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Syrian Army Launches Ballistic Missile At Militants’ Positions In Western Idlib

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched on January 2 afternoon a tactical ballistic missile at militants’ positions in the so-called Greater Idlib region.

Opposition activists said that the missile landed in the outskirt of the town of Bidama in the western Idlib countryside.

According to the available information, a Soviet-made OTR-21 Tochka missile armed with a cluster warhead was likely used in the strike. The missile has a range between 70 – 185 km depending on the variant and a circular error probable (CEP) smaller than 70m.

A few minutes after the missile strike, a Facebook page affiliated with the SAA’s 25th Special Forces Division, previously known as the Tiger Forces, released a photo showing the launch of an OTR-21 missile at militants’ positions in Idlib.

Syrian Army Launches Ballistic Missile At Militants' Positions In Western Idlib

Click to see full-size image.

A day earlier, the SAA launched an OTR-21 missile at militants’ positions near the town of Sarmin in southeastern Idlib. Activists claimed that at least 9 civilians were killed in the strike.

The army’s new missile strike on Bidama didn’t result in any civilian casualties, according to local sources. The strike was likely a response to the militants’ recent attack in southeast Idlib.

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Well, that is a war, and Syria has the right to use whatever weapons it has to keep its territory and get rid of terrorirsts.

Xoli Xoli

Surely indeed

Azriel Herskowitz

This is a clear war crime by the butcher regime. Using ballistic missiles to target civilians is just plain wrong.

Aleks Chernyy

your trolling is boring


Leading the fight…hahahahacomment image

Aleks Chernyy

That guy isnt even jewish, he is just some idiot troll

John Wallace

Yes he just says things to get everyone wound up and excited . Either that or he is a masochistic who love shit being thrown at him. Should be taken to a dairy farm and they can crank up the shit dispersal machine and bury him in it. Takes all sorts of people to make a world .


This is Jacob Wohl. He also runs the Simon Bernstein, Avi Schwartz, Larry Rabinowitz PH.d accounts. He even admitted that here: https://isis.liveuamap.com/en/2019/29-november-the-sdf-backed-by-the-coalition-carried-out-a


damn!!!! damn the guy have some serious issues xD.


I remember asking him what happened to Simon Bernstein (his 2nd account) and he said: “I’m not affiliated to Semen Bernstein, he’s just a friend who shares common views with me”.

John Wallace

:-)) Is that his trainer dildo Issam.


Indeed. or probably it’s his UAV controller used to target the IRGC terrorist hahaha


Man, what a Rocket nose.


So? What is the international community going to do about it? Arrest Assad? LMAO. No one has done anything to stop the SAA other than Turkey and its terrorist Flee Syrian Army and ISIS friends.The Idlib pocket will soon be in Assad’s hands. Then it is Afrin/al-Bab pockets next.

Hasbara Hunter

Bomb the F*ck out of these Filthy AngloZioNazi Headchopping Parasites….turn’m into Dog-Chow…Dog-Chow turns into Dog-Shit & this will fertilize Idlibistan…Circulair Economy…Yangeese-Dollars turned into Dog-Shit….

Wayne Nicholson

You’re talking out your ass.

If you follow the USA’s definition of an “unlawful enemy combatant” then there are no civilians in a war …. all you have to do is say they were supporting enemy combatants and you can kill them, torture them or just throw them in jail to rot innocent or guilty.

Like the USA Syria is not signatory to the CCW so cluster munitions used on “unlawful enemy combatants” is perfectly legal …. just like it is for the USA.

Hasbara Hunter

The U.S. is doing this since 1776…they are a pretty Genocidal Entity…tryin’ to Conquer the Entire Planet…The New World Order… The American Dream & the Rest can live in a Nightmare…

AzrieI Herskowitz

“You’re talking out your ass.” That is correct. Excessive flatulence, I just can’t stop it….

John Wallace

Well you can stop it . It is caused by sucking too much dick Azriel.. or you can get Jacob to plug the hole.

John Wallace

I agree and targeting civilians by any method is not only wrong but a war crime. America must stop doing it now. I know they refuse to be held to account by the War Crimes Tribunal by not recognising its jurisdiction but it doesn’t make it right to continue . It doesn’t make it right when they want to incarcerate Assange for showing an American helicopter machine gunning civilians on the ground then machine gunning the people who turned up to take the survivors to hospital and by doing so butchered two young children sitting in the van . Have you seen that Azriel ??.. I have . Two reporters with hand cameras was the excuse used to open fire. So yes I agree with you .. targeting civilians IS just plain wrong.


You would make a great troll. just saying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

John Wallace

To Troll the Trolls . :-)) Would be like talking to a brick wall. They have no interest in the truth or a discussion. They just have an agenda to push and block their ears and close their eyes. I notice when they are not here there are interesting discussions going on but when they are lots turn their attention to them , me included so might be a better idea to ignore them. They just love the abuse coming back and makes them feel important and useful.. Maybe this year a few more people will come to understand the bullshit they are being fed is just that and join those that have railed against it.. 2020 vision is supposedly the best isn’t it , let’s hope 2020 brings vision to more in the world.

