideen Square.

Local sources indicate that Jaish al-Fatah militants are fleeing their defenses in northeastern Aleppo almost without clashes.

If government forces are able to fully secure the al-Sakhur Neighborhood and reach Bostan al-Basha from the eastern direction, the whole militant defense line in eastern Aleppo could collapse. There are minor chances that Jaish al-Fatah had prepared significant defenses between northeastern and southeastern parts of Aleppo city.

Syrian Army Liberated Handariyah Neighborhood of Aleppo. Militants Fleeing Defense Lines

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Valhalla rising

Nah i am betting they are filing now for a surrender and shipment to Idlib.

Divesh Kumar

When SAA turns to idlib then guaranteed Shipment to hell or turkey


They prepared for this retreat a month ago. But the civilians are controlled by fear and the appearance of weakness has emboldened the civilians to rebel, or spy for the government side.


Retreat to souther part is not a clever idea. Troop density will cause more casualities in encircled areas. They retreat because they dont have much ammo left for heavy waepons such as ATGMs.

Trustin Judeau

Sakhour district is also liberated.I expect by the end of the day the northern part of East Aleppo to be liberated.


Lavrov is ready to proposal humanitarian ceasefire in order to stop the advance of Syrian army and to save one more time the backed terrorist from THE USA .The Judas Iscariot strikes back. https://armenpress.am/eng/news/869548/secretary-kerry-seeks-to-reach-deal-with-russia-over-syria-before-trump-takes-office.html?

Gary Sellars

BS… just foxtrot off with your stupid lies…


Its not the first time that Lavrov stop the advance of Russia army and allies in Syria and the Novorossiya.Be inform better.

Gary Sellars

Pfftt… Russia and Syria were just playing the usual game of calling the bluff of the goat-fuckers and their Yankistani/Saudi/GCC/Turdkey backers. Lavrov has worked tirelessly for this result, and now plans get to unfold.


We will see .Then you not be surprise if Lavrov agree with some new “humanitarian “ceasefire. From Washington post “Our indefatigable outgoing Secretary of State John F. Kerry is engaged in a furious if implausible diplomatic effort to strike a deal with Russia to end the siege of Aleppo. He is motivated not just by the scale of the humanitarian crisis in the Syrian city but also by the prospect that the incoming president will strike a different kind of deal with Moscow, one that abandons the Syrian opposition and places the United States squarely on the side of dictator Bashar al-Assad.

The State Department is not advertising Kerry’s quiet mission, following the quick collapse of the last U.S.-Russia cease-fire agreement he struck. But behind the scenes, Kerry is spearheading a process that seeks to stop the brutal bombing campaign that the Assad regime and its Russian partners are waging in eastern Aleppo, which has included the targeting of hospitals and the siege of a quarter of a million starving civilians.

Four administration officials described the effort to me as a long shot at best, but also the only chance to persuade the Syrian and Russian governments to halt the killing. “We are still actively trying to push it,” one official told me. “We are not giving up on this. We think we need to give it a chance.”

The strategy is to narrow the focus of the negotiations to cover Aleppo only, and to broaden the format to include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and, at times, Iran. The deal would be an agreement by the Syrian opposition to separate from members of the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, or Syrian Conquest Front (and formerly the al-Nusrah Front), whose fighters would leave eastern Aleppo. In exchange, the Assad regime and Russia would end the siege and allow aid to flow.

There have been several meetings between U.S. and Russian diplomats in Geneva to discuss the deal, and Kerry has been conducting bilateral discussions with all the players. He speaks to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about twice a week and met with him this month in Lima, Peru. Kerry met with allies to discuss the plan this month in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

There are already multiple roadblocks. The United States and Russia cannot agree on how many Conquest Front fighters are in Aleppo. Also, there’s a dispute over whether the Assad regime will determine who governs eastern Aleppo if the cease-fire holds. One senior administration official told me that Russia is simply buying time to either achieve its aims militarily or wait for the Trump administration to come in and offer better terms.

“The Russians are trying to force the city to surrender,” the official said. “They only need 60 more days. And they’ll get it.”

Officials acknowledge that a frustrated Kerry still has not been given authority by the White House to bring any meaningful pressure to bear against Assad or Russia, placing him in a weak negotiating position. The prospect of Hillary Clinton being elected president gave Kerry some leverage, because she was expected to pursue a more hawkish Syria policy, officials said.

That measure of hope all but vanished when Donald Trump won the election. Why would Moscow cut a deal with Kerry when Vladi­mir Putin can wait two months and cut one with Trump, who campaigned on a promise to work with Russia? Trump seems to agree with Putin that the Syrian opposition can’t be trusted and that Assad remaining in power is better than the alternative.“

John Whitehot

actually your link says it’s Kerry that is ready to ask for an agreement on his knees.

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