Syrian Army Launches New Operation To Control Ithriyah-Resafa Road


On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces began a military operation aimed at securing the strategic Ithriya-Resafa road.

The SAA aims to end the presence of ISIS fighters in the remaining villages in the eastern Aleppo countryside and to reduce the frontline from 250 km to 60 km in the area. This will greatly help the SAA at the start of its advance from Resafa to Al-Sukhna or Deir Ezzour.

The SAA managed to repel an ISIS attack on its positions in Sousah village south of Maskana town. The SAA also recovered some positions that it had previously lost.

From its side, ISIS claimed that it targeted an SAA gathering in Khirbat Zeidan village in the southern Tabqah countryside. According to ISIS, the attack led to the destruction of a battle tank and the killing and wounding of Syrian soldiers.

Moreover, a video showed that SAA managed last week to capture a large tank ISIS workshop in Resafa town. It appears that the workshop included at least 9 tanks which the SAA captured or destroyed. The SAA was also able to prevented ISIS fighters from moving military equipment from Resafa.

It is expected that SAA operation at the Ithriyah-Resafa road will soon end, with most ISIS fighters already withdrawing from the area as a result of their heavy losses in the eastern Aleppo countryside.



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