Sylvain Jeuland

Please read again : “The army’s new missile strike on Bidama didn’t result in any civilian casualties, according to local sources.”

John Wallace

Azriel doesn’t care about the truth or what the report says. That is irrelevant and nothing to do with his comments. No connection between the two whatsoever.


John just look at that crappy little picture which is used by the Assad propaganda machine

Just look at it!

Its like something a desperate twelve year old would put together


Who are the local sources?

,well by definition they must be the enemy unless Assad has taken to firing missiles at his own side!

sounds like BS to me, certainly you wouldn’t entertain this if it was coming from the Americans, that’d be BS and propaganda wouldn’t it!

Azriel Herskowitz

Glad to hear there’s someone with some sense here. Most people here are anti-Israel, anti-American and just attack if you don’t agree with them.

John Wallace

Where have you gone Azriel ?. Has Jacob dropped his trousers and you have the bar of soap. Come back when you have finished , although I think “return” might be a better word to use in this instance.

The Man

F*ck off, Yid!


But hiding aircraft behind Russian Surveillance planes whilst undergoing clandestine attacks in Idlib and therefore killing the Russian aircraft isnt?
Wasnt the smartest move, just gave Putin the excuse to bring in much more hardware!
Gave the S-300 to the Syrian’s!
Folks are dumb where u come from, there is no need for learning!


anyone who’s name ends in Witz is a pedofile!


Israel knows all about war crimes they have killed enough unarmed people in Gaza

AzrieI Herskowitz

Because those palestinian babies and little kids were dangerous! IDF slaughtering civilians all over the Middle East is legal, SAA attacking terrorists in Syria is not legal!

If you disagree you are an anti semite!

John Wallace

Many a true word spoken in jest and I can understand the fear by the IDF whenever they see a baby afterall the IDF would be no match . Some of those babies are vicious.

Kilgore Trout

Better an anti-semite than a POS like you


Lol! No no no, the butcher regime fired a ballistic missile at civilians (dead wrong as you say), but managed to hit their own HQ. SAA is laughing and taking credit by pretending to hit a bulls-eye with an old Soviet missile!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It is a war crime to target civilians with ballistic missiles, you’re right Mustafa, but Assad didn’t target innocent civilians with ballistic missiles, he instead targeted your boss’s lapdogs with his missiles.
And your boss’s lapdogs use innocent civilians as human shields anyway, so that makes it doubly hard for the SAA to avoid civilian casualties, do you think you could ask your boss Erdogan to begin separating the terrorists from the civilians, that way you wouldn’t have to accuse Assad of being a butcher, he could just be a plain old terrorist erradicter like he wants to be.

Peter Jennings

These terrorists once had the upper hand in Syria, and they showed no quarter. Some even went out of their way to display their brutality and lack of compassion. All very good qualifications for a mercenary, or a White Helmet, or as it turns out, both.

The SAA have a duty to their countrymen to rid their land of hostile and destruction people asap. If they linger in this task, they will only give their enemies more time to cause more trouble.
A happy new year to all in Syria, and elsewhere currently under fire from US/nato/isreali hate crimes.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

oy vey! the butcher regime launching muh massive nasal nose!

Jacob Wohl

BREAKING NEWS: IRGC leader Qassem Soleimani and Lebanese Hezbollah Leader rumored to be eliminated in USAF strike near Baghdad!!!

Azriel Herskowitz

I wonder how these pro-mullah people here will react!


Jacob, you must be quite busy right now using 4 of your accounts.
Where is Simon Weasel face?
Flag spam
comment image

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I wonder how your boss Erdogan will react to the news, I suspect he’s frothing at the mouth already, so keep out of his way Mustafa, he could possibly take out all his frustrations on you if you annoy him, I suggest you play sick and have a few days off, wait until he’s calmed down before you go back to work.


Bat shit crazy

But good news though

Looks like we’re playing the game of;

Iran, mighty Iran, we blow stuff up, we all powerful!

America, fine we’ll just kill you!

Its a bit like that part of Indiana Jones, raiders of the lost ark, you know Jones is confronted by some big bloke waving a sword about, Jones simply pulls his gun out and shoots him!


Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

The US Airforce has just eliminated IRGC commander Qasem Suleimani in Iraq

Luke Hemmming

Solemeni just got killed.

John Wallace

Is anyone watching the gold / silver prices.


Oil up 3%. expect a flight to safety.
Could be a correction in stock markets at least 5% down this month.

John Wallace

Yes I missed that as it has been sort of static , minor up/down , and gold up around 6% and silver 9% after a period of down after that dramatic rise July/ Aug . Wonder if related to increased tension re America / Iran.

Ken Sebastian

Does any sane person question Syria’s right to defend its’ people and its’ borders?

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