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Syrian Army Launches New Attack Against ISIS Cells In Al-Safa


Syrian Army Launches New Attack Against ISIS Cells In Al-Safa

Illustrative image

A source in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) told SouthFront on October 14 that the army and former fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) launched a new attack on the remaining ISIS cells in the heavily fortified area of al-Safa, north of the governorate of al-Suwayda.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the SAA liberated a large part of Qabr al-Shaikh Hasan in al-Safa following heavy clashes with ISIS terrorist there. Prior to the army advance, the artillery and rocket launchers shelled several positions of the terrorist group in the area.

From its side, the ISIS news agency Amaq reported that the terrorist group’s fighters ambushed two units of the SAA in al-Safa. As a result, a BMP-1 armored vehicle was damaged and two personnel of the SAA were killed.

Three days ago, local sources reported that Russian forces in Syria will support a new attack by the SAA, local fighters and former FSA fighters on al-Safa. Back then, the sources said that Russia will provide ammunition, reconnaissance and close air support.

The new attack is aimed at liberating al-Safa and at freeing around 30 civilian hostages, who were abducted by ISIS fighters during a brutal attack in last July.



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    Hopefully ISIS is ready to crack.
    This has been going on for too long.
    Destroy the rats! :)

    • Frederick Stopford

      My thoughts as well, that little pocket in Al-Safa can’t seem to be eradicated for good? It seems to be a spawning point for these terrorists.

    • Ed

      I’m not so sure! They seem to be putting up a good fight and kicking arse all over the place at the moment!

    • Sinbad2

      Really ISIS is just a brand. The CIA is constantly training terrorists, ISIS al Qaeda etc it’s just like Chevrolet or Cadillac, they are mostly the same and are owned by the same people

  • BMWA1

    In other news, Telegraph reports bone-chilling encounters between Arctic-deployed NATO forces and Russian aircraft which are ‘flying closer to our warships than is normal’, as in, probably a lot closer than ships deployed, say, off Dogger Bank. Phew.


    Reminder for X-mas list,Atlases for NATO HQ.

    • PZIVJ

      Could be Russian forces are taking part in this exercise to play red team.
      To make it more realistic and exciting, not just a winter ski vacation for the NATO troops.
      I hope the Dutch brought some warm clothes. :D

  • Drogba

    Zionist rats

  • Ed

    I really don’t understand how Amaq is still broadcasting?!!! Surely in this day and age with the appropriate technology it wouldn’t be too difficult to track down the source and destroy it?!?!?!

    • PZIVJ

      I believe Saudi Arabia would be the target. :)

      • Marko

        Perfect !

    • gustavo

      Of course not, it is very easy to do that, but the source must be located in some USA-Israel-NATO protected country.

  • Justin

    What a great training exercise for Russian military! without doubt they will use Russian Special forces for this! If successful, will make great headlines!

    • RichardD

      Do you want them to anally rape and murder the pows with an axe for your “entertainment”? Evidently that’s the type of depravity and crimes against humanity that your sick and twisted mind finds amusing.

      • Sinbad2

        You mean give them the full Abu Ghraib treatment?
        I think the US owns the intellectual property rights on that, but they might grant a licence.

        • Justin

          It only needs to be enough to keep Russia and Putin feeling good about their help for Syria! They took on everyone and came out on top!

      • Justin

        are u still butt hurt?
        u seem to be!
        nothing is going to save u from ur stupidty!
        Over the next few months, im going to be the first person to comment on many posts! More and more people are going to see how dumb u are and more and more people are going to see how AWESOME i am with what i said and did to DucthNational!

        U are just another victim of my awesomeness!
        Be careful for my future traps! ill be screen capturing EVERYTHING!


        • jorge


        • RichardD

          Trap, like your insane F-35 rants? I’ve never seen the adolescent sci-fi movie that you rave about, and neither have probably 95% of the people visiting this site. Because I don’t pollute my mind with the type of sitcom trash that you’re obsessed with. I’d never heard of a flux capacitor, and neither has practically anyone reading your insanity.

          I looked it up and saw that it cross referenced with the sci-fi movie. So I exposed your disinformation. And then you went crazy spamming these threads with your moronic stupidity.

          • PZIVJ

            This is a good defense, but the 95% could be more like 30% ?
            The more you reply to Justin, the more he will try to irritate you.
            And this BS will never stop !

