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Syrian Army Launches New Ground Attack In Southeast Idlib


Late on January 18, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched yet another ground attack in the southeastern countryside of Idlib.

Opposition sources said that army troops are now attempting to storm the hilltop of Mustayf. Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies recaptured the hilltop and two nearby towns in the last two days following a series of successful counter-attacks.

HTS’s news network, Iba’a, confirmed that heavy clashes are taking place around Mustayf, claiming that that the SAA is sustaining losses.

Syrian Army Launches New Ground Attack In Southeast Idlib

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The ongoing attack on Mustayf appears to be limited. So far, no Syrian or Russian airstrikes has been reported in the region.

The attack could be nothing more than reconnaissance by fire in preparation for a wider attack. The SAA’s 25th Special Forces Division, previously known as the Tiger Forces, has been amassing its troops in southeast Idlib for the last two weeks.

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  • Tchoutoye

    Give it another push Tigers, the game-changing M5 is within reach.

  • Z.P.

    Pompeo’s New War, Two Christian Archbishops Killed at White House Orders…in Syria

    As a partner to both Israel and the extremist rulers of Saudi
    Arabia, the CIA under Trump’s guidance has begun to slaughter Christian
    leaders across the Middle East, kidnapping, drone assassinations, car


    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      The US ended all support for Nour al-Din al-Zenki nearly five years ago, and it ended support for the FSA back before may/june last year, so Erdogan’s their new boss now and has been since the US gave them both the sack.
      And with all your numerous BS posts you haven’t even mentioned once what the Uighurs are doing to the Christian population in Idlib, so if you want to talk about atrocities against Christians why don’t you mention what Erdogan’s pets are doing as well, instead of using an obvious piece of BS propaganda that uses antiquated information to substantiate it’s narrative, “Trump’s slaughtering Christian leaders across the ME”, LOL.
      Yes at one stage the US did have Nour al Zinki and the FSA on the payroll, but even that depraved Obama ended up sacking al Zenki because they were way too bloodthirsty and becoming a liability, and Trump sacked the FSA because they refused to put down their weapons and reconcile with the Syrian government, he announced in the media that the FSA shouldn’t count on US support if they chose to fight against the Syrian government during the Daraa/Quinetra campaign, and then happily sat back and watched Russia and the SAA kick their butts, 25,000 of those ex FSA fighters have now been conscripted into the SAA.
      So what in the hell makes you think Trump’s slaughtering Christians, I hope it’s not that delusional piece of rash you linked, LOL, you sound just as insane as one of those bitter twisted one eyed Serbs, you know those ones that went mad after the civil war.
      “the CIA under Trump’s guidance has begun to slaughter Christian
      leaders across the Middle East, kidnapping, drone assassinations, car
      The CIA under Trump’s guidance has begun to slaughter Muslim
      leaders across the Middle East, kidnapping, drone assassinations, car
      bombs, airstrikes in Idlib which resulted in 40 terrorist leaders killed with one bomb], and a 5 mill bounty placed on 3 terrorist leaders heads, yawn.
      The only person making life hell for the Christians and the other minorities in Syria is Erdogan, if you want to blame someone for allowing them to be murdered it’s him alone you should be pointing the finger at, you’re just prone to believing absurdly weird conspiracy theories if you believe Trump’s having them slaughtered, and as mad as a rabbit.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    A limited ground attack with no air support, mmm, that’s just what the local civilian population needs, that’s if they want to make a quick run for it, so it’s time to get out while they can [that’s if they want to], because they may not be able to once airstrikes resume, so while the terrorists are busy with the SAA the civilians should take advantage of it.

  • Vitex

    Success depends on whether you end up being pushed back by Blackwater / Delta Force / Mista’arvim / Turkish Spec Ops or not

  • Xoli Xoli

    This great move has a negative impact on Putin and Erdogan plan.Soon their will call ceasefire to enable terrorists to kill SAA.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Meanwhile the brave and determined Ansarallah in Yemen have killed over 60 Saudi vermin and their mercenaries in one strike.

    Some 60 mercenaries and Saudi forces who have
    occupied parts of Yemen have been killed in a missile attack by the
    country’s ruling Houthi Ansarullah movement.

    Saudi state television said late on Saturday that the attack by
    Houthis had targeted a military camp occupied by forces from Saudi
    Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries operating under a
    Saudi-led coalition in Ma’rib.

    Various reports, including from users on the social media, said the
    number of fatalities had exceeded 60 people as they cited accounts from
    the military hospital in Ma’rib which had issued a distress call for
    blood donation.

  • xTheWarrior22

    I hope the SAA will first liberate Maarat al-Numan, then advance NW of Abu al-Duhur to liberate Khan Subul, Maarat Dibsdah and Saraqeb and finally liberate the Aleppo section of the M5 highway. Then the Jihadis only control small parts of the highway without having any stronghold on it and this should ease the battle for the SAA. After the M5 highway, the M4 should be next to create a huge pocket south of it.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      İnşallah King warrior inşallah kısmet