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Syrian Army Liberated Aleppo City

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On December 12, government forces made significant advances inside the city and pushed the al-Nusra-led “opposition” to accept the withdrawal agreement.

Militants will be allowed to move from the eastern Aleppo pocket to the ‘Anadan plains.

Right now some militant units are still remaining in the city. But they are not able to resist to the army.

The Syrian Defense Ministry will announce officially the liberation of Aleppo as soon as the rest of militants leaves the area under the agreement or by force.

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I have said this before and I know many will disagree, but I continue to maintain that the correct place for surrendered combatants in a POW camp not safe passage so they have to be fought all over again.


I would agree but there was always two very glaring problems for the SAA … limited manpower on its side and civilian population / potential hostages on the militants.’ These are reasons it took so much time to reduce the East Aleppo pocket. Despite the obvious end, the SAA simply couldn’t afford the attrition and bad publicity.


I don’t want to argue this point. This is what happens and I am only a very distant observer. I am only making this response to make the point that the SAA will never get anything other than bad publicity in the west.

BongBong Chu

Also, this is THEIR city, destroying the city to liberate it has to be minimized.

Unfortunately, thousands of former fighters, proficient in shooting and improvised explosives and with severe post traumatic stress disorder will be a global problem for decades to come.


They won’t fight again in Syria, they will fight EU girls on badly lit streets. That’s a win-win for Russia and Assad.


Than they first have to stand in line behind the native male citizens wanting to fight native girls on badly lit streets. Because these are still the majority in crime statistics. Actually this goes for all the different kind of crimes – what a shame for all da little racists if solid figures prove them wrong.


In Sweden, well over 90% of rapes are due to Muslim migrants, who make up a comparatively tiny proportion of the population. The stats don’t lie Fraggy, you do.

Ole Johansen

This is the reason for what is going on in Sweden. And its as simple as that…



Ha they used her exact words in this – brilliant!



Government murder statistics are reliable. In murder cases you can’t deny the crime because the body is physical evidence.

Government rape/sexual assault statistics are not reliable. They are very vulnerable to under/over reporting for cultural and political reasons. Julian Assange’s case in Sweden is a strong example of a foreigner being hunted down for an offence native Swedish men are not prosecuted for.



Well said – and its all been planned for 100 years at least.


Actually i heard a while ago that the 99% of crimes in sweden are not done by immigrants or refugees but they sure do get a spotlight on them if one refugee does something wrong and no in sweden the term “rape” is very loose so it may not have to have physical sex at all so…




Well we have some 6-7% on non-Western migrants here (at least one parent not born in a Western country) and they make up 63% of our prison population. Migrants of the third, fourth etc generation of which there are another 9-10% are counted as native Dutch for political reasons. http://statline.cbs.nl/StatWeb/publication/?VW=T&DM=SLNL&PA=82321NED&LA=NL You have poor figures or are simply lying. Migrants are vastly over representated in crime figures.


I always, always agree with that sentiment Pauly boy, but ultimately Palmyra changes everything; they need every available man there, and with 1000(?)+ militants now in a tiny, tiny area of Aleppo, the danger of casualties to the SAA were now quite high, so it’s safer to chuck them out to Idlib, which is a more open area and easier to kill them later. And it’s good to give them the green buses now than just a few days ago, because thousands have surrendered before today, so the threat from the ones let go today is much lower than it could’ve been. Now onwards to Palmyra!


I don’t disagree with you and would not want to make an argument on this point. What jars me about these arrangements is that they only come when the moderates are totally exhausted. They could have had this agreement sometime ago and no doubt spared much destruction and killing. But no they go on doing as much damage as possible . I suspect that they only make these arrangements when they are out of ammunition and seek to save their skins. But all this is just coming from my emotional reaction rather than anything else.


It is indeed weird that they wait until the militants are doomed. I just think that the SAA heads are dumb, thus the need for foreign commanders to steer the war in better directions.


WHAT “MODERATES?” There are NO moderates. They could NOT have had this agreement sometime ago, because the US handlers would not allow it until all was lost and there was no choice.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Paul, I thought and felt on the same way. But, there is another aspect observers, that never experienced civil war in their personal reality (I did, but long time ago), are missing. Once failed, surrendered and/or made any other “save-my-ass” agreement with the government forces: militants become low-enthusiastic fighter – in many cases the most of them try or do leave the movement, militia / war and become depressive civilian. Even if such militants stay on-the-line and keep enough of fanatical delusions live and well in their minds – other militants, that never had to betray ideals will never trust completely the first ones – this is one of factors that grows time to time clashes between various jihadist fractions. Once compromised they become generator of internal conflict. Keep in mind that “the opposition” are jihadists, not nationalists or simple mercenaries: self-respect and ideology play huge role in their modus operandi. Every “leave-the-area” deal is actually another psychological warfare bombshell delivered by SAA.


There is probably a lot of truth in what you say and I think there is some evidence what you suggest does happen.


Yes ive wondered about this myself and great to hear someone talk about this thank you. So basically the freed terrorists become yet another disparite group to be managed in Idlib, perhaps reduced to local defense type troops like NDF.


Better than a POW camp the terrorists are nicely gathering in Syria in one place. Easier to terminate all these roaches, no need to chase them down.


I hope SAA will inspect the militants very closely before letting them go… It would be interesting which people really try to escape Allepo after their defeat. Some US instructors? Some actors and directors of the White helmet’s propaganda films?

gfsdyughjgd .

Don’t let them go kill them all it is NATO war.Let bank I moon cry until his funny face eyes open to see the world.North Korea,Russia,Iraq,IranLibya,Afghanistan,Lebanon,Syria and other are oppressed by the sanction which he sign off in favour of Nato.


It’s official, the last hold outs have thrown in the towel. And they will not get bus ride all the way to Idlib, they will be dumped in SW Aleppo area. Maybe the Jihadist didn’t have enough money for bus fare? Lets drop more white phosphorus on ISUS to help celebrate.

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