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Syrian Army Kills Another Turkish Soldier In Greater Idlib

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Syrian Army Kills Another Turkish Soldier In Greater Idlib

Turkish forces are seen at Mount Barsaya in northeast of Afrin, January 28, 2018 / Khalil Ashawi / Reuters

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense acknowledged late on February 28 that another service member was killed in Syria’s Greater Idlib region.

In a short press release, the ministry said that an artillery strike by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) claimed the life of the service member and injured at least two others.

With this new casualty, the total number of Turkish soldiers killed by the Syrian military in Greater Idlib has risen to 53. Dozens of other soldiers and officers were injured.

A day earlier, a series of Syrian airstrikes on the southern Idlib countryside killed 33 Turkish service members and injured many others. Most of the casualties were reportedly from elite commando units.

Turkey responded to the killing of its soldiers by launching a series of artillery, rocket and drone strikes on SAA troops in Greater Idlib. The Turkish strikes inflicted catastrophic losses on the Syrian military.

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Turkey neutralized many officers today including Generals,

And the night is long…..

Concrete Mike

Ahh terrorist love. Im glad you and al nusrah came out of the closet, homo zio nazis unite!

Basic Guy

„ The Turkish strikes inflicted catastrophic losses on the Syrian military.“

saa is crippled right now and for the next months.


Our armed UAV‘s are enough for incompetent SAA.
Just imagine if things escalate and Turkey goes on full war with Jets.
Turkey can oversaturate and use EW to take out Air Defences.
SOM missile and HARM will do the job when needed.

But it seem KORAL EW System and ANKA Elint Version work well, so armed UAVs are enough.

good american

OOOOOooooo. If they are scarier than the troll army you are a part of, I guess everyone is doomed.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Hilarious. I think you’re a little pussy arm chair warrior – a member of the valiant Keyboard Brigade. Do you put on your cheerleader outfit and lipstick to do this? I bet you hung out in the public baths too long when you were a kid.

Rhodium 10

Sure?..SAA are advancing towards Ariha and ready to cut M4…Turkish drone attacks are fake while long range artillery are inaccurate..meanwhile SAA have the support of RUAF and SAF…they are killing terrorist in Saraqib and around!…


no need to anwer them let them have their 2 mins of glory after they were smacked for 7 years straight…they will get it when they see the saa in the next few days on jisralshughur outskirts and cutting thr m4 …and maybe saraqib undercontrol …drone strikes don’t change equasions the perfect example hezbollah 2006 and houthis

Basic Guy

Lol even southfront admitted „catastrophical losses“ of Saa


SAA acknowledged their losses on their Facebook page. They say thst Turkey’s claims are overexaggerated though and claim that the video evidence presented by Turkey is partially edited. This is very good in my view because it shows that SAA goes with the truth always.. but it raises the question : what the heck happened with Syrian air defenses! ?

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

saraqib getting battered by Russian warplanes atm. do u think the syrian army is that small? really? you think turkey gaining one town which leaves hts encircled is a problem for SAA?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

That’s why the jewhadis are running all over Syria in their brand new Turkish armour.

They did take over the destroyed Syrian units positions, didn’t they?

And we can see the new maps of re-conquered territory for the jewhadis, when?

Damien C

Turkey have been hanging around with HTS too long with bullshit claims of SAA casualties

I think they are up to 50,000 deaths and all the ADS and Arms depots (ffs)

Terence Silvestre Jr.

drone strikes?
And where the hell are the air defense systems of Syria and Russia?
How much courage and helplessness I feel, to learn how the Turks martyred the Syrian army in their own homeland and territory without anyone doing anything about, for fear or for whatever reason.


terence, i wrote several times, that the russian weapons are overhyped avaredge systems. partialy garbage. Think over, with bidget less than has Saudi Arabia and of which 70% gioes to the nuclear arsenal, you have no chance to develope and mainly in laege (enough) amount supply the army. Most of russian units does not have night vision equipment. too expensive and the industry (better manufacturing) is not able to produce in enough numbers. The same situations with su-PAK. insted of planned hundreds will be 30-5 in 7-10 years. the tank armata is too expensive, therefore the army buys only few dozens.
under such conditions no firm can do real development of weapons, because would be ruined within 1-2 years.