          • RichardD

            70% of SF’s visitors have seen a corn ball US scifi movie from 1985? I don’t think that anywhere near 70% of the US population, let alone 70% of SF’s visitors, many or most whom aren’t Americans, have seen an adolescent scifi movie from over 40 years ago.

            At that time before internet, movies were a big deal, not anymore. Maybe 20% of the US population saw it when it came out, and half of those people are dead. And of the minority of people who have seen it over the past 43 years, what % don’t remember the flux capacitor scene? Probably a lot of them.

            It’s way down the list of most popular, highest grossing, and most watched films. 5% is a lot closer to the number of SF readers that have seen it than 70%. That’s for sure.

            Titanic, which is arguably the most watched film of all time in the US and worldwide, has been seen by most Americans. And by this estimate up to 500 million people worldwide:

            “At the box office, it had made $1.8 billion worldwide, with the number of tickets sold being around 390-400 million tickets. It must also be remembered that many people saw this film multiple times. So, a good estimate would be anywhere from 200-250 million people worldwide. Now, when it comes to worldwide DVD sales and rentals, it has received another $1.2 billion, meaning that anywhere from 60-100 million people bought the DVD or rented it, and the number keeps growing, as Titanic is truly a timeless film. So, all in all, the number of people who have seen the movie Titanic is really, as already stated, impossible to know, but a good estimate would be from 300-500 million people”

            – How many people have seen the movie Titanic? –


            On this site Back to the future is #69 in the US and doesn’t even make the top 100 list worldwide:

            – ALL-TIME
            BOX OFFICE TOP 100 –


            So if less than 10% of the population of the planet have seen the most watched movie of all time. What percentage have seen a flick that doesn’t even make the top 100 worldwide? Far less than 1%.

            Justin is a head case, and a malevolent one at that.

          • PZIVJ

            Do you want to argue % numbers here ?
            More like how many people using the internet also watch old films!
            It’s a big percentage I would think. :)

          • RichardD

            Sure. How many old films are there to watch and how many see 1 out of many thousands from 43 years ago? Cumulatively maybe a few % at most.

          • PZIVJ

            You 2 should stop polluting this site with your frickin BULL SHIT. :)

          • RichardD

            60 to 70% of the people who saw that movie in theaters are dead, and of those that aren’t, a substantial percentage either don’t remember seeing it, or can’t remember what was in it. The numbers for those who’ve seen it outside the theater are similar.

            Judging from the comments on this site, most of the visitors aren’t Americans. Almost none of them have seen it. Your contention that 70% of the people here have seen isn’t even remotely realistic. If it’s above the single digits, I’d be surprised.



          • Justin

            This guy is INSANE!

          • RichardD

            Really, for an almost 50 year old movie? I don’t think so.

          • PZIVJ

            But it is on cable TV this week! LOL

          • RichardD

            Yah, I looked that up. There are also 50,000 Hollywood feature films that have been shown in theaters and when you add comparable made for TV and foreign films the number jumps to 500,000. So the number of total views for a film that ranks like 300 on the world popularity ratings is still in the low single digits.

          • Justin
          • Justin

            This guy is insane!
            He wants to argue statistics about movie attendance so he can win back some pride!
            Im wondering if i should go easy on him!
            Starting to think he might kill himself if i keep going!

          • Justin

            JESUS RichardD!
            Youre now arguing with someone else?

            Do u even know how fucking NUTS u are?
            U LOST!
            Lick ur wounds!
            Become submissive towards me and i will let u keep some respect!

            Submit to me!
            I am far superior!

          • RichardD

            You’re completely insane.

          • Justin

            Insanely AWESOME!

          • Justin

            How crazy is it that he doesnt get it!
            U understand completely!
            But this FOOL, is just giving me so much pleasure!
            i almost feel sorry for him!

          • Justin

            Yet 2 people replied and laughed BEFORE u replied!
            So ure wrong!
            1. Directed by Steven Spielberg
            2. One of the biggest movies of its time (they made 3 of them)
            3. Its almost on par with Star Wars!
            4. If u didnt know what a Flux Capacitor was, why didnt u google it? LAZY!
            5. If someone told me “invisibility is possible via a flux capacitor” id look it up immediately!
            6. ure still butt hurt!
            7. Everyone is gonna have a big laugh at ur expense!
            8. and they’ll say, “Justin Exposed DN, he is exposing RichardD who always thinks he knows EVERYTHING yet was too dumb to know he was being PUNK’D!”
            9. any time u make a comment that people are annoyed with, they are gonna troll u and say, “shut the fuck up RichardD” and they will post a picture of Back to the future! hahahaha
            10. Eventually u will cry because u seem like that typeof person! Maybe u have already?

