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Syrian Army Launched Tochka Tactical Missile At Militants’ Positions Near Sarmin. Militants Report Civilian Casualties

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On Januray 1, the Syrian Army launched a Tochka tactical missile at militants positions in the area of Sarmin in southeast Idlib. According to pro-militant sources, at least 9 civilians were killed and over a dozen others were injured in the strike. Miltiant groups often place their miltiary positions, weapon depots and HQs near civilian facilities. This increases the number of civilian casualties in the conflict.

Syrian Army Launched Tochka Tactical Missile At Militants' Positions Near Sarmin. Militants Report Civilian Casualties

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Syrian Army Launched Tochka Tactical Missile At Militants' Positions Near Sarmin. Militants Report Civilian Casualties

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Zionism = EVIL

Good for psychological impact but not that good in terms of ordinance or accuracy. However, the SAA needs off load its Soviet era ground missiles and nothing better than the Wahhabi headchoppers dumb heads.


from reddit /syriancivilwar•Posted by

u/Bbrhuft11 hours ago

Quick Analysis of the attack on Abdo Salama school, Sarmin, Idlib

report 9 civilians killed in an explosion at Abdo Salama school, Sarmin
that they linked to a Tochka-U missile attack on the town, video
footage shows a still smoking Tochka-U booster section they say fell
outside the town.

I was a little
suspicious as the Tochka-U carries a massive 2 ton warhead that usually
leaves a large crater but videos online (see videos 1 and 2;
some parts NSFW) that show victims and shrapnel damage on the road,
walls and trucks parked outside the school with damage more consistent
with a Grad missile or Mortar explosion.

Notably, the second video briefly shows the small crater left by one of the explosions (at 0:17). This is a still from the video,
showing the entrance to the school, the truck and the crater. I added
an arrow indicating the likely direction of the missile or mortar
(compare with craters left by previous Grad rocket impacts in Israel and in Syria).

I was able to geolocate the school, shown on this map.
The map also shows the likely direction on the missile. It seems the
missile was fired from a location due north to slightly west of due
north of Sarmin, launched from rebel held territory.

It appears this was a rebel false flag attack

(one other oddity: part of the footage in this video is flipped horizontally,
so the crater that is again seen briefly looks like it was made by a
missile fired from the south. I was confused for a moment until I noted
“Press” spelled backwards).


Here’s their proof: nobody looks mutilated, just covered in blood (as always), no smoke at all, not even the vehicles, then they show a guy playing with an fire extinguisher xD adding smoke effects but the interesting thing that he only uses it after a guy with a camera records … after 1 minute, the ambulance arrives(I wish i have this response time in my country).
The patterns repeat themselves.



looks like maybe a normal everyday artillery round hit but not a Tochka! Tochka is a ballistic missile!
Would destroy the entire town even with conventional warhead!
Are they trying to get US and Western protection again?
And that smoke machine lol!
What the hell is a guy doing with that?

Damien C

That missile did not land where it is shown in the photograph. This looks like the usual White-Headchoppers propaganda video.
The fuselage alone with kinnetic energy of gravity let alone high speed targeting would have buried itself in the ground and shifted that vegetation some distance either side.

This missile casing was transported from another location and placed here beside homes


Another White Helmets amateur false flag production. :)

Azriel Herskowitz

Damien defending the butcher regime again… Why not tell the truth? The truth is that this missile was intended to hit more civilian targets.


This missile was intended to fly up your zio terrorist jewish rect um in stolen Palestinian lands… You sob and son of lucifer.


Nah, the tochka isn’t part of that plan anymore, Hezbollah have been using them in Syria for a while now.


suckie suckie..

Damien C

I’m not defending murders and butchers if I was I would be in the Knesset


Yes, because deliberately killing civilians is what any Government would do to gain the support of the people, moron. Go and peddle your false narrative elsewhere you wicked person.


I still don’t understand why he is still wasting his time here ¯_(ツ)_/¯


FALSE FLAG!!! Just look at the vegetation next to it plus the position on the surface instead of inbeded in the ground. Same as the so called chlorine gas attack!!! Produced by the zio terrorist White helmet….


White helmets graduated from organ harvesting to bomb disposal? Which humanitarian org would go near unexploded missiles?? You need very special training to handle such situations.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Total weight is 2 tons and less for some of the variants, the warheads are approximately usually only 120 to 250 kg, and it’s a short range ballistic missile with a range of 120 km, but very effective and does immense amounts of damage.
On top of that it’s a ballistic missile with an inseparable warhead, meaning when it hits it target at at least 5 times the speed of sound, the whole missile itself disintegrates into a billion pieces, you couldn’t find anything more than grain sized pieces of the missile, and nothing at all that you could recognize as a missile.
But they do have some missile variants that are capable of low altitude flight and operate like cruise missiles, I suspect this is one of those variants due to the fact we have a partially intact missile housing.

SS-21 Tochka Alternate Name: Scarab, Tochka, OTR-21, 9M79
Class: Short-range Ballistic Missile (SRBM)
Basing: Road-mobile
Length: 6.4 m
Diameter: .655 m
Launch Weight: 2,000 kg (A), 2,010 (B)
Payload: Single warhead, 482 kg
Warhead: HE, chemical, or nuclear (A), HE, chemical, nuclear, or submunitions (B)
Propulsion: Single-stage liquid propellant
Range: 70 km (A), 120 km (B)

I think the shorter range variant [A] may be the one we’re looking at, it’s got a bigger warhead and less range and can operate in cruise missile mode, and would leave evidence.

Very effective weapons and they have a very good reputation,

On September 4, 2015, a Tochka slammed into a Saudi base in Marib, killing 73 Coalition soldiers, the majority from the United Arab Emirates, and dozens of Yemenis, knocking out dozens of vehicles including a LeClerc main battle tank. On December 14 of that year, a missile striking a base in Bab El Mandab is reported to have killed over a hundred Coalition personnel, including the head of Saudi special forces. A month later, a missile striking Al Anad air base reportedly took out drone operation systems and killed over hundred troops, including many in a newly-arrived contingent of Sudanese mercenaries.

Very effective.
So if there were only 9 civilians killed and only a dozen others injured, it means this missile hit a very long way away from where the civilians were camped. otherwise there’d have been many hundreds of civilians killed and many more injured.

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