Russian air defenses are best in the world. The drone BS story is a stupid lie.


Kanada is a troll. Ignore the Bitch


Yeah Yeah Yeah, like you really know what you are talking about ??????? God save us from numb-nuts who write such shite…………


On another thread here it is said that Turkey asked to send UNARMED recce drones to patrol the Sochi ‘exclusion zone’. And an order was sent to the SAA to NOT fire at any Turk Drones that day.

President Putin and his planners have been fastidious about adhering to Internation Law and agreements in general in Syria.

It is likely that the Russians were concerned that the Turks would send armed drones BUT President Putins strategy in the face of perfidious NATO, has always been to respond harshly in a measured way in Syria. Hence the gradual deployment of advanced Russian weaponry.

Now that the Turks are publicly supporting UN designated terror groups with Turkish equipment and soldiers, it is apparent to all that Turkey is violating International Law by invading Syria. President Putin now has more proof after the Turk drone deception that he has acted in good faith.

The next few weeks will be pivotal in Syria and coupled with a world stock market collapse that now rivals that of 2008 and the Corona hysteria, we are in uncharted waters.

The Saint

There is a vast quantity of delusion and make-believe going around on Turkish twitter.

If Turkey had these magic carpet drones that could go anywhere unimpeded and destroy targets at will, then why were the Turks begging anyone who will listen for help? Why are they still begging the US for air defenses and intel if they have a magic star trek EW system that renders air attacks and defenses useless?

The truth is that the Turks can do very little to counter SAA/Russia without help from other countries, particularly the US. Those countries have all told Erdo ‘no’ so the plan B appears to be propaganda to save face and to save Erdo’s presidency.

The Turks shut down twitter yesterday so that they could regain control of the narrative in Turkey. That is what these stories about magic carpet drones are about – throwing the dupes some meat to keep them happy and make sure they don’t understand what is really going on.


Russia didnt allow before Turkish UAVs entering the Air space, but for Turkey the pot spoiled now over. Turkey attacked today Latakia Russian Base with 2 Long Range Missiles (Both intercepted).
That was Probably a warning that Turkey can reach and attack when needed.
So now Russia probably does not stop Turkish UAVs because things can escalate fast. Turkey can oversaturate and take out Air Defences in Latakia with BORA, KASIRGA and SOM Missiles if needed.
But neither Russia nor Turkey want it bring it that far.

The Saint

Pure fantasy. If the Turk tried to saturate Russian air defenses with missiles then all the launch locations would be hit with cruise/ballistic missiles – this process is automatic and part of layered air defense. Putin has allowed Erdo to create this propaganda story to appease the dupes in Turkey – because Erdo was in danger of losing his presidency long before the next election (ie yesterday).


They are being launched from Turkish soil!
Attack on Turkish Soil means Attack on NATO.

But There is no such automated attack in Air Defence Systems anyway.


world war 3 then?

The Saint

Of course the launch sites are in Turkey. If they are used to attack another country then that country can respond. Nato article 5 is not involved when the member state is the aggressor. The responses are automatic not automated – mandatory SOPs.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Oh shut up jewhadi.

NATO don’t want to know, Article 5 doesn’t cover Turkey invading its neighbours.

Turks invaded, then squeal like pigs when they get roasted.

Alberto Garza

they will not attack latakia base because the turks know that russia is north of the black sea and very close to them and have a lot of military assets to strike them but i dont think neither russia or turkey want to escalate things that far it would ruin their economies.

Alex Cabrera



Russia can flatten Incirlik Air Force Base where its antiquated F-16’s are in short order with Kaliber supersonic missiles which the Turks can only dream of intercepting.

Russia, using its submarine’s in the Mediterranean can easily sink all Turkish vessels , weapons carrying cargo ships and even the Turkish military naval ships heading to Libya. Turkey would see Libya no more. Plus Russia , through its intelligence services, can identify and intercept and force down air traffic from sensitive locations in Turkey, and force land them in Benghazi, where the Turkish officers and troops aboard the civilian airliners would promptly be taken prisoner. The Turkish Airlines planes that have Syrian HTS and others who have been recruited to fight in Libya, and are headed to Tripoli , well, Russian fighters would have a lovely time of shooting down a whole Airbus full of global trouble-makers. Turk’s adventurism in North Africa would come to a screeching halt in a simple day or two.