          • PZIVJ

            “8. and they’ll say, “Justin Exposed DN”
            Dutchnational left this site after Kurds failed badly in Afrin.
            We all knew he was a Kurd spokesman and anti Syrian, you had nothing to do with it. Sorry to burst your bubble. :)

          • Justin

            im trolling him! he cant get over this damn Back to the future thing! Never seen anyone get so upset!


          • RichardD

            You didn’t answer the question coward.

          • PZIVJ

            He is playing you. Why can’t you see that?
            Just walk away from Justin !

          • RichardD

            Playing with me, really? I’ve exposed his lies, sadistic anal fetish, death threats, and now his cowardliness. He’s the one getting whopped, not me.

          • Justin

            Hahahahahaha, must be fun living in ur world!

          • RichardD

            I don’t even have to copy and paste your depravity from previous threads. You readily admit that you’re as perverted, sick and twisted as the heart eating terrorist.

          • Justin

            i Justin, Herby admit (after forgetting and then remembering) that i stated that we should anally rape DutchNational with an axe for supporting ISIS and HTS against the SAA!

            And that i am awesome for saying this!

            And that RichardD is dumb as fuck!

          • RichardD

            No, you’re not awesome, you’re criminally insane.

          • Justin

            Anal fetish!!!

            I love u RichardD!
            thank you for existing!
            U make me laugh every day!

          • RichardD

            So you openly admit that you’re a stark raving mad lunatic and pervert.

          • Justin

            I openly admit i am AWESOME
            AND that ure as dumb as dog shit!

          • RichardD

            If I was dumb I wouldn’t have thoroughly dragged you out to display yourself as the crazed, depraved, criminally insane pervert that you are.

          • Justin

            RichardD, i LOVE THIS!

            i can see how butt hurt u are!
            I can feel ur pain!
            Its awesome!
            ive got so much material on u now!

            i will never stop!

            i have download so much stuff to TROLL u with forever!

            Any time u make a comment, im gonna be ready to post screen shots and ur Back to the future comments!

            i love this RichardD!

          • Justin

            “A typo” RichardD?
            But u made it twice!
            U made the same typo twice yet all other words are correct!
            just a “typo” when u wrote 50?
            the answer is 33 RichardD! How do u make this mistake twice?
            U cant do Math?

            Ahhh u cant do math AND u lied! ahhhhhhhhh
            i see!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3e44123c60f230567ea31fe0f3fddc2d144a5801a947bd2989c4db950d8bd6a.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c55b136ed38df21551e0b637b3eab8a5ab1d006c951a3fb91d6983260259e60.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7dce417969cabd06b8f9284fb4c746686d98c83552f48fc2f7275c6638b72962.png

          • RichardD

            A minor rounding error compared to murdering people by anally raping them with an axe is inconsequential. You’re the depraved Isis level criminally insane lunatic, not me.

          • Justin

            “A minor rounding error”

            33 rounds to 50?

            u said it was a typo though! (which u made twice)

            Now its a “rounding error which therefore = a LIE!

            33 does NOT round to 50 u dumby!
            its LESS THAN 2/3 of 50!

            33 rounds to 34, 35!
            NOT 50!

            40 doesnt come close either!

            45 is still incorrect!

            and 50 is just fucking dumb!

            So now we know THE REAL REASON u didnt understand the “back to the future” joke! IT BECAUSE YOURE A DUMB ASS!! HAHAHAHA

          • RichardD

            Like I said, it’s immaterial. 80 to 99+% of the people on this planet never saw it in theaters. And the numbers dropped rapidly from there.

          • Justin

            yes i am! i want to anally rape all isis (Not just DutchNational) with an axe! i admit this! i would pay money to do it! i would buy the axe myself! i would sharpen it myself. I would but a spare axe just incase one broke! i would tie them up from their legs, upside down, have their legs opened between 2 trees and would swing the axe down into their assholes!


