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Syrian Army Killed Over 70 Militants While Recapturing Al-Hamameyat In Northern Hama (Photos)


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) killed more than 70 militants of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies while recapturing the town of al-Hamameyat few days ago, Bosno Sinjić, an observers who is known for his relations with northern Syria armed groups, revealed on July 12.

Pro-government activists also released photos showing the dead bodies of several HTS fighters scattered near the al-Hamameyat’s main hill.

HTS, backed by Turkish-backed groups and al-Qaeda-affiliated factions, captured al-Hamameyat on July 10. However, the SAA forced the terrorist group and its allies out of the town a day later.

Besides losing dozens of fighters, HTS and its allies lost at least four battle tanks and five pick-up trucks, some of which were up-armored.

These heavy losses will not likely deter the terrorist group, which will likely launch more attacks in the upcoming few days. The army would have to take more direct steps to prevent these attacks.

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