And I dont even need to get into the detail of Russian high altitude heavy bombers dropping tonnes and tonnes of Glasnoss Satelite – Laser Guided munitions of the most heavy kind. Think 1000lb , 2000lb and 5000lb weapons. Some of which fragment above enemy concentrations, or enemy unconcentrated formations, and the weapons fragment and each individual warhead homes in on a piece of Turkish armor and hones in on it with a armor piercing warhead , that once it breaches the hull, of say a MBT , the temperature inside the tank will reach around 3000*c.

Within a day or two , Russian Armed (Combined) Forces could neutralize Turkish military ambitions in the Levant and North Africa .

Doesn’t help when Turkish leadership alienated, infuriated , sidelined, disrespected , threatened all the countries of the region. Egypt , Cyprus , Greece , to name a few.


Just right now, Unidentified explosions near Latakia city:

Al Balog

LiveUaMap is a Western propaganda site. They’ve BADLY mishandled reports of the Donbass war, and keep saying that Syria is “bombing civilians”. They make the Ukrop Nazis look like the “good guys”, when in fact they are committing genocide against the Donbass people. Just like how the Western media portrays Kosovo in 1998-1999.


Unfortunately, the link below shpws what the Turkish Murdering Scum allow when an SAA solider is captured. Calling the mothers to hear the screams of a tortured son. Erdogan should now be held accountable for these crimes against humanity. And that piece of rotting garbage if ever captured should be, summarily executed after ‘due process’. https://twitter.com/vdcnsy/status/1233477225040752641

Al Balog

Just like the Ukrop Nazis in the Donbass.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Anyone know where Fadi Ai-Sultan ‘s family members are living?

Pay them a visit, and reciprocate in kind.


Turkish casualties are rising and even distorting the untenable situation on the ground for domestic audience is not working for Erdogan. Russia has explicitly explained its position that Syria is fighting terrorism and expelling foreign invaders and will continue to do so. The heavy Russian airstrikes at Saraqib attest to that.

Zionism = EVIL

Every Turkey in Syria should be roasted.

Basic Guy

lmfao theses are old pics from 2015/16…even the turks in the comment section of the post are calling them for their bullsh*t


mdr fake total!


encore one trool of otan mdr !!! rejoined the gay pride

Josiah Isaboke

…In your ass? You gave been eating to many boiled Turkey eggs and those can kill someone seated around you when you fart :)

Al Balog

Brave-hearted manly warriors vs. trendy millennial soyboy cucks. Nothing to see here. These “moderate rebels” always try to look like the young, hip, and cool pretty boys to the Western public. They tend to have a more “millennial” look in terms of fashion and appearance, than people in the SAA, Hezbollah, RuAF, etc. Am I crazy or what that I notice these general patterns of the way they look?’
comment image


Why is one more Turk dead news while it looks like Turkey is splattering SAA soldiers all over the place and reportedly some Russians as well in their offensive?

Al Balog

Turkey is just recycling old footage of them bombing the PKK five years ago.

Angry Guy

I wish that was the case. Maybe some might be but that doesn’t change the fact that today was a very bad day for SAA


I would like to believe that too. Some old video evidence would be welcome.


reports of russian deaths are totaly fake they are sharing pictures of dead russian soldiers from 2015-2016 …turkey is attacking saa postions but the reports of casualties are extremly overexagerated and some of the videos are either old or edited

Angry Guy

Good. But regarding to what has happened today it pales in comparison to what damage the turkish terrorists have done to Syrian army.

I have been observing this war for years now and I cannot remain silent any more. The anger inside me is boiling when I see what is happening in these last days in Syria. What I see is a final and crystal clear picture of what kind of a man Putin really is. As I am writing this Turkey is attacking Syrian soldiers en masse without any reaction from the Russian side, because Putin wont allow it! They are using combat drones in closed?!! syrian airspace freely – no air defense is firing, no russian fighters are intercepting, the poor soldiers are getting slaughtered, long range missiles are coming from Turkey and S300/400 is
silent!!!! Where is the ballistic defense, where is air cover what the fuck is happening?

This open turkish aggression is happening for more than 2 weeks now and no fucking response from the weak and pathetic Putin Zio pig! I am sorry, even if he helped save Syria from destruction before this permissive behavior toward Turkey terrorist regime now and no military response speaks volumes of his
cowardliness and disgusting backstabbing to the ally in dire need!!!


Imagine the morale of Syrian troops where they are openly attacked by Turkeybut there is no response from Russia, not even a close air support (bombing from 8kms with dumb bombs is not CAS but just plain dumb and inefficient and with no regards to civilian life)

Where are the ka-50/52 helicopters with antitank missiles and cannons which would have a field day with attacking terrorists? Where are the Su-25 CAS missions? (dont give me a MANPADS excuse) What has happened with ATGM missile jammers which we have been seeing on some Syrian tanks years back and were advertised to defeat incoming missiles? No tanks are equipped with it anymore?

How many more syrians have to die because of Putin soft policy toward Turkey? When will Russia start bringing fighters, SAMs and other equipment to confront the turkish terrorist aggressor?! Because now they are hopelessly outnumbered. I am getting sick of this shit. Such cowardice, such low regard to human life for an ally is something that is deeply disturbing, he is willingly letting them die! If that is the case Russia should get the fuck out and let Erdogan have Idlib and his terrorist budies since Syria cannot defend themself. Be honest and tell them you wont defend them, not letting them into a meat

Putin is morally bankrupt and is destroying reputation of the russian army. I once had Putin in high regard but now I see what he really is – a weak, pathetic, disgusting thug who just so happens to be good friend with Netanyahu and saudi King and wants to be a friend of Erdogan too, the guy who wassupporting ISIS before.



I am sickened by this traitorous bastard which supposed to be an ally of Syria but he is cosying up to the war criminal Erdogan. Russian army under Putin is like a Lion from The Chronicles of Narnia. Bound and neutralized. I hope they remove him and put in place some true Russian nationalist.


Sadly your comments cannot be readily dismissed. It seems more and more that Russia is more interested in the politics of this war.
But we are not on the ground and don’t know exactly what is happening.

Angry Guy

We now that Putin is a pussy and wont act. He loves hes economic deals with Erdogan more that he would like for the syrians to survive from the Turkey onslaught and win the war. If he was a real deal he would have prepared for a such situation just in case. It was boiling for a long time. I have not seen no significant assets moving in to reinforce russian army in the past days. You don’t have to be a general to see that Putin left the Syrians out – even if there was a deal at what cost?!? It would be even worse. No, with scumbag like Erdogan he only understands the language of force. But the Putin thought it was a good idea to warn him about the coup and save him despite knowing that he supports ISIS. Its sickening.

Al Balog

By your logic, these guys must work for Zionists and Turk puppets too ?.



Il-76 RF-78795 and RА-76772 from Mozdok to Latakia 30 mins ago …i hope it’s carying some big guns …

good american

Putin appears to be a master at the long game. Look at what has been accomplished in the last years since Russia entered the war to help Syria. He may not move as fast as some would like, but he didn’t have to enter at all. Patience is key, foaming at the mouth won’t help.

Al Balog

Agreed, you worded it much better than I could. The real 4D chess master.


putin is a master of … nothing

good american

To you and angry- time will prove you wrong or right, but be sure to apologize if you are found to be wrong. I’ll remind you if so :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

He gets you trolling though.

No one could be arsed trolling the soft twat running your gaffe.

Angry Guy

I have been waiting patiently for many years giving him a benefit of a doubt and finding excuses… Countless israeli agressions against Syria, even killed russians but no response from Putin. How many times did the russians say “now we have a integrated air defense network with syria and will shoot down anything that moves” and boasting about their AD systems. But when the shit hits the fan they are silent! And what is happening know has gone beyond every red line. He is not a master of a long game he is loosing. Or worse syrians are paying right now with their lives his unwillingnes to react. This is not a game anymore but a matter of life and death. You people really are giving him way to much credit.


Seems to me you are a sucker for lies and propaganda. You need strong coffee to wake the fuck up

Angry Guy

I think you need to wake the fuck up and see what is happening. So you are ok with turks killing syrians unopposed from the russia? What a great ally Russia is!


The Turkish pigs will spread their usual bullshit, you think yourselves brave and strong, attack Russian soldiers or based, you know you will face total annihilation.
The commercial accord with the turks is worth nothing, what should be done is direct killing of any assets the pigs have inside Syria, next move should be breaking of diplomatic relations and finally a declaration of war.
If the turks keep shit up I’d pay 30 years of my life to see 3 full yield Tzar bombas strike 3 high value parts of Turkey, I’d expose them to 200 PSI pressure to see what happens and film it in HD.
Victory to Russia, Victory to Syria, long live President Assad.


preach !!

Al Balog

The music I listen to on a good day ?✊



1 for 800. wrong business.

Josiah Isaboke

20 turkish soldiers reported dead today in the airport of mitiga

Al Balog

Haftar and Assad should form some sort of alliance. They both have common goals enemies, and Haftar could learn greatly from Assad’s experience after being shit-canned by the USA.

Josiah Isaboke

so, the lybian tribes are better then SAA and ruskies together :(

Josiah Isaboke

That’s the point i’m trying to make…I don’t think all these Turkey drones story adds up or something or someone isn’t telling us the truth

good american

Maybe. Or maybe somebody is lying.


it’s the libyan army under haftar that shot down the drones…the tribes are located in the south and they are heavily linked with alqaeda and isis

Al Balog

True. The tribes south of Libya are also linked to the Erdogan-backed GNA (Sarraj’s government).


yeah also linked with qatar …i put them in the same column as the kurds a bunch of backstabing snakes …

Josiah Isaboke
Josiah Isaboke

You want to know the Funny thing….All these Turkish drones causing havoc in Syria are being downed like wild geese in Libya. So when we say something doesn’t add up with all these Turkish videos of them attacking the SAA almost unchallenged….I call BS …4TH DRONE GETTING SHOT DOWN https://twitter.com/LNA2019M/status/1233490134730977284


wow the 4th ? i bet the videos they were showing are from libya…damn the turks are being gang banged in the two fronts

Al Balog

Turkey re-using footage from Libya. Something else to add with their re-used Kurdish footage. What’s next? Footage of Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” from October?

Al Balog

Man, I love M.LNA on Twitter, my go-to source for Libya. It’s as if Haftar is tweeting everything himself, with all the witty humor and pot-shots at Erdogan ?. Wouldn’t be surprised if he is actually running it.

Josiah Isaboke


Al Balog

Wow, the pro-Turkish, anti-Assad, and “Putin is a Zionist” trolls are very, very strong today… Never seen it this bad in a while…

Josiah Isaboke

The Libyans are fighting without their hands tied behind their backs…The Syrians on the other hand.!!! Can you imagine what would have happened if these Idlib “Observation Posts” were set up in Libya? It would be Turkey shoot! Officers and generals are being killed in this debacle in Syria and someone had better grow a pair and eliminate these Turkish posts NOW!!! Otherwise it will be all for nothing. I am loving Libyans by the day! They know how to shoot Turkeys and don’t need apologies like “They were among Jihadis” ….THE AIM OF HAVING THE POSTS IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS SO THE TURKS COULD ACT AS HUMAN SHIELDS! Don’t just kill one…Kill them all and DON’T apologise for it !Afff! https://twitter.com/RojavaNetwork/status/1233425751531311105

Cedric Hunter

The SAA must surround Saraqib, not assault it. The Turks must be trapped in the city and starved out.
In the meantime, the SAA must head north from the Southern lines, straight up to Mahambel. Fight up that Valley, using the local moutains as a buffer and by doing this, take the M-4 highway for a good portion of it southern length and outflank every rebel and Turkish position east of Idlib.
Run up that Valley my brothers, the rebels and Turks have over extended themselves to the East. This opportunity is fleeting for sure. Hurry, in God’s name, Hurry!!!!!

Masha from Russia

The more the better. No civilized nation supports islamic state of turkey.

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