          • RichardD

            DN never committed a crime, let alone an atrocity, and most Isis are just mercenaries who don’t commit atrocities, not stark raving mad criminally insane depraved lunatics like yourself.

          • Justin

            YOU SAID: “most Isis are just mercenaries who don’t commit atrocities”

            Another dumb comment!

            SCREEN SHOT!

            U dont know how dumb u are!

          • RichardD

            Now that I’ve exposed you as being criminally insane and you’ve confessed to it. Tell us about your law enforcement record. Were you a juvenile delinquent? How many times have you been arrested and prosecuted? How many times have you been found guilty of a criminal offense? How many times have you been locked up behind bars? How much time total have you spent in jail?

          • Justin

            “Exposed” me?

            ive exposed u 5 times of lying poor at maths, inventing up stats, falling for a joke because u dont look shit up, being severely butt hurt and many more things!

            im gonna make so much cool editing! People are gonna see all what u have said!

          • RichardD

            You didn’t answer the questions miscreant.

          • Justin

            my wrap sheet is clean! But i was found guilty of being AWESOME! i pleaded guilty to it! There was a witness who saw me being awesome! So i had to admit to it! The Judge (many females) let me off the hook. They told me all i had to do was let 3 girls suck my dick and lick my balls and they’d let me go!

            So…. i agreed!

            lets talk about your submission!

            when u submit, i want u to get down real low and lick my balls! OK?
            want u to look up at me with respect!
            Because u and i know that ure a butt hurt, lying (i got proof) dumb (at math) retard!

            As u know, in life, the dumb serve the smart!
            So get down real fuckin low before u lick my balls!

            OK RichardD?

            Good girl!

          • RichardD

            Your 90% is fiction. Later loser.

          • Justin

            “i would argue 99% of the planet saw star wars and it aired in 1978!
            i would argue that at least 80% of the world has seen Back to the future!”

            Where did i say 90%?

            Again, are u dumb?
            or u just lie for a living?

          • RichardD

            Just how depraved are you, do you admire Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer?

          • Justin

            Those guys can lick my balls!

          • RichardD

            Only someone very depraved would laugh at your level of degeneracy.

          • Justin
          • RichardD

            40 years, 50 years, it’s immaterial, the point is that half the people on this planet weren’t alive when it was in the theaters, a lot of the people who saw it then are dead, don’t remember seeing it, or don’t remember what was in it. There are 500,000 movies competing for viewership worldwide, and after it stopped running the viewership dropped quickly. And that’s just in the US which only has 5% of the planet’s population. 99% of the other people who make up the other 95% of the human race have never seen it.

          • Justin

            “40 years, 50 years, it’s immaterial,”
            YOU SAID IT WAS A TYPO!!!!
            Now its Immaterial?
            So are u admitting it was a lie? or a typo?
            because u didnt make a typo TWICE richard!
            33 is a big difference to 50!

            Ok this changes everything!
            if u are going to LIE or ADMIT to sucking at MATH, then we need to make something clear between us!
            i have a much, much, much, much higher IQ than u!
            i admitted to FORGETTING a post i made but then i ADMITTED to it after u discovered it!


            33 and 50 are very far a part RichardD!
            IN FACT ITS LESS THAN 2/3 OF 50!
            I am screen saving every reply u make to this!
            We need to get to the bottom of this!
            Are u lying? u made a typo twice? its immaterial even though u said it was a typo?

          • RichardD

            You’re a depraved pervert advocating murdering people by anally raping them with an axe. Everyone from POWs to those posting comments that you disagree with. You’re a sick and twisted raving lunatic.

          • Justin

            yes i am! i want to anally rape all isis (Not just DutchNatonal) with an axe! i admit this! i would pay money to do it! i would buy the axe myself! i would sharpe it myself. I would but a spare axe just incase one broke! would tie them up from their legs, upside down, have their legs opened between 2 trees and would swing the axe down into their assholes!


          • Justin

            Youre starting to fade RichardD! Ure getting desperate!
            Youre back to the axe raping thing which i have admitted to writing after u discovered it!
            Now what?
            When will u admit u suck at math or that u lied about a typo u made twice?
            U basically admitted to lying when u said “it rounds up to 40 or 50” hahaha
            which of course it does not!
            But i screen shot all those comments u made so ill be having fun with those!
            U know my style by now! i will highlight what u have said and make a nice little post of forums! Just to let everyone know how dumb u are and how much u bullshit!

