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Syrian Army launches biggest attack on key military base in southern Aleppo


Syrian Army launches biggest attack on key military base in southern Aleppo

AlMasdarNews reports: Aleppo, Syria (1:45 A.M) – Minutes ago, the Syrian Armed Forces launched their biggest attack on the Aleppo Artillery Academy, capturing the imperative hilltop that overlooks the military installation from its southern flank.

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Armed Forces seized Tal Al-Aqra`, a large hilltop that was under the control of Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) since the day they captured the Aleppo Artillery Academy.

A Tiger Forces officer told Al-Masdar tonight that the Syrian Armed Forces are steadily attacking the Artillery Academy, while the Russian Air Force bombards the jihadist rebels at several sites nearby.

The Aleppo Artillery Academy is a strategic base that is situated inside the Al-Ramouseh District; it is imperative to the Syrian Army’s High Command because of its proximity to the government’s original supply route to the provincial capital of Aleppo.



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  • Grieved

    Go, Tigers! You have a good week before the ceasefire starts to come into play, if it even does – and anyway it won’t interfere with your work. Drive the rats outside of the city. The planes are waiting.

    And the whole world awaits its time to visit the ancient nation of Syria, finally at peace. All praise to all the fighters for this cause.

    • Tom Johnson

      You need to read about the history of Aleppo.

  • MeMadMax

    The night always favor the SAA and the air force…

    Get those defenses up and settled before morning sets in!

  • Ram Aryal

    several rounds of SAA offensive have failed and this is also bound to fail

  • Escapos

    Even if they close the gap… i’m afraid the lines are to thin to hold them again.