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Syrian Army Liberated Half Of Al-Mayadin City (Map)

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Syrian Army Liberated Half Of Al-Mayadin City (Map)

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The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units, led by General Suheil al-Hasan, are advancing in the  western and southern parts of al-Mayadin city in the Euphrates Valley.

Following a series of firefights with ISIS, the SAA has liberated Balum, Balout, the Electrical sub station, the Taybah school and other points in the southern and western part of the city.

About a half of Mayadin is under the government control.

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Encircled against the river. GREAT JOB SAA ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bfb02fa32d9814038af6c41e03d60869ae1d35ea1594c74b8368b793b1bcc7f2.jpg


Very good Tigers



Solomon Krupacek


DJ Double D

As at the night of October 11, close to 60% liberated not 50% unless there was successful ISIS counterattack which didn’t seem to be.


While in itself any progress is to the best, there remains a huge gap between the SAA report on sunday the city was empty and going to be taken the next day and the present report, 4 days later, with the city only taken more or less 50%.

It seems the city was not empty after all. SDF reports huge number of civillians fleeing towards their lines, many out of Mayadin.


Is that the same SDF whose reports about their progress within Raqqa also differs from day to day?

Truth is the first casualty in war, and the SDF is no exception to that. In fact since the SDF is in competition to Assad anything it says in that regard is suspect.


SDF is not in competition with SAA.

That’s just a figment dreamed up by a few misguided Assadi fans online; truth is: SDF has been tactical ally of SAA for years now.

It was YPG forces that broke siege of Aleppo by seizing Costello Road & Tel Rifaat Corridor cutting off the rebel attack on city of Aleppo.


YPG and SAA have been allies for years , but when they allowed the US to take them over via their SDF rebrand , they suddenly are in collusion with the enemy. Hopefully they will realize their error and withdraw from the SDF .


Different times, back then. The Rojava YPG were still fighting somewhere in the east against ISIS, and the Afrin YPG, to which I count the YPG forces in Aleppo, were fighting against Turkish supported ‘moderate’ rebels. That made them allies to the SAA. Ironically enough that still hasn’t changed for the Afrin Kurds. But those seem to have been forgotten by the rest of the SDF.


Expect to see a joint SAA & SDF action to try and take the city of Idlib before the Turk Invasion that began yesterday can capture Idlib City.

As predicted, Turks are flooding into Idlib with thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks — after supporting jihadis with arms training & money for 6 years; now Turks are just walking into Syria unopposed.

It is folly to believe that Turks will leave Idlib once they establish an occupation.

*Also, Internet Assadis like @Partisangirl have really ramped up their anti Kurdish rhetoric when it is not supported by the facts on the ground.

** it’s unavoidable that there will be extremists on every side pushing agendas, but such views are counterproductive.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You were already called out on your being fake and distorting the truth by SouthFront so please don’t insinuate that they put out propaganda as they explained, learn to read carefully it helps you understand the article better.

Gary Sellars

Be silent terror-sympathiser…. no-one here wants to read your BS.


There are actual clips every day of refugees going to the SDF to be saved. Before calling people names…..

Marinos Ricudis

Be silent terror-sympathiser…. no-one here wants to read your BS.


True. From the maps we’ve seen including this one, SAA has only taken lightly inhabited western outskirts & not entered the actual city of Mayadeen. It’s a far different situation Tha what was described by Assadi media that 1st day that SAA had taken the city.


Of course ISIS will try to hold Mayadan. The Sunday article was just a single unconfirmed article from ANNA news. Learn to check your sources :/

Gary Sellars

Funny how the absurd optimism of a single reporter gets translated into “Assadist media”…. with the inevitable suggestion that Assad is a “liar”…

These anti-Assad/Russia HATO fan-boi types are so predictable.

Valery Grigoryev

Better to cross Euphrates across the Mayadeen, and to make there a stronghold near Omar oilfields. Our aircrafts and special forces must help. Then to capture the road along Euphrates, both east and west sides. Sorry, bros, while I feel myself as a football fan, being not a strategist…I am just Russian.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The bridge there is damaged at the far northern point towards the north bank and rebuilding that section would be easy. They need to enclose the area as there are reports of fighters coming from Azerbaijan, the ISIS al Ahd 1000 fighters are already there,they must have come thru the US zone.

Deo Cass

If the Syrian government troops succeed in taking control of the Mayadeed bridge, than that would make life easy for the SAA since it leads directly to the road to the Omar fields.

Gary Sellars

Bridge has been bombed by the Koalition


You made good effort; but it is All easier said than done. Oil Fields have some strategic value but are almost tactically useless–especially when your forces are overextended and vulnerable to counterattack.

SAA has still failed to take Dez City & Saqr Island despite crossing the Euphrates at Dez, so splitting forces further is risky without reward.

Total SAA force in Dez region is probaby only 7,000 to 10,000 troops. And a good chunk of that is now 20 miles South at Mayadeen.

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