            Aaaaah. i just sit here drinking my coffee with a big smile on my face, knowing i can end any credibility YOU THOUGHT U HAD on this site with just a click of a button!

            I love my life RichardD, and u made it better!
            Thanks for being dumb!

          • Justin

            “33 rounds up to 50”

            AAAAAAAA hahahahahahahaha

            “A typo” made twice

            AAAAAA hahahahahahaa

            “40 years, 50 years, it’s immaterial,” (regarding 33 years! Not even close)

            AAAAAAA hahahahahaha

            And then this MORON RichardD posts CLAIMS statistics when he:
            1. says 50 years and not 33 years
            2. sucks at math
            3. claims it was a typo
            4. wrote the typo twice in seperate comments
            5. realises he fucked up and says it 33 rounds up to 50
            6. then says “40 years or 50 years is immaterial” (when the actual years are 33 years)
            7. cant admit to lying
            8. then after lying, sucking at math, making “typo’s” goes on to claim statistics which he has no proof for (1985 movie attendance ANDhow many people have seen the movie in the last 33 years on TV Cable, Netflix, dvd, etc etc) ACTUALLY claims He knows and has stats! ANOTHER LIE!

            RichardD……. youre dumb!
            Yes, yes i want to anally rape isis supporters with an axe!
            BUT YOU…. youre flat out dumb!

          • RichardD

            You found a math error, that doesn’t change the equation.

          • Justin

            i admitted to it! i didnt remmber! But im also proud of it!

            But u made a big error not small! Youre dumb!
            but u admit u made an “error”? u mean a mistake! u cant fix errors!
            whats 2018 -1985?
            RichardD answer: 50! hahaha
            Correct answer: 33

            Richard response: typo
            Justin response: u wrote 50 twice in 2 separate comments

            RichardD response: 33 rounds up to 50! hahahaha
            Justin Response: Ure dumb and u lied

            RichardD response: 40 or 50 its immaterial
            Justin response: 40 doesnt round to 50 either u dumb fuck! a 33 certainly doesnt

            Richard response: OK it was a math error!
            Justin Response: but u said it was a typo!

            RichardD: oh yeah, u caught me in a LIE Justin!
            Justin response: Why do u feel the need to lie?

            RichardD: lets change the subject and get back to u! U said u didnt say ud rape someone with an axe!
            Justin response: i admit to it,i didnt remember

            RichardD: u lied!
            Justin response: i admit to it! how is that a lie?

            RchardD: U hurt my feelings with this back to the future thing u did!
            Justin: Because ure dumb

            RichardD: im not dumb, i just hadnt heard of it and i exposed ur disinfo
            Justin: A joke is not disinfo

            RichardD: i want to change the subject back to u,u lied about saying u wanted to annaly rape DN wth an axe
            Justin: i admit to it, i forgoti said it until u showed me

            RichardD: there are stats (i just invented in my head) that say that not many people saw the movie back to the future
            Justin: its as popular as star wars!

            RichardD: the whole world doesnt watch western movies
            Justin: they are translated, it made a fortune! its on TV, DVD, cable and movies for 33 years! they made 3 of these movies!

            RichardD: but i found stats that say not many people go to movies anymore
            Justin: thats regarding modern years and most people use internet torrents and netflix! plus ts been shown on TV a few times per year! Most people have it in their DVD collection. its free to watch on the internet in multiple languages

            RichardD: Lets change the subject back to u! u lied about what u said about anally raping DN with an Axe
            Justin: RichardD….. youre dumb!

          • RichardD

            Reams of evasion, idiocy and no proof, you’re wasting my time.

          • Justin

            i love this!

            u should see what ive made from ur comments i have screen shot!
            its a fucking master peace!

            gonna be fun!

          • RichardD

            I’ve proven conclusively that 80% of Americans and over 99% of the rest of the people on this planet didn’t see it in theaters. Without proof, especially coming from a criminally insane proven pathological liar like yourself, your baseless claims about Netflix etc. are meaningless. Your 90% claim is absurd.

          • Justin


          • RichardD

            The proof doesn’t lie. I’ve provided plenty, you’ve provided none, because you can’t because 90% is pure fiction.

