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Syrian Army Kills an FSA leader in Joubar

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On Friday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its military operation in Jobar district east of the capital Damascus.

Now, the SAA is working to take control of the southern main road and to separate Jobar district from Ayn Tarma and Eastern Ghouta. According to pro-government sources the SAA has advanced in Taybah area in Jobar.

A commander of Faylaq al-Rahman, Abu Said al-Basha, (commander of the eastern sector of Jobar) was killed , as well as, several members of his group were killed and wounded after being targeted by the Syrian Army.

Syrian Army Kills an FSA leader in Joubar

Syrian Air Force warplanes targeted positions of Faylaq al-Rahman fighters in Haza, Ayn Tarma and Jobar with more than 10 air strikes.

From its side, Faylaq al-Rahman claimed that the SAA launched two attacks using toxic gas on its positions in Jobar district. However, Faylaq al-Rahman didn’t provide any evidence to support its claim.Syrian Army Kills an FSA leader in Joubar

Syrian Army Kills an FSA leader in Joubar

Faylaq al-Rahman claimed to recover some points from the SAA in Ayn Tarma after a successful counter-attack. Furthermore, Faylaq al-Rahman claimed it had been observing large crowds of the SAA troops preparing for a wider attack on Ayn Tarma.

Faylaq al-Rahman has continued bombing civilian areas in Damascus. On Friday, it targeted the historic Umayyad Mosque in the heart of Damascus, but the shell hit the outer wall. Several areas were also targeted in Rokn al-Din district.

Jaish al-Islam still stands aside and does not participate in the battles of Jobar. It has even stopped clashes with the Syrian Army in the Hawash al-Dwahra area.

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Michael Qiao

1 less terrorist pig


very nice :))))


False flag in 3, 2, 1, …


US keeps ordering its southern proxies into offensives and harassment ops around east Damascus and Daraa, in attempt to disrupt and slow SAA from consolidating more forces to take back central east Syria from ISIS. US using all of their proxies simultaneously to try and delay the SAA drive eastward to give US-SDF forces more time to attempt to grab Dier-Ezzore and Al-Bakumal.

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