          • RichardD

            Only a tiny fraction of 1% of non Americans alive today saw the movie in the theater. And half of the Americans alive today weren’t even born. That means that approximately 95% of Americans alive today never saw the movie in theaters. Because only 20% of Americans saw it when it was in theaters in 1985, and they only make up 1/2 of the population today, and roughly 1/2 of those that did see it are dead. And a lot of the other half either can’t remember if they saw it, or don’t remember what was in it.


            – Demography of the United States –


          • Justin

            can u say the same for star wars?
            i would argue 99% of the planet saw star wars and it aired in 1978!
            i would argue that at least 80% of the world has seen Back to the future!

            And ur stats dont mean jack shit!

            i know that almost everyone on this forum has seen it!

            and i would never believe a guy who cant do basic math and lies about it!

            the movie has been around for 33 years! played all the time! 3 movies of it!

            I dare u to say that most of the world hasnt seen star wars!
            u cant!
            same goes for this movie “back to the future!”

            your too dumb!

            lick my balls!

          • RichardD

            You have no proof. I proved my point, you can’t prove yours.

          • Justin

            u proved ure dumb!
            and that u are submitting to me now. i can sense it!

            ure getting weak RichardD!

            the more u post, the more dumb shit u say!
            The more dumb shit u say, the more i screen shot!

            lets keep this going!

          • RichardD

            No 90% proof, no debate.

          • Justin

            100% proof u lied (screen shot)
            100% u suck at math
            100% ure butt hurt
            100% u want to lick my balls!

          • Justin

            Submit! im better than u at this! Youre too easy!

          • RichardD

            Submit, to what, you’re insanity? You really are stark raving mad.

          • Justin

            hahaha, he isnt smart enough to do that! I think he has OCD!

          • Justin

            Hey RichardD, do u get even more butt hurt when i countered ur “movie attendance” statistic with the revelation that Netflix changed this?

            u keep proving to me how dumb u are!

            What happened to u when u were a kid? Why dont u have General knowledge? Why cant u google the answer to questions u dont know?

            Why do u bless me with so much ammunition i can use against u?

            At first i thought u were a bot then i thought u had asbergers! Now i think u have OCD, ADHD and Bi-Polar disorder! haha

            look up CBD oil, it will change ur life! Get well soon!

          • RichardD

            So in your deranged opinion anyone who doesn’t think that your prank, scam, hoax, joke, trap or whatever you want to call it is funny. Is that there’s something wrong with them because they’re not obsessed with and haven’t seen some almost 50 year old Hollywood Jew sitcom scifi movie and that means that they’re stupid compared to a habitually lying criminally insane miscreant like yourself. Which is the vast majority of visitors to this site.

          • Justin

            “almost 50 year old Hollywood Jew sitcom scifi movie”
            1. 1985 is not 50 years a go! its only 33 years a go!
            How is 33 almost 50?/

            Did u just LIE? or am i right about u being DUMB?

            2. Do u hate Jews? Sounds like u do! Are u Anti-Semitic?

            EVERYONE knows “Back to the future”

            U should do a poll! Ask EVERYONE if they know of, or, have seen “Back to the future”! im willing to bet its 90% that have!

          • RichardD

            Given your literacy deficiencies I’m surprised that you even caught a typo.

          • Justin


            “I’m surprised that you even caught a typo.”

            U HAVE MADE 2 REPLIES saying “50 years”!

            OMG i have more material!

            Screen SHOT!

          • Justin


            A “typo” RiichardD? u wrote it twice!
            Are u dumb or a liar?
            Since when do u make Typo’s richardD? i already stated u have PERFECT Writing (spelling etc)



          • Justin

            Everyone is equal to me!

            Except u!

            U are below me in intelligence, general knowledge mathematics and ethical standards when it comes to admitting u forgot and were wrong about something u said!

            U are below me in every way possible!

            Thats why i am awesome and u are a lying dumb piece of shit who makes up stats so he can looks smart!

            Every day, people are going to see how dumb u are with my screen shots!

          • RichardD

            Statistics don’t lie, those people are dead and gone and viewership drops off quickly after the flick is out of the theaters. A few late night reruns for a bunch of coach potatoes doesn’t add up to much. But that’s missing the point anyways. Just because someone hasn’t seen your sitcom scifi flick from almost 50 years ago and doesn’t know what you’re writing about doesn’t make them stupid. Which is the whole premise of your argument. Face the facts moron, most people here haven’t seen your stupid movie and think that you’re a complete head case, which you are.

          • Justin

            33 years is not 50 years!
            u always lie!
            Are u a JEW?
            back in 1985, everyone went to the movies
            most people had it in their DVD collection
            it is re-run on TV, Netflix, etc!
            3 movies were made!
            And u must be poor, dumb and stupid to not know about it OR not google it after u first reply!
            lol, u wanted me to send u video evidence! AND I DID! HAHAHAHAHAHA

            u fell for it like a dumb ass!
            Then ur robotic reply was so awesome because i got to warn people about BOTS (a noble thing to do if u ask me) and at the same time, they get to see ur replies and how FUCKING DUMB U ARE!


          • RichardD

            You’re the one on the level of Isis, not me. And what’s worse, you’re proud of it.

            No everyone here hasn’t seen it and doesn’t have it in their DVD collection. A lot of the people here aren’t even Americans. Your mistaking your head being in the dumbed down Jew media gutter for the average person who doesn’t share your adolescent sitcom obsession. The days of 20% of the population seeing a theater movie are long gone. And so are a lot of the people who saw that flick in the theater pre internet days in 1985 at the peak of it’s viewership. Which dropped rapidly after that.

          • Justin

            If ur name is Richard, u are Western!
            Anyone from America, canada, australia, new zealand, south africa, europe, russia, israel etc etc would have seen it!

            only poor people, or dumb people dont understand!

            if u know what star wars is, u know what back to the future is!
            its that simple!

          • RichardD

            Maybe 20% of the US population saw it in theaters. It was far less anyplace else. That means that 80% didn’t see it in the US and 90 to over 99% didn’t see it on the rest of the planet. After it was out of the theaters viewership dropped precipitously.

          • Justin

            YOU SAID “statistics dont lie”
            But we both know u do! lol 50 rounds to 33 hahaha, a typo made twice!
            u just pulled these statistics out of ur ass!
            Ure DUMB, u lie, u cant do basic math, and u make up stats from 1985? U think u KNOW how many people went to see this movie in 1985? u think u know how many people have seen this movie EVER?

            DUMB LIAR!

          • RichardD

            You’re welcome to prove that more than 20% of the US population and 0 to 10% of the rest of the planet saw it theaters. I’ve looked. Those are fairly accurate numbers. 80 to 99+% of humanity never saw it in theaters depending where on the planet you were.

          • Justin

            U made the statistic up!
            1. Send me a link or screen shot that proves that in 1985, how many people went to the movies!
            2. Send me a stat that proves that most of the world (i already stated which countries, i doubt africa or middle east seen it) didnt see this movie that has existed for 33 years!

            u cant.
            u made it up!
            u lie again!

          • RichardD

            The point is that according to you, anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, which is most of the people here, or doesn’t think that your insanity is funny, which is most of the people here. Are somehow inferior to you. You’re a head case.

          • RichardD

            I did look it up, I didn’t think that it was funny, and I exposed it as disinfo. Try answering the question coward, yes or no.

          • Justin

            Wich Question? The ultimate question?
            The answer to the Universe?
            Ahh ok, the answer is 42!
            If u dont believe me, Google it!

            Oh u mean the POW thingy?
            Yes we should capture all isis kidnappers and rape them with an axe! 100%! They probably raped the women so why not rape and kill them at the same time! They are gonna be killed anyway! Plus they think they are getting 72 virgins so they might be looking forward to being killed! So why not give them a painful death! I think if we gave the women who they raped THE AXE, they would do it for us! We wouldnt have to do jack shit!

          • RichardD

            So you admit that you’re you’re as depraved and criminal as the terrorists. And that you and they share the same criminally insane mindset.

          • Justin

            I admit that i am AWESOME for saying those things!
            And u should admit how foolish u were to fall for “Flux Capacitor”! Hahahahaha

          • RichardD

            No you admit that you’re as sick in the head as Isis.

        • RichardD

          You didn’t answer the question miscreant. Do you want the pow’s murdered by anally raping them with an axe, like you threatened to do to someone posting comments here that you disagree with by getting their IP address and hunting them down? A simple yes or no answer will do.

  • AM Hants
  • gustavo

    If Russia ground troops, intelligent, and air force are involve, this will finish rather soon. However, if only SAA forces are involve, this will last forever.

  • That Guy

    ISIS is remaining indeed, but expanding?…. not sure, but we will wait to see